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Read the story of Davis Asante Adjei of Brescia, Italy. See how free online Bible education at Christian Leaders Institute is blessing this young man as he seeks to keep Jesus at the center of his life and his calling to ministry.

Hello, wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord. My name is Davis Asante Adjei and I am receiving a free online Bible education at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Accra, Ghana on the 26th of December in 1992. I have three brothers in my family. I came from a Christian family so from my youth I have always wanted to serve God and get to know more about Him. I also desire that the Lord will turn me into an instrument for him and use me to change the lives of the people I meet as I am in His service. I’m here at the Christian Leaders Institute because the calling of God is upon my life and no matter what I do I can feel it strongly within me.

My older brother Prince Martinson Adjei is also a student of this wonderful online Bible education school, and he has completed his courses of study already. I followed his advice to take this course for free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I have been living in Brescia in Italy since 2007. My desire is for this free online Bible education course to help me and prepare me towards my ministry for God. I want Christ always to be at the center of my life as I serve Him. I want to go where He wants me to go and to serve who He shows me to serve.

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Ministry Call

My name is Ehis Omofoma and I have a ministry call on my life. I was born on the 15th of December 1976. I am married to Loveth and we have a daughter named Angel who is 6 years old. My father’s name is Raymond and my mother’s name is Beatrice and she’s a Deaconess, but my father died on April 19, 1984. I was very young when we lost our father and the eldest son of the 6 sons of our parents. I wanted to be active in our church, so I sang and played instruments. While I was doing that, I was always praying that God should use me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Then October 1, 2000, I traveled to Italy where I am presently living with my wife and daughter. When I came to Italy, I was assisting the pastor in his ministry before I answered the ministry call of God. Though I was doing my regular job alongside with the ministry work, in 2010, I quit my job and concentrated on the ministry work alone. I must not fail to testify that the call of God came to me through a series of prophecies from different prophets of God from Nigeria and the United States at different times and on different occasions. I have been pastoring a church since the 2nd of January 2005. In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for my mother who contributed greatly to my Christian life.

I am thankful for this great opportunity to know more about the ministry here at Christian Leaders Institute. I have been looking for a great opportunity like this to study and to know more and more about God. Once again, I say thank you to Christian Leaders Institute for giving people like me the opportunity to study for free.

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I am Pastor Darko Ghanaian by birth, Italian by nationality, lives in Italy since 1993,with married with 6 girls, ordained as the Pastor in 2011 by the Day star bible school in Ghana, I was brought up by my mother who taught me the way of the Lord, I daily moved with her to Bibles studies in the scripture union, I gave my life to Lord in 1976, being born again had the Holy Spirit baptism, was baptized by immersion in 1978 after a three days seminar in a suburb of Accra – Ghana.
Being part of the Scripture Union really helped me to live for Christ, my desire by then was evangelism, down broadcast, distribution of Bible tracts, doing corresponding courses with the World Bible school as a youth with the zeal to know much to serve the Lord, my love for the Lord was so much that I was called by nickname pastor, evangelist and so many, I used to organized my school mates in sharing the word of God, prays with them, I have attended several leadership training course both in Ghana and in Italy.

Since 1979, I got interested in Church planting, in the secondary school I was forming bible groups, weekly worship, praying for people, became a youth leader and doing lots of work in the arena of the church. My desire has since been to learn more of the things of God to enable me preach, and teach His word.
In the year of 1993, changes happen for me. Italy was all a new beginning of my Christian life and my vocation, going from place to place preaching and planting churches. I stared the study of theology in one of the Bible schools in Italian language for barely 8 years without achieving my objective with the difficulties of the their language, I then started different corresponding courses in order to prepare me for ministerial work., but could not complete any for lack of funds due to the excessive charges.

For the 23 years residing in Italy, I see the needs for reaching the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Through my research for an affordable Bible Institute I came across the CLI, after reading more about the Institute and testimonies of some of the students I was totally convinced that this is the place for me to have the necessary training I needed to be well equipped as a pastor. Fortunately and, unfortunately, I am self-sponsored in my calling in Italy with my wife’s salary and mine. My wife and children have been of a great help in every area, my late mother always happy to see me working for God that was the revelation she had about me from my childhood.

I am convinced and happy that a scholarship at the CLI will help me become a well-trained pastor God wants me to be.
I will need the prayer of everyone above all the CLI in the area of Boldness in reaching out the people with the word of God that we win more soul to the Lord and machining positive changes in the community.

Bible Training offered at seminaries and Bible colleges is usually costly. Christian Leaders Institute offers Bible training using the internet. Christian Leaders Institute provides high quality Bible training classes which includes courses like Old Testament and New Testament Survey. CLI brings over 22 advanced ministry training classes to those called into ministry around the world.

Bible Training Christian Leaders Basic Graduate Story

I am Marlon Tuazon, an overseas Filipino working here in Rimini, Italy. I was born on September 21, 1963. My permanent residence is Orani, Bataan, Philippines. I am the third eldest in a family of seven. I have been married to Yolanda Tuazon for almost eighteen years. Unfortunately, we don’t have any children.

I came to know the Lord Jesus on March 20, 1984, when someone invited me to Bible training in a neighboring dormitory.  I was a second year college student at the time studying Civil Engineering at Feati University, in Manila.  After six months, I decided to follow Jesus and serve Him in the ministry.  I started attending more Bible training often. I went to leadership training, seminars, and a school of evangelism in our church.   After I graduated from college, I returned to my hometown and continued my unofficial Bible training there.  Due to an economic crisis and low salary however, I was convinced by my brother to work here in Italy.  Unfortunately, I have no chance to practice my profession in Italy because of the language barrier.  Also, they do not recognize degrees that are not from their schools.   So instead, I have been working as a domestic helper since April of 2007.  I petitioned my wife and she followed me here after three years.  Although I am working, I still serve the Lord by helping our senior pastor in the teaching and preaching area of ministry .

To do ministry here in Italy is quite difficult and challenging because of the language problem. Most Italians prefer to listen and speak in their own language.  Moreover, most of them are Catholics and are more interested in going to coffee bars, amusement centers, and parks,  rather than church services.  That is why our ministry here is limited to people who can understand English and also to our fellow Filipinos.

I identify myself as a pastor, because it has always been in my heart to bring people to Christ and help them grow spiritually.  It is also my desire to give Bible training to workers and leaders for the Lord.

As I look back on my life, it has been God’s faithfulness, goodness, mercy and love, during my ups and downs, trials and difficulties, that has prompted me to pursue Bible training and ministry.

My dreams and goals are to bring more people to Christ and to become a full time pastor.  Our local church is supporting us in this calling through prayer and encouragement.  My wife plays a big role in the ministry as well, especially teaching children in Sunday School.

The desire to have formal Bible training at a Bible Institute like CLI  has always been on my heart, especially when some pastors have questioned my eligibility because I didn’t have a diploma from a Bible School.  At present I cannot afford to enroll though, because my salary is only enough to sustain our expenses here and the remittances we send to our parents in the Philippines.

Getting a scholarship from CLI will solve this problem and help me to accomplish my vision and dreams for the glory of GOD.  Thank you CLI for this free high quality Bible training that you give the world!

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Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga –

“My name is Solomon. I’m 26 years old, and my present city is called Bologna in Italy. I was brought up in a Christian family, but when I got admitted into College, my life style changed because of the friends I made there. I started chasing after girls, failing exams, and doing other bad things, so my parents decided to enroll me into another college. They were praying for me, because they knew I had a calling from God and the devil was trying to destroy it.

“At my new school, I met a Christian sister who later became my best friend. She was in the College Christian fellowship. She shared the word of the Bible with me, and I was not able to resist. I accepted Christ into my life, and a few months later I was Baptized. Two years later I became the President of the college Christian fellowship.

“My entire family later relocated to Italy where we are presently. We found a Christ believing church as we were praying, and I later became again the Church youth fellowship president. To cut the story short, I am currently one of the Deacons in our Church.”Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga

Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga Receives a Scholarship

“I have seen the road I navigated through and how the grace of God was able to save me from eternal destruction through a sister. I can’t sit back and watch millions of souls perish in Bologna city and all over the land of Italy. I have been praying to God to provide me adequate training. Then I came across the site (CLI). I am fully convinced in my spirit  that with a Scholarship to CLI, I will go through training that will prepare me to win many souls in Bologna and Italy for the kingdom of Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga knows what it is to be a son who has lost the way. He knows that without God, he never would have found his way back. Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga knows that there are many others like him in Italy. It’s not enough for him to stand by and watch as young men and women everywhere are led to destruction by the snares the enemy has laid for them in society. Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga wants to do something about it. Christian Leaders Institute can offer Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga the training that he needs to instruct others accurately in the word of God and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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