Sheldon Rox –

“My name is Sheldon Rox, Pastor of the Union Valley Missionary Baptist Church in Indiana.  I have been blessed to start my studies at CLI and I have been truly blessed.

“I reside in the USA and minister in a small city. It is very challenging to minister in a small community Church, because everyone in the Church is related to each other.  God has a sense of humor when calling some to Pastor, when asking to lead a congregation of His people, He often time gives you those who truly need a Shepherd to lead them.

“From an early age, my family were in Church, so I was introduced to the Lord and developed a relationship with Him as my Lord and Savior.

“My ministry dream is to build a Church full of people who love God and desire to do His willing until the day He returns.  My dream is not to build a big building, but to build up a people of God who want to change the world by the Word of God.”Sheldon Rox

Sheldon Rox Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship from CLI is important to my ministry, because I pastor a very small Church that has a hard time paying a small salary let alone pay to sent me to school.  I believe to teachers and preachers of God’s Word needs to be well educated on the Word of God to rightly divide His Word.

“I ask the CLI pray that I continue to seek God’s face and lead His people to a grater understand of their relationship with His.  That we grow in spirit and truth as we prepare to minister to a world that everyday become more lost without Jesus.

“So, please help support CLI in anyway you can, so others like myself can study the Word of God and lead more people to the Lord.”

Sheldon Rox has been called to be a leader of God’s people in a small town. However, the congregation of the church lacks sufficient monetary resources to get him into traditional seminary training. Sheldon Rox knows that although he learned much about God growing up, there is still much more that he can learn. That is why Sheldon Rox was led to Christian Leaders Institute. Here, people like Sheldon Rox get free training every day so that they can be equipped, and they in turn can then go out and equip others.

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