Life coach minister credentials

From Destruction to Salvation

Hello, my name is Tamara Allison. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for my Life Coach Minister credentials.

I was born in West Virginia, USA, and now reside in Virginia. Growing up in Georgia, my aunt introduced me to the church. She played a significant role in guiding me toward a life of service. Since then, I have been actively singing in the church youth choir and developing a deep-rooted passion for serving, ministering, music, and faith.

Challenges of My Youth

I faced numerous challenges during my youth. These included a tumultuous environment filled with drugs, domestic abuse, infidelity, and adultery. After the separation of my parents, there was a deeper spiraling. Then, at the age of 13, I began selling drugs, using drugs, drinking, going out with reckless “friends,” and indulging in whatever activities appealed to me. I eventually ran away from home to escape and ended up pregnant.

As my life journey continued, I married at 19 and gave birth to my second daughter. This began a very dark time in my life. I began to experience almost everything that my mother went through. Despite the challenges we faced during our marriage, marked by difficult times and the repercussions of my husband’s unhealthy choices, I remained committed. However, his actions eventually resulted in a lengthy incarceration and the heartbreaking revelation of his infidelity. Furthermore, after his imprisonment, we divorced.

In A Dark Place

Several years later, I entered into a new relationship with a man. I spent ten years with him and had my last three children with him. During this time, I was beaten, raped, and introduced to drugs. I experienced things that my mind could never fathom, which weren’t right. However, I did them for fear of being hurt or because of the lustful nature that was now in me. I saw no way out. This was also a time in my life when the saving power of God was at work, even though I didn’t realize it. I almost died at the hands of my lover on numerous occasions.

Saving Grace

I knew that my only hope was Jesus. I started attending church. It was there that I sought the Lord fervently, pleading for deliverance from my addictions and the toxic relationship I was in. Despite my history, flawed thinking, and way of living, my journey took a turn when I sought refuge in Jesus. I persevered and found solace in my faith in Him. Through fervent prayers and unwavering determination, God blessed and delivered me from my addictions and toxic relationships. He saved me. I received baptism and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I now know that through my many transgressions and trials, the Lord was preparing to use me as a testimony of His glory and continual grace and mercy. The Lord also saw fit to restore broken relationships within my family. He delivered my mother from her past lifestyle. I now have a wonderful husband; my mother has been walking with the Lord for over 18 years!

Being of Service

Since then, I have nurtured my spiritual connection with God, immersing myself in the church and seeking ways to help my local community. Recognizing the divine calling on my life, I have been actively involved in ministry leadership within my church, community, and job. I served as an adjutant, assisted with various events, helped the less fortunate, participated in prayer calls, and contributed to the establishment of several programs.

My Desire for Ministry

Coming from a painful background has given me a heart for the people. My ultimate goal is to encourage others in their faith walk and help individuals realize their full potential in Christ by providing a safe space to share their concerns and apply the fundamentals of the Christian walk to their lives. I aspire to be a guiding light for those in need. Then, they can be empowered to become the best versions of themselves despite what their past entails or what the adversary tries to convince them about themselves. Through my testimony and the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I hope to lead others out of bondage and toward the redemptive work of our Lord and Savior.

Life Coach Minister Credentials Through CLI

Recently, I came across the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and was immediately captivated by their unique ministry education program. CLI combines ministry training and life coaching credentials. Before coming to Christian Leaders Institute, I had no idea that life coaching was considered a ministry. God led me to this community because it provides the training I need for the two areas I already had a desire for but didn’t know where to begin. I can now serve in ministry and as a life coach with recognized credentials as a Life Coach Minister! After taking my first class, I knew CLI was the right path. I am grateful for the training I have received here as I strive to become a successful Life Coach Minister.

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