Ayoub Munna –

“My name is Ayoub Munna. I am married to Mary with six Children. I live with my family in Arusha, Tanzania, where I serve as pastor of the local church. I came from a Muslim background. I met the Lord Jesus since 1985 and was called to the ministry in 1987. The Lord has called me to plant churches in different places in my country since then. My main call now is to educate others in God’s word. My calling is to see the people of God have a personal relationship with God in their daily lives, not just to make them church goers.”

Ayoub Munna Receives a Scholarship

“It is my hope that studying at Christian Leaders Institute will help me to gain more understanding in the word of God, so that I may also be help to others. Pray for me to have sufficient funds to do more courses in Christian Leaders Institute, for by now I am working on Educating my children by paying school fees for them. It will be a great help if I get some support to join the course with Christian Leaders Insitute.”

Ayoub Munna was raised in an environment which is perhaps the most hostile to Christ of any we could imagine today. Despite the cultural and family barriers, however, the Lord called Ayoub Munna out of the Muslim world into the kingdom of the true God. After serving God in church planting for years, Ayoub Munna was led to Christian Leaders Institute. It is his sincere desire to lead others and train them in a sincere walk with God. Christian Leaders Institute has the tools and training that will best equip him to do so, and they will not create a financial burden for him and his family.

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