Tanzanian Youth Leader

Read here the testimony of Ben G. M., a Tanzanian youth leader currently working and living in the U.S.A.:

My name is Ben. G. M. I live in the United States of America, although I’m originally from Tanzania, an East African Country. I have lived in the United States for over ten years now.

I come from a family of pastors and evangelists. My paternal grandfather was the first African Clergy of the Moravian Church in Tanzania and he served that church for over fifty years. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1990 after a few years of struggling with a lot of juvenile behaviors. I had attended several revival meetings, and I had an uncle who was a born-again Christian. I knew theoretically what was required of me, but I never took that extra step until I was almost expelled from boarding school in my senior year. If it was not for that decision, I don’t know how my life would have turned out.

My ministry dream is to start an outreach ministry for Christian civil leaders. I’m hoping that the Lord will make a way for me to start a motivation speaking project to encourage public Christian leaders to conduct their affairs according to the Christian principles of leadership. My ministry, I believe, will be like the Barnabas Ministry, meant to encourage people.

After I surrendered my life to Christ I was given several opportunities to attend evangelism school as well as a Praise and Worship Leaders Seminar in Uganda. Later, I was one of the founding members of a Bible School in Tanzania and that was an experience that I cherish to this day.

So far this first class at Christian Leaders Institute has taught me many things, among them the idea that God will always send a revival, and people who are prepared and hungry for the Lord will be useful when that time of harvest comes. For this reason, this class has helped me to reconnect with my daily prayers, reading the Bible every day, and learning more about my faith, which has rejuvenated my spiritual life tremendously. I believe today more than ever I can hear the call to serve the Lord clearly, and my heart is longing to do just that. It is this connection that has lifted my spirit, and I believe God has a plan that is already underway. Just being a member of CLI is enough to show me that I’m on the right track.

I would identify myself as a Tanzanian Youth Leader and an Evangelist. Initially, after I had received Christ, I went all over Tanzania preaching the Gospel and bringing people to Christ. It was the most fulfilling moment of my life to see people making that initial decision of accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

My local church back home knows about my ambition and they are waiting and praying for me to go back to work with them to continue what we started some many years back. Because I’m in the United States now, there are not as many unique challenges with the exception of the distance. However, when I go home to start the ministry, the major challenge is always lack of resources.

Right now, I can’t afford to do much as I had wanted. But, with your help, I believe the doors that were closed for me will now open, and I see possibilities that I never saw before. I believe all this is God’s plan. I believe everything will work for good as I continue to surrender to the will of the Father.

Please, pray that God will continue to make a way for me even where there seems to be no way and that I’ll continue to discern and understand what God wants for my life.

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CLI student Ogness Lambert enrolled at CLI to further his studies to teach better and pastor his community. He does not have the financial ability to enroll in a traditional seminary and feels blessed to have found Christian Leaders Institute’s Third World Country Ministry Training. Here is his story…

Third World Country Ministry Training – Ogness’ Story

My name is Ogness Lambert.I was born in 1964.My home country is Tanzania which is found in East Africa.In the North western part of my country there is a region which is known as Kagera.My late parents-a roman ctholic father and a muslim mother lived in this region in Karagwe district,where they brought me up together with my other two elder brothers and two elder sisters,since Iam the last born.
I am mrried to Reveliana Thadeo and God has blrssed us with three children up to now and both of us are secondary school teachers wth diploma an in education.
When I was in primary school, I came across with the correspondence course of Bible study that were offered by one of the Pentecostal churches in my region.I managed to study a part of New Testament(from Matthew to 2corinthians) before I dropped it when I reached in secondary school.These lessons revealed many things to my spiritual life,they brought to me a lot of challenges in my Roman Catholic faith,because up to that time I had known nothing about the word of God although I claimed to be a Christian.
When I joined the teachers, college (1985-1987) the students christian group used to evangelize to men.Because I had attained some knowledge of the word from the dropped correspondence course,I agreed with them in everything, but I did not know exactly what it meant by receiving Jesus.I came to receive Jesus in 1988 after my uncle( who is now a pastor) to introduce Jesus to me,whereby he used to preach to me, before he invited me to his church(Tanzania aAssembliesof God by then).On the first day I entered in that church, I saw the miracles of Jesus Christ. An old man was healed of esophagus cancer instantly in the service.I heard people speaking in tongues, worshipping, praising and doing many spiritual things that I had not experienced before in my church.I considered all those things as the manifestation of Holly spirit that I studied in the dropped correspondence Bible study. From that day, I agreed to receive Jesus as my Lord and my personal Savior.
Afte r receiving Jesus, I came to realize that Jesus Christ was the only way y to eternal life, the healer, the provider and that he was everything.For that matter, I became so sorry to many people who were being tortured by Satan and end up by dying in their sins.My ministry dream started at that time by seeking the ways of rescuing such people. In the course of time,I began evangelizing to people, preaching and teaching them the word of God, praying for them and helping them to know the true God.Sometimes I did these personally and sometimes in groups with other church members.When I was thinking of starting a ministry, my guardians used to encourage me that I should wait for God’s time.
When I started a job as a school teacher, I started to fulfill my desires of working forGod in various ways in the church testifying people outside the church.I asked God to show me my responsibility in the house of the Lord.,He answered me that I should teach the word.From that time on I teach the word in the service and the adult Sunday school classes. The specification in teaching could not stop me from doing other tings in my church.I preach, I sing and I lead as a church elder and once I led the church when our pastor was away for studies.Up to that time people inside and outside our church were feeling my calling.The calling of being a pastor grew up in my heart and I considered that the God’s time to serve him as a pastor was at hand.One of the bishops in my region decided to ordain me with the church of Pentecost International in 2014. Currently am in the preparation of starting a church.
In my area there is no unique challenges.My country offers the freedom of worship.There is a lot of Christian churches and ministries and other religious groups.
My local church and many of my friends who are pastors from different evangelical churches have been supporting me for instructions, guidance, cooperation, prayers and other supports.My lovely wife also supports me greately in my calling.She is a good singer, she organizes women and children groups in the church.Sometimes she preaches and her prayers are important to me and to the work of God.
The scholarship at CLI is of vital importance to my studies.In my family we have no other means of income more than the meagre salaries we earn.It is well known that in the third world countries expenditure is higher than the earnings.If I were to pay for fees I, would not be able.
Another importance with CLI is that, since I am a civil servant I have no time to attend the full time course in a college as a campus student,but now it is easy for me to study at my own time and space while working for governiment,for God and for my family.GOD BLESS CHRISTIAN LEADERS INSTITUTE.

Becoming Ordained Takes More Than Just The Ordination Class

After a student goes through the Getting Started class, a graduate can not just enroll in our Christian Leaders Ordination class and receive an ordination diploma. Students must also complete the Old Testament and New Testament Survey classes, 1 Theology, 2 Theology, Pastoral Care and Marriage, Church History, and Church and Ministry class. All of our classes are given to our students for free with access to their study materials on an online format. This is by far the best option to reach multiple students who have a desire to preach the gospel. We also have many more class options available to increase your biblical knowledge. Climb the ladder with CLI. Rise as a Christian Leader!

CLI Student Daniel Bwegule One Of Many Taking Our Ordination Class

Hello, Praise the Lord. My name is Daniel Bwegule. I was born, in the country of Tanzania, the eastern part of Africa, where I am currently residing. In my country preaching the gospel is free, though sometimes persecution occurs in some parts of the country where there is too much religious differences. But we thank God the Church is growing fast.

Since I joined Christian Leaders Institute in 2012, I have encountered extraordinary experiences, especially the way the school is constructed. I have learned a lot, which I think I couldn’t learn anywhere else. My knowledge has changed tremendously. I can now interpret the Scriptures perfectly and with no doubt of making too many errors. I can communicate the Good News boldly, because the knowledge I have about the Scripture, the history of the Church, and sound theology which I have gained from CLI is a great treasure for my work.

This ordination class is a great asset in my life. For some years I have been desiring to getting such opportunity of being ordained. So when I read an announcement that CLI has introduced this ordination class program, I became so glad and praised the Lord for this wonderful work which He established through His servants. I know through this ordination class I will be able to minister without being worried of anything. I will be able to even cooperate with other ministers, because I am now satisfied and recognized as a trained minister. Glory to God, and may the LORD my God bless all who have been contributing to this Bible School.

I mostly identify myself as a Pastor. In my ordination class for ministry, my calling, gifts, and passion for ministry are coming together through the working of the Holy Spirit, who is empowering me to use these gifts and to stir up my passion so that I may do His work more powerfully and successfully. The unique challenges in my geographical area is shortage of infrastructure in some areas. Where by some areas have no good access to the gospel. Together with this challenge, the availability of many beliefs is a challenge which needs the power of God to transform the minds of people to be able to accept the truth.

My local church has helped me a lot in my calling, especially through discipleship. Whereby, I have been nurtured in different issues concerning the ministry and Church administration. Something which I want to share about my work in the ministry is that, we are all weak, and we need to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God so that He may strengthen us through His Spirit. Sometimes the work my seem to be hard and full of challenges, but always God is there to help us through. No matter what things may look like, God who has established His work, will necessarily come to accomplish it, what we need do as ministers is to humble ourselves under His mighty hand. Sometimes you may feel weary and tired to the point of giving up, but all of a sudden the Spirit of God will come and say, be courageous my son, I am with you. By that word the strength is renewed and the work goes on. Glory to God.

This free ministry training and ordination class in  ministry are the very significant resources which I can’t express by words, but I know it is a great foundation for my ministry future. All the dreams and vision I had for years about the ministry are now going to be fulfilled. Through this foundation, I can now rise up and establish the great ministry which cannot be shaken by the winds of the enemy. I have been equipped in every area of ministry. I give all the glory to the Lord of hosts.

All things are good, but one thing is certain, fulfilling the purpose of God. So I would ask you brethren to pray for me, that whatever the Lord is planning to fulfill through me, to be done and be accomplished in the set time of the Lord. Pray that as I am going to resume with my ministry, the Lord will open doors for all resources needed for the work. Thank you!

Ordination Class For CLI Students & Future Students

Enrollment with Christian Leaders Institute only takes a couple minutes of your time. There is no wait for an acceptance letter! Fill in our quick application form and begin your ministry training immediately after sign-up! Click here to be directed to our registration page and work your way up to being an ordained minister with our ordination class! Read similar stories and testimonies of our students and graduates on Facebook! Like and share with your family and friends.


Stephen Omoding –

“Greetings to you all at CLI. It has been a great honor getting in touch with you. I am currently living in Tanzania, and doing ministry here is easy or free in the way that people are free to preach and speak freely to anyone you meet about Christ. There are thousands of Churches in this vast nation. Recently there has been a wave of violence targeting churches, but the church is still going strong.

“It was in 2003 when I gave my life to the Lord having gone through some hardships while i was in Uganda’s capital Kampala. Far from my family, with no relative but living with a friend who had no steady source of income and married, life was no easy. I roved the streets of Kampala with a high school certificate looking for any kind of job that I could do but in vain. Inside I was burning with physical pain and psychological frustration. All hope was gone. I saw no reason to live. my dad could not facilitate my college education. I could not find anything to do; life was meaningless and my final destiny by then was the grave. I had planned suicide. But thanks be God who loved me even before I was born. While I had written off myself, God with just beginning with me. A friend, who I later led to Christ, directed me to a church in the area, and on the 23rd of March 2003, I went to that church. That was the beginning of my new life that I live today.

“I believe that before I go home to be with God I will have set a center for reconciliation between men and God. I believe I will plant a church in my home area before I pass on, and I look forward to establishing a super praise and worship team that will shake the heavens to earth.

“I identify most with the word pastor because I desire that all men come to know God in His fullness.

“My wife is a big player in my ministry. I am so grateful because from her I derive courage to move on.”Stephen Omoding

Stephen Omoding Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship at CLI is very very important to me because it will equip me for the work that the Lord has called to do. It will increase my understanding in the matters of God and ministry at large. It will also bring me face to face with those who have gone through what I have not and from them will I gain that which is right for my ministry.

“You may pray for me that the Lord by His grace enable my to accomplish what he has called my to do and that I should always walk according to his will and plans in all things that I do in ministry.”

Stephen Omoding is a man who knows what it means to live in the darkness. In fact, Stephen Omoding was on the verge of taking his own life when God called him out of the darkness. Now that he has experienced the new life in Christ, Stephen Omoding wants to lead others to that new life so that they can experience freedom. In pursuit of this calling, Stephen Omoding seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where he can be equipped as a leader without the cost of traditional seminary.

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Ayoub Munna –

“My name is Ayoub Munna. I am married to Mary with six Children. I live with my family in Arusha, Tanzania, where I serve as pastor of the local church. I came from a Muslim background. I met the Lord Jesus since 1985 and was called to the ministry in 1987. The Lord has called me to plant churches in different places in my country since then. My main call now is to educate others in God’s word. My calling is to see the people of God have a personal relationship with God in their daily lives, not just to make them church goers.”

Ayoub Munna Receives a Scholarship

“It is my hope that studying at Christian Leaders Institute will help me to gain more understanding in the word of God, so that I may also be help to others. Pray for me to have sufficient funds to do more courses in Christian Leaders Institute, for by now I am working on Educating my children by paying school fees for them. It will be a great help if I get some support to join the course with Christian Leaders Insitute.”

Ayoub Munna was raised in an environment which is perhaps the most hostile to Christ of any we could imagine today. Despite the cultural and family barriers, however, the Lord called Ayoub Munna out of the Muslim world into the kingdom of the true God. After serving God in church planting for years, Ayoub Munna was led to Christian Leaders Institute. It is his sincere desire to lead others and train them in a sincere walk with God. Christian Leaders Institute has the tools and training that will best equip him to do so, and they will not create a financial burden for him and his family.

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