Stephen Omoding –

“Greetings to you all at CLI. It has been a great honor getting in touch with you. I am currently living in Tanzania, and doing ministry here is easy or free in the way that people are free to preach and speak freely to anyone you meet about Christ. There are thousands of Churches in this vast nation. Recently there has been a wave of violence targeting churches, but the church is still going strong.

“It was in 2003 when I gave my life to the Lord having gone through some hardships while i was in Uganda’s capital Kampala. Far from my family, with no relative but living with a friend who had no steady source of income and married, life was no easy. I roved the streets of Kampala with a high school certificate looking for any kind of job that I could do but in vain. Inside I was burning with physical pain and psychological frustration. All hope was gone. I saw no reason to live. my dad could not facilitate my college education. I could not find anything to do; life was meaningless and my final destiny by then was the grave. I had planned suicide. But thanks be God who loved me even before I was born. While I had written off myself, God with just beginning with me. A friend, who I later led to Christ, directed me to a church in the area, and on the 23rd of March 2003, I went to that church. That was the beginning of my new life that I live today.

“I believe that before I go home to be with God I will have set a center for reconciliation between men and God. I believe I will plant a church in my home area before I pass on, and I look forward to establishing a super praise and worship team that will shake the heavens to earth.

“I identify most with the word pastor because I desire that all men come to know God in His fullness.

“My wife is a big player in my ministry. I am so grateful because from her I derive courage to move on.”Stephen Omoding

Stephen Omoding Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship at CLI is very very important to me because it will equip me for the work that the Lord has called to do. It will increase my understanding in the matters of God and ministry at large. It will also bring me face to face with those who have gone through what I have not and from them will I gain that which is right for my ministry.

“You may pray for me that the Lord by His grace enable my to accomplish what he has called my to do and that I should always walk according to his will and plans in all things that I do in ministry.”

Stephen Omoding is a man who knows what it means to live in the darkness. In fact, Stephen Omoding was on the verge of taking his own life when God called him out of the darkness. Now that he has experienced the new life in Christ, Stephen Omoding wants to lead others to that new life so that they can experience freedom. In pursuit of this calling, Stephen Omoding seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where he can be equipped as a leader without the cost of traditional seminary.

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