Youth Leader Dream

Margreth’s youth leader dream, “The burning desire inside of me is being a Youth Leader, to lead and direct youth in a proper and a correct way that they should follow.”

Youth Leader Dream

My name is Magreth Gifth Mushi and I have a youth leader dream. I am a born again Christian from Tanzania in East Africa. I am a Kingdom Teacher and the author of four youth Christian Books. I am a lawyer by profession and the founder of a non-governmental organization called “Girls Redemptive Foundation” whereby we assist young girls spiritually and with right knowledge as they grow. I am living in Tanzania and it is here where I minister to youth especially in the schools.

I came to know the Lord at a very young age as. I was an orphan as our parents left us when we were still very young. After the death of my parents, my aunt used to come to our home place to pray with us as we were staying with our grandmother. My aunt used to take us to different crusades. It was during that time I came to know more about Jesus. I was about seven years old.

My ministry dream is to see a lot of youth get to know Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. I desire to answer the call to reach a lot of people as Christ commanded in Mathew 28 verse 19 to preach the good news to all creatures. I also want to minister to different countries and continents as well.

This class at Christian Leaders Institute has strengthened and renewed my Bible connection walk with God as I learned a lot of scriptures pertaining to my calling, how to approach God through prayer, how important it is to have a mentor and be a spiritual leader.

The burning desire inside of me is being a Youth Leader, to lead and direct youth in the Way that they should follow. The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry is the love of Christ in me and the calling of God in my life. It is a generational thing, my grandfather was an Evangelist. I am told he served the Lord faithfully together with the missionaries who came to Africa to bring the Good News.

Some unique challenges in my geographic area are that people are more oriented in their denominations than being spiritual. Some are in danger of not being faithful to God as they run either hot or cold. They don’t have a proper foundation in Christ so every kind of wind can influence them.

To some extent, my local church is supporting me in my ministry calling. I am a participant in organizing youth functions in the church by having youth camps, overnight and joint mass. I am involved for advice and to speak to my fellow youth.

This opportunity at CLI is so important to my ministry dream because it has enriched my heart’s desire of seeking the face of God like never before. I have learned more about how as a leader I should handle people’s issues and to lead people with a different perspective.

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