Katherine Adams –

“My name is Katherine Adams, and I currently live in The USA, in a small city known as Racine, Wisconsin.  Pursuing ministry in this country is a gift, there are many opportunities to share God’s Word with the people who live here.

“I came to know the Lord through childhood friends of mine, who were kind enough to include me in worship services in middle school.  I felt then that God had a plan for me, I wasn’t sure yet what it exactly was, but I knew there was a plan.

“After finding The Lord, I felt that He was leading me towards a women’s ministry.  More importantly, to try and help use my knowledge of the Bible to help women in domestic violence shelters.  Being an abuse survivor and having lost friends to domestic violence, I truly feel that this is how I can best serve God.  To try to lead these women back to God, and help use His words to heal the wounds that they have been afflicted with means so much to me.  I know that this is what I am supposed to do with my life, not only to share my own personal experiences, but to honor those that have been lost to this issue.

“In my are, there are several unique challenges, for one, Wisconsin has the highest drunk driving arrest rate in the country. Also, they are high on the list for domestic violence as well.  I know that through God, I can make a difference here. If I can become a Pastor, I feel that I can change lives, and lead people back to Christ.

“My local church has been so supportive of my decision to return to school, and I want to thank them so much for being an additional blessing on my life.  They have been there through thick and thin and have never faltered on their love of Christ and for the people who attend the church.  My family has also been very supportive in my life and always have been.”Katherine Adams

Katherine Adams Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship is so important to my dream of becoming a pastor, because without it, I won’t be able to attend school for a long time, if ever.  I know that no matter what, God will always be with me and will always have my life in his hands, and if this is in his will, then it will happen.  I hope that you can pray for me in my ministry so that I can be blessed enough to help lead others back to Christ and help people as much as I can.”

Katherine Adams has been through a lot in her life. In a state where alcoholism and spousal abuse are among the highest in the country, Katherine Adams looks to reach out to the victims of domestic violence. Instead of letting her own history of being abused rule her, Katherine Adams, in the power of God, will use her story to help other victims of domestic abuse find their way out of the suffering that it brings and into the love of God. Katherine Adams seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that she can be equipped with a fuller knowledge of the word of God as she moves forward to do the work God has called her to.

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