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Hello, my name is Rodney Coffey, and this is the story of my spiritual journey. It is also how I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance for ministry training and ordination credentials. I’m from the state of Kentucky in the USA. I have two beautiful daughters, six wonderful grandchildren, and one awesome wife.

My Youth

I grew up in Osceola County, Florida. My Christian mother and father ensured that living for the Lord was essential. Our family attended a small country church in St Cloud, Florida. As a teenager, I was active in our youth group at our church. At 14, I gave my heart and life to the Lord. However, I sadly returned to my old life and walked away from the will of God and the church.

My Marriage

After being away from the church for a few years, my mother invited me to attend a fall festival at the church. Out of respect for my mother, I went to the event. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made. That night, I ran into an old girlfriend from Middle School. She also attended the same church and was no longer the little girl I once knew. She was the most beautiful woman that I’d ever seen. We started talking after that night, later dating, and married a year later.

After we married, we moved to Kentucky to start a new life together. One Easter Sunday, we went to church with my parents. We both found ourselves at the altar, giving our hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. We were baptized a few weeks later.

Shortly after, I went to the police academy to start a law enforcement career, and my wife returned to college. A few years later, we moved to another church and became the youth leaders. There, we served for ten years. Then we returned to our old church. My mother and father and the rest of the family still attended there.

My Calling Journey

For many years, I felt God was calling me into the ministry. At a youth concert, the Lord showed me that I would someday preach the gospel. Quite frankly, it scared me. Therefore, I continued to put the Lord off. I said, “Lord, if you let me finish this, I’ll do it then; if you let me get my retirement in, I’ll do it then.” I always made excuses.

After retiring from law enforcement, I had an excellent opportunity to visit India with my pastor for a 10-day mission trip. Shortly after I returned, I was offered a job with the new governor as the state’s law enforcement director for Fish and Wildlife and Boating. Again, I used this to put off my calling.

During my time with this job, I spent much time traveling and talking to the Lord. He started to give me messages in my heart, and I began studying in a different direction. I was uncertain why God was giving me these messages. One day, I finally told the Lord,  “Okay, Lord, I will give this message if I’m ever asked to give it.” I believed no one would ever ask me to preach because I’m not a preacher.

My Calling Realized

However, my youngest daughter was planning our youth campout two weeks later. Kidding around, she said, “Who will give the word at the campfire service this year? Hey, Dad, why don’t you give the word?” When I said okay, she almost fell over. So, I gave my first message at that campfire service that weekend. It was the message that I had been preaching to myself for months.

Shortly after that, our pastor took a church in Western Kentucky, which left us without a pastor. The board asked if I would manage the church until they could replace the pastor. So I was filling in preaching some and having visitor preachers come in. The Lord showed me that I was to be the next pastor of our church. A few months later, the church voted me in as the pastor of Dayspring A Church Alive. It is the same church where my wife and I were saved and baptized together.

Ministry Training and Ordination Credentials from CLI and CLA

However, coming from a law enforcement background and not a ministry background, I needed to further my education in ministry. I also wanted to be ordained and get ordination credentials from the local board of my church and the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

My wife and I have been leading the church for six years now. It’s a calling that I could never do without her by my side. The Lord brought us together many years ago and prepared us through life to get where we are now. She has also recently taken the position of our food pantry director. Two years ago, we built a 2400-square-foot food pantry, and we’re now feeding over 300 families a month. We also started the Dayspring Christian Academy homeschool program, where we currently have 40 students.

I don’t know what the future holds for our ministry. However, I believe that the ordination credentials I received from the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance increase confidence and open new doors and ministry opportunities in the future. Thank you, CLI and CLA!

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