Training in the Bible and Ministry

My Story, Walk, and Journey into Ministry

Hi! My name is Zoya M. Thompson. I am thankful for the training in the Bible and ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). I minister, therefore, I am a minister for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this training opportunity!

My Story

I am a mother of six beautiful children: three boys and three girls. I’m also a wife to an amazing, outgoing husband. Louisiana is not where we originated from, but Louisiana is our home now. Throughout life, my studies consisted of basic Grammar School, High School, and some college under my belt. Being a Christian Leaders student here in Louisiana, I found it very fascinating to know that there are so many believers who support me and also want to become a student at CLI.

My childhood was very unique. Growing up, we never knew the difference between rich and poor. Our parents always made sure we had everything that was needed including a foundation in God. My mother always provided the love, nurture, and guidance we needed through the different stages of our lives. Although my biological father was absent, God sent a stepfather into our lives.
There, he taught us how to become women and to respect our bodies and mind even at an early age.

Jesus Christ was always around me. Sometimes, I would play and talk by myself, but I was never alone. My mother always had us in the church whether it was with her or a family member. Our foundation was firm in the Lord. We knew Jesus Christ and we lived by Him.

My Walk: For Such a Time as This

As I grew, I wanted more of God. So, sometimes even when my parents didn’t go to service, I found a way to be there. I finally realized that in this life you can’t make it without God. When my adulthood began, I was on the praise dance team and joined the choir. However, it was during the pandemic that I realized God was preparing me for more. I had a group of women who would come by, and I encouraged, prayed, and ministered to them. That’s when I knew I was chosen for such a time as this.

God gave me different dreams, good and bad. One was during the first stage of the pandemic, I was walking through a hospital with a covering over my head. It was a royal purple color. Everyone around me was sick or hurt. However, while the covering was on me, they couldn’t see me. God sent me someone to interpret that dream. That person said that “God was showing me that I was covered and that I should continue to do what I was doing and move forward.”

Different Obstacles and God’s Provision

I’ve faced many different obstacles in my life. Some good and some bad. From leaving the house too early and fast to getting married at an early age; to facing every abuse one could name physical, emotional, verbal, and mental abuse; and hiding from my loved ones. I watched myself go into a place of uncertainty. However, God was only shaping and molding me into the woman I am today – grateful, thankful, and humbled. I realized after my second marriage that I needed God. I would not make it out in my right mind if I didn’t have Him.

One time, I asked God if He could show me how to provide and make Covid masks for my children, family, and friends. Not only did He show me, but God also provided the machine, fabric, and all. I also remember during that time that I sat at the table making masks and listening to Gospel music. One time, the song was, “Let Me Touch You” by Kirk Franklin & Family. I reached out my hand and The Holy Spirit touched me!!! Right then and there, I knew that I wanted more of God and to live His way only.

I began to read the Bible more and more, worshipping and praising God. Even my children witnessed God’s glory for themselves. We all started to have visions and dreams. For me, when I spoke or talked to someone, I could see everything they mentioned. It was amazing!

Journey into Training in the Bible and Ministry at CLI

The Christian Leaders training will equip me more for this journey that God has chosen me for. Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing to me. I never would have dreamed of going back to college let alone receiving training in the Bible and ministry. It’s truly a blessing, especially in the times we are living in. So, when The Holy Spirit led me to CLI’s site, it was truly a moment to say, “But God!!”

So, thank you Christian Leaders Institute for not only spreading the Gospel but also teaching and training God’s children! God bless you!!

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