Reginald Harris –

“First I would like to thank you for all I have learned from CLI . I live in the U.S and the Ministry here is good but we still have a great number of lost people who don’t know Jesus. I would have to say I was not looking for the Lord, but He opened my eyes. I have never been so happy, so Thanks Father.

“I go in the prison and minister to the guys and it is very rewarding. The dream I have is to be a prison chaplain. I feel it is what I was called to do. I plan to have programs in place to help them live a Christian lifestyle so that the teachings will carry over into the free world and they will not return to prison.”Reginald Harris

Reginald Harris Receives a Scholarship

“I am a father of five teenagers three which reside in the home with myself and my wife.  The scholarship at CLI would benefit my family tremendously in that I can pursue my goal of helping to show others how to live for Christ  Jesus.  You guys have done a lot for me already but if you would pray for this ministry that would be great.”

Reginald Harris is a man who is willing to do what most would not dream of. In America’s crowded prison systems, men and women alike struggle to make it through sentences and back to life as a United States Citizen. The problem is that many of these men and women return to the streets. Society has offered many programs that are supposed to solve these social “misfits'” problems, but Reginald Harris knows that there is only one true solution. God is the only answer to all sin, and Reginald Harris want to lead the men and women who often have the least access to good Christian teaching and support to Him. To do that, Reginald Harris will sacrifice his personal time to go in to these places and teach them about Christ. More than that, Reginald Harris wants to develop Christian programs that will develop the walk with Christ once they leave the prisons. To do all this, Reginald Harris needs an excellent Christian education, and Christian Leaders Institute can offer that to him.

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