Tuition free higher education

Hi, my name is David Male. I found the Christian Leaders Institute for tuition free higher education (Learn more about studying to be a licensed minister and studying the Bible online, Click Here). Now, I am an ordained and licensed pastor through CLI and CLA. I have also received three diplomas.

My Journey

I grew up in Victoria, Australia. For the most part, it was easy growing up here even as a Christian. Originally, born in Bendigo, my family moved away from there near the end of grade four for me. I am the youngest with two older brothers. I am 26 years old, married with one amazing kid, and working full-time as a security manager. I started in security after completing my Cert 2&3 in security operations. My dream is to help lead as many people as I can to God.

Born into a Christian family, I never departed from God. However, in primary school, I wanted to be liked so when asked if I was a Christian or forced to be one? I replied, “I’m not sure, I just follow what my parents do.” After saying this, I felt bad in my heart like I lied to God himself. To this day, that one line and the verse saying about whoever denies Jesus will be denied by God remind me to make sure I am always being honest and upfront about my faith. I am also working on trying to preach more at church or online but we will see how that goes with time.

Growing up, I was never really a bad person. I did do things I shouldn’t have and feel regret for everything I did. But through God’s never-ending love, I use it to help relate to and teach others who have or are going through similar situations.


Growing up, I was unsure about what I wanted to do for work. I wanted to be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, soldier, and bounty hunter (at that age, I didn’t realize we don’t have bounty hunters in Australia). When I was in grade 10, I decided to join the military. So I completed year 11 and then enlisted in the Army. However, I ended up hurting my calf only three months later and left the army with every intention of joining back.

However, after leaving the army, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life. So, I really prayed about it and tried to work out where God wanted me. Soon after, I had two near-death car crashes which changed what path I was on. They turned me around from where I thought I was meant to go. I broke my arm and chipped my spine and shoulder blade in the first crash. In the second crash, I coughed up a bit of blood and was fully covered in glass. Thankfully, I had no passenger because a branch about as thick as a soccer ball punctured through the front window. It went into the chest of the passenger seat, into the back seat, and even into the boot. If someone had been there, they would have been killed.


At first, after my injuries, it was hard for me because I felt worthless and useless. But, after praying to God and seeking wisdom from pastors at church, I ended up working at a supermarket as a cashier (I know boring right?). However, the four years I spent there were quite interesting. God put me in multiple situations where I was able to talk to workers and even some customers about religion and God’s help throughout my life.

After these multiple encounters and people asking all the tough questions, it pushed me to really study the Word of God and not what people had told me about it. Researching more and more into God’s Word, I started to care less and less about what the future holds. I simply enjoyed spreading God’s Word to anyone and everyone as well as researching as much as possible.

Growing at CLI

I am eternally grateful for these classes at CLI. They allow me to learn so much and walk closer to God. I can’t afford to study and provide for my family at the same time. Therefore, I don’t have to stress about anything, and I can still do what I love, studying God’s Word.

A challenge I faced not long ago was that the church I grew up in kept seeing me as a kid. The leaders wouldn’t allow me to do anything like pray, preach, or even talk about God. They still saw me as a child. Sadly, I was not the only one having this trouble at the church.

However, where I live there is a church across the road. So I go there now, and the pastor there has been mentoring me. The pastor is really looking forward to the day I agree to preach in front of everyone. After swapping churches, learning and applying what I have studied at CLI is so much more relaxing. Because now I have a voice to put it into effect.

Tuition Free Higher Education at CLI

This tuition free higher education with CLI helps me to feel more confident and informed about my life decisions. It helps me clarify and have more ways or ultimate ways of thinking or planning. I find this true especially in studying the Bible and applying Jesus’ teachings.
The free training offered through the courses has helped me greatly. Because now there are no money issues for studying God’s Word. I even get a lovely certificate for achieving a higher knowledge or understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit of my story.

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