Bachelor of Divintiy

Bachelor of Divinity Degree

My name is Kimberly Pierce, and I live in the United States in Florida. Called to teach and minister to children at a young age, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute. The Bachelor of Divinity degree is my goal. My calling verse is Romans 11:29 – “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.”

My Calling Journey

I was in Mrs. Butler’s third-grade class listening to her teach when the realization hit me that I was going to teach children one day. I held pretend classes with dolls and stuffed animals in my free time. Further, I practiced teaching for hours. A year later, I went into fourth grade with high hopes and anticipation for another amazing year with another amazing teacher.

However, to my disappointment, fourth grade was a disaster. The teacher was a first-year teacher with as much enthusiasm as I had. She had a sweet demeanor, but it soon left her and was replaced with exasperation and exhaustion. Unbeknownst to her, she was with a group of students that all the other fourth-grade teachers refused. Sadly, I was in that mix. Fourth grade was excruciating for me. Bullied, distracted, and ridiculed, I ultimately lost my love for learning. Further, thoughts of teaching went out the window. I saw what a group of unruly fourth graders did to a young teacher’s demeanor, and I wanted no part.

That year was the first of many that my mother dragged me out of bed and to school. There were days she pulled me from the car and threatened me not to call home. I hated it. My school experience was a nightmare from fourth to 9th grade. The Florida public school system did not treat me well. Then, in 9th grade, a traumatic incident at my school led me to do some not-so-very-smart things. Therefore, my parents had enough and pulled me from the public school.


They put me into Liberty Christian School. I grew up in church. My father was a deacon, and my mother taught Sunday School and Children’s Church. Through the church, they heard of this little private school that might help children who were acting out and falling into the bad crowd. I was terrified and felt unworthy. I grew up with five siblings. My Parents made too much money for government assistance and not enough for any leftovers after food and bills. Therefore, when I went to Liberty, it put more of a financial strain on my parents. I felt guilty and ashamed (these feelings, I now see were lies from Satan to block God’s calling me to). I graduated by the skin of my teeth and vowed to never go back.

The school served as a haven to get me through. However, I never felt as though I belonged. After high school, I married, had kids, was a stay-at-home mom, and attended just enough church to get by. My philosophy was to do just enough. I often envisioned myself homeless in Heaven after I died. Content with that, I was delusional about the fact that my lukewarm walk with Christ was not enough.

Further Challenges

After a cross-country move from Florida to Iowa, I became bored with my stay-at-home mom life. So, I went to school for massage therapy. I spent ten years in that career. During the pandemic, I earned an emergency medical technician certificate. After many years, my longing for education was returning. I started a new career at a hospital and began studies to become a licensed paramedic.

However, my new dream was cut short when I caught Covid-19 from a patient at the hospital and developed Long Covid. This illness took me out for almost an entire year. It further instilled a fear in me that deterred me from returning to my career in the medical field. When I was well enough, I started a part-time office administration job and found that I was good at it.

Unfortunately, working for people and being around people who hold different values than me hurt my health. I worked long hours and prioritized money. Then, hospitalized and close to death because I ignored the signs of a UTI, I had a massive kidney infection that led to sepsis. While alone in the hospital, the most amazing thing happened. It still brings chills. Like a broken child, Jesus picked me up, held me in His arms, and spoke to me directly. For the first time in my life, everything became clear.

New Direction

The next day my husband came and I prepared to sound like a crazy person. I informed him that Jesus spoke to me. I received an interesting look, but to my surprise, he listened intently. I told him we needed to get rid of everything we owned and move back to Florida. We needed to get our children out of the public school system because Jesus said it was corrupting them. I didn’t know how it would all work, but I knew it would because the Lord told me it would. For the first time in my life, I trusted Jesus completely.

When I left the hospital, we eliminated everything other than some necessities and personal items. There were moments when I was unsure of how things were going to work out. However, I chose to ultimately trust God. Within two months, we moved across the country back to Florida. God made a way for my children to attend Liberty Christian School. We attended an amazing little church that my parents also attend and are the Children’s ministers.

At first, the transition was difficult for all of us. Our middle child struggled the most. But, within six months, he changed for the better. He accepted Jesus into His heart and was baptized. My oldest at 13 is a student leader at the school and a student ambassador at the school’s youth ministry. After a brief struggle with depression and anxiety, I volunteered at the school in my youngest son’s first-grade classroom.

Renewed Calling and a Bachelor of Divinity Journey at CLI

After volunteering for a short time, God opened a door as a long-term substitute in the fifth-grade classroom. My three-week sub position transitioned to a position in the classroom until the end of the school year and a full-time career on the faculty. It is amazing! Not only has God placed me in the school I never wanted to return to, but I am teaching and leading beautiful children in the ways of Christ.

God opened so many new doors and ignited an old passion. God’s will for me never changed no matter how many times I tried to run and hide. Everything in my life has led to this. Teaching children to love and live for God is my passion and my calling. It has led me here to the Christian Leaders Institute to earn my Bachelor of Divinity. It will further my career in ministering and leading children to live for Christ and to love like Christ. Thank you, CLI, for this Bachelor of Divinity study opportunity!

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