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Christian Leaders Institute is a leading ministry training school that offers free ministry training course.

What is ministry? The word “ministry” comes from the Greek word, Diakonos, which means, “deacon.”  The word deacon means, minister, servant. The heart of a minister embodies the heart of a servant.

Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled over a quarter of a million people who started ministry training. These leaders felt the calling to study ministry!

Are you interest to study ministry? There are over 90 courses to pick from! You can receive free ministry credentials. You can pursue ordination or apply the course for a low administration cost college degree.

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Free Biblical Education

Free Biblical Education

Greetings, my name is Jason Swallow, and this is my spiritual journey. The free biblical education at the Christian Leaders Institute is preparing me for whatever the Lord leads me to do. The Long Journey to Realize My Calling I grew up and…
ordained minister credentials

Ordained Minister Credentials

Answering The Call My name is Mark Knaak and I live in San Carlos, Sonora. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to get my ordained minister credential. My Journey I grew up in Southern California. My parents, two sisters, and…
Deeper Bible Knowledge

Deeper Bible Knowledge

Journey and Calling Experience I am Ivelisse McBride from the United States of America. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute for deeper Bible knowledge and to discern my true calling. My Early Years From the age of 9, my upbringing…
First responder chaplain

First Responder Chaplain

God Is My Rock I am Samantha Janes, from the United States. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to become a First Responder Chaplain. My Journey God has been my rock since I accepted him as my Lord and Savior at the age of seven.…
Ministry Classes and Leadership courses

Ministry Classes and Leadership Courses

Stay with God I'm Nathaniel Buah from Ghana. A young man of 26 years with five siblings (three sisters and two brothers). I have been married for two years to my wife, Vida Buah, and we have no children yet. The ministry classes and leadership…
minister credential

Minister Credential

God's Faithfulness: My Spiritual Journey Hello, my name is Ruth Anderson, and I live in a small town in southern Minnesota, USA. I'm a business owner, wife, mother of five adult children, and many others who like to think of me as mom or Nana.…
Biblical and Leadership Studies

Biblical and Leadership Studies

Through a series of events in my life, I discovered my calling. When I was younger, I taught a class to my peers and those older than me within our church. The adults commended me for teaching and thought some teaching or ministry role was in…
Administration leadership training

Administration Leadership Training

So, It Begins Hello! My name is Matthew Brown. The tuition-free administration leadership training at the Christian Leaders Institute is equipping me for further kingdom service. I live in Sharon Springs, KS, a town with a population of…
family outreach ministry

Family Outreach Ministry

My name is Toni McClenon. I reside in the United States. Since our marriage in 1999, my husband and I have five children. I always seek ways to draw closer to God and pray the same for our family, friends, and people worldwide. This desire and…
tuition free minister education

Tuition Free Minister Education

I am Mitch Needelman from the United States. The tuition-free minister education at the Christian Leaders Institute is equipping me for my ministry service. My Journey My relationship with the Lord was a slow, smoldering burn over time. It…
life coaching minister training

Life Coaching Ministry Training

I am Marcey Trabant from Evansville, Indiana, USA, a single mother to two daughters, one a teenager and one a toddler. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for Women's Ministry and Life Coaching ministry training. My Story I grew…
biblical knowledge for ministry

Biblical Knowledge for Ministry

Ministry to Bring the Truth of God's Word Everywhere Hi! I am Deandrea Mitchell. A single adult, I'm 31 and live in Illinois in the USA. Currently, I do not have any children, but I do aspire to have a family of my own someday. I work full-time…
Ministry degree journey

Ministry Degree Journey

My Ministry Degree Journey My name is Tina Calhoun. I come from a tiny Georgia town in the United States. I grew up in Rhode Island but moved to Georgia as a teenager. Currently, I am a stay-at-home wife and mother to five beautiful children.…
Biblical Schooling

Biblical Schooling

The Long Road to My Calling and Biblical Schooling at CLI My name is Stacy Clark, and I reside in Lauderdale, Mississippi, USA. By the grace of God, I am saved, a wife, a mother, and a nana. Presently, I work at Lauderdale County Detention…
Fully Ordained Minister

Fully Ordained Minister

My name is Barry Healey, and I live in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. I currently serve as an elder in a Cowboy Church in Terrell, Texas. Further, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to become an ordained minister. My Long…