“My name is Jodie Powell and I live in the United States, I suppose faith and Christianity is different in the United States than some other countries. Most Americans are aware of or are curious about God and His existence, as opposed to some other countries who have never even heard of God and know nothing of Him. To do ministry in the United States is quite different; we are able to seek the training to do so and being a free country we are able to openly share our faith and plant churches.

“I first came to know the Lord as a child, although I did not grow up in a Christian home I frequently attended church with the elderly lady who lived across the street from out home. At the age of 5 I asked Jesus to come into my heart, I fell from the Lord many times growing up but finally came to the Lord once again at the age of 30, repenting of my sins and surrendering my life to Him for His purpose.”Jodie Powell

Jodie Powell Receives a Scholarship

“I feel God has called me to do missionary work, I desire to teach God’s word and His love to those in other countries. I also greatly desire to bring to the Lord those who live here in the United States, as well as in my own community. I want to know so much more about God, I seek knowledge of His word, His love, His will. I prayed for a very long time for God to reveal Himself more to me and to direct me, one evening I felt God calling me to Bible college. I started my search and ended up here at CLI, I asked God “Is this it? Is this the one?” and needless to say here I am! Each day I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me and give me understanding of all CLI has to teach me, I am so excited to see what God has in store for me through CLI, what a blessing and wonderful opportunity.

“Please pray that God will use me through this experience, that all the training here at CLI will be for His glory and that I will be a empty vessel for God to fill with His knowledge and love to share with all His people.”

Jodie Powell grew up knowing the Lord. As many others who came to know Christ at an early age, Jodie Powell experienced the spiritual struggles of many years of wandering. Now Jodie Powell feels God’s call on her life. Jodie Powell is ready to leave her country and go out into the world in the name of God, preaching the gospel in His service. She is not concerned with the comforts of the U.S. or the discomfort of a foreign culture. Jodie Powell is concerned with receiving a solid foundation in the scripture for her work. Christian Leaders Institute can give Jodie Powell the training she needs as she prepares to do God’s work on the mission field.

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