Occupy Heaven – Multiply Hope A Texas Movement and Conferences

Raising Ministers in Texas for a Heavenly Mission Amidst Technological Marvels

In a world captivated by technology, where pioneers like Elon Musk lead the charge toward interplanetary exploration, our imaginations are drawn to the stars. This global excitement, especially resonant in Texas – home to space exploration endeavors – sets a backdrop for our spiritual mission. The Christian Leaders Institute has thousands of students, graduates, and ordained ministers in Texas who are on a mission to invite people to Occupy Heaven (CLI) 

2024-2025: Embracing a Heavenly Focus in the Lone Star State

For the next two years, the CLI is promoting the theme “Occupy Heaven – Multiply Hope.” This theme is a reminder for Texans to balance their admiration for Mars exploration with the eternal promises of Heaven. It invites Texans to engage in their true mission: spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and offering the joy of salvation and heavenly citizenship.

Theme Verse: Occupy Heaven – Multiply Hope

Philippians 3:20 echoes this mission, reminding us of our ultimate citizenship in Heaven as we eagerly await Jesus Christ.

Global Conferences with a Texan Twist in 2024-2025: A Faith and Learning Odyssey

CLI will host conferences all over the world. These gatherings for Christian leaders include Texas, where CLI is prioritizing the effort! CLI president Henry Reyenga will attend meetings in February of 2024 and beyond. This conference will be transformative, with vision casting, prayers, ordination services, and breakout sessions! 

Educational Opportunities in Christian Leadership – Texas Edition

CLI remains committed to providing free and low-cost Christian leadership education. Now, with a special focus on the needs and context of Texas, these programs will equip students to effectively lead in their communities, whether in bustling Houston or the serene Hill Country.

Empowering Texan Christian Leaders through Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance

The Christian Leaders Alliance offers ordination opportunities in Texas, resonating with the state’s deep-rooted faith traditions.

A Celestial Mission with a Texan Soul

In this era of looking to the stars, CLI encourages you to join a journey that explores the heavens and seeks to spiritually occupy them. This mission is to multiply hope and Christian leadership, impacting Texas and the world, now and eternally.

Conference Details – Texas Style

The conferences are free, but attendees will cover their travel and meal costs. Participants will receive complimentary “Occupy Heaven” shirts and hats, adding a touch of Texas pride to this heavenly mission. We ask that all recipients register for a WhatsApp account so we can communicate with each other for this conference and the movement to reach Texas. Click Here for the Texas WhatsApp link. 

Current Announced Dates

Current Announced Dates

February 2024 – Texas

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  3. San Antonio, Texas
  4. Houston, Texas

Join the WhatsApp Communication Thread

We have chosen WhatsApp as our primary tool to facilitate effective communication for organizing our conferences and the movement in your area.

Rather than using separate sign-up lists, please follow the link to join the WhatsApp group specific to your nearest conference location and geographic locations. All conference-related communications will be conducted through these WhatsApp groups.

Additionally, these groups provide a platform for CLI students, graduates, and ministers to discuss and share insights about gospel activities in their respective areas. We encourage the responsible use of this tool. Please note that CLI or the group administrators will remove any member who misuses WhatsApp for spam or similar activities.

How do I get WhatsApp?

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Why Do We Use WhatsApp?

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