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Hello! My name is Hosea Lutangilo Mnyalape from Newala, Mtwara, Tanzania 🇹🇿 (East Africa)! I am currently ministering as a leader of the humble church ministry called Shilo Evangelical Mission Church Ministries (SEMCM) Worldwide. Besides leading and organizing church ministry, I am an employee as a secondary school teacher in one of the public schools in our community. I am also gaining Biblical and theological knowledge at the Christian Leaders Institute online.

My Story

In 2003, I got to understand and agree that I needed Jesus. I was to be a Form Four student but dropped out of school because of bad adolescent habits and other evils. I no longer wanted school anymore because of the shame that overwhelmed my life within the school and outside. Therefore, I decided to leave both the school and home to another region where I could establish a new life at that young age.

This new life was also not a happy one because you cannot overcome the devil and his ways by moving from one place to another! My mother and sisters at home were not happy at all due to my absence. In my family of five children, I am the last born and only son. Therefore, my family was fearful and sorrowful, something which drew them closer to God than before. They kept praying for me until they had a vision.

Thereafter, my mother and sister searched and found me six months after I left. At this point, I broke down and accepted Jesus as my personal savior. He restored me and my dreams which I lost through depression and affliction in my life. After my deliverance and salvation, I resumed my studies at a new school. I graduated with both ordinary and advanced levels of education in our country and joined University. There, I graduated with a degree in Arts with Education (B.A.Ed), so I am a qualified secondary school teacher.

My Ministry Life

I have served in different positions in Christian Unions in schools and universities. When there’s a call from God into ministry, there is an obligation, not an option. When you ignore the call, you neglect the core part of your life. In every church I worshipped, I served more than other members of my level. When the services, i.e, prayers, sermons, offerings, and other church activities, were underperformed, I felt disgraced in my heart. I advised and challenged local pastors on various issues regarding running the church.

It was a few years ago when there were misunderstandings in the church leadership, a situation that made the church restless. God used it to launch me in starting the ministry, which is about four years now. This ministry has members from the former church and those newly born-again believers.

Biblical and Theological Knowledge at CLI

The Christian Leaders Institute has become a source of Biblical and theological knowledge. It gives knowledge for me on how to run a ministry as well. When I was searching online Bible Colleges, I came across CLI. CLI motivated me by awarding the admission certificate on the first day! I love the CLI platform for knowledge. As God spoke in Hosea 4:6 that His people are doomed because of a lack of knowledge. Furthermore, King Solomon asked for wisdom (knowledge) to rule and lead the people, something which pleased God.

We learn at Christian Leaders Institute because God has a treasury of knowledge for His believers on how to pray, read and interpret the Bible relevantly, teach others, and lead them in His righteousness and faithfulness to the fullest measure. CLI is one of the divinely appointed places for such Godly knowledge and skills for the growth of the body of Christ across the globe! Thank you!

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