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Christian Leaders Institute is a leading ministry training school that offers free ministry training course.

What is ministry? The word “ministry” comes from the Greek word, Diakonos, which means, “deacon.”  The word deacon means, minister, servant. The heart of a minister embodies the heart of a servant.

Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled over a quarter of a million people who started ministry training. These leaders felt the calling to study ministry!

Are you interest to study ministry? There are over 90 courses to pick from! You can receive free ministry credentials. You can pursue ordination or apply the course for a low administration cost college degree.

Read Stories and Testimonies

Christian Leaders Basic Graduate from Lagos Bible School

Lagos Bible School CLI Student Ayodeji Aladenika My name is Emmanuel Ayodeji Aladenika. I was born in 1972 to a Christian family. I am a chemical engineer and presently living in Lagos, Nigeria with my wife and sons. My late father was a…
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Reaching The Forgotten

Hi, my name is Louis Neal McLaughlin and I am writing to you from Harford County, Maryland, about 35 miles North of Baltimore City. USA... I received my calling in 2006 from whom I can only believe was an angel of God as he was in surgical…
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A Forever Teacher of Eternity

My name is Frankie Cornelison. I am married with two grown children. My husband and I have moved several times. We have always found a Bible-teaching-preaching church where we could both be active. We now live in a small town called Advance.…
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Broken and Called by God!

My name is Paige Tuggle and I am from the United States. I live in the state of Georgia. My story starts with a solid christian family upbringing, My grandfather was a Baptist Preacher and I started attending church at a very young age. As I…

Robert Lee Wilson from The United States of America

My name is Robert Lee Wilson am 58 years old and was born and raised in the hills of Tennessee in the United States of America. I was fortunate and proud to serve my country in the military at an early age. Before that I was raised in a poor…
hospice ministry

Eloise Davidson Called To Nursing Home or Hospice Ministry Davidson Called To Nursing Home or Hospice Ministry

Current address, United States, Oklahoma History of a believing family: my Grandmother lived with us and when we would go to her room she would be in her rocker with her Bible and often would read passages to us. “Psalm 92:14-15 they still…

God's New Mexico Connection

Hello everyone, my name is Francis (Frank) Duarte and I live in a small town south of Albuquerque, NM called Los Lunas. I live here with my wife and kids. When I was very young I attended a Catholic School and church and thus baptized Catholic. Unfortunately,…

Keeping Kingdom Business First

My name is Anthony Clark, and I live in the United States of America. In this country, we have the opportunity to practice the freedom of religion which is part of our constitutional rights. Ministry is such a challenge everywhere, but because…
help the youth

My Passion is to Help the Youth

In our society it seems everybody is clamoring for the attention of our youth. The media puts out commercials targeted toward youth.  Christian speech is discouraged with increasing force and frequency. In our modern humanist society, we need…
ministry gifts

Graduate Yvonne Adams develops Her Ministry Gifts

Hello my name is Yvonne Adams from the United States of America. I am developing my ministry gifts at Christian Leaders Institute. I am a native of Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of William H. Maxwell Vocational High School. I have made…
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You can do it!  You may be called to be a revival leader! We want you to sign up and start the getting started class. You may be used by God to change the world for Christ. Start Christian Leaders Institute Admissions simply by filling…
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Outside Textbooks for Many Ministry Classes Not Needed

Christian Leaders Institute is developing a ministry training program where textbooks are not required. We are offering more and more classes where all materials are in a digital format.  Our goal is to eventually have all our courses with…
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Ministry Diploma Awards

  A Ministry Diploma at Christian leaders Institute starts at thirty hours of credits. Along the way you will receive some certificates that will keep you encouraged. Some of you may be satisfied to conclude your studies after you have…
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Seminary Online Makes Sense

Seminary Online Benefits 1. Seminary Training Without Uprooting Seminary online makes it possible for students to be trained effectively and quickly without relocating. They can keep their job while they prepare for ministry, and they can…
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Course Descriptions

Getting Started Class: Reproducible Walk With God and Christian Basics  CLI Professors (7 credits)  This course gets you started. This course is the core orientation to Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), where you meet some of the leaders…