Further Biblical Training

My name is Stefano. I am from Italy, born in Aversa. Currently, I live and work near Rome. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to learn more about God and receive further biblical training (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here).

My Spiritual Journey

The dream of my youth was to become a male nurse. However, because of missing out on proper parental guidance, I became a liar and a thief. I knew I needed help. Thankfully, God began to change me and talked to my conscience. I knew that God wanted me to become different. I could only do it with His help.

God brought transformation to my life as He awakened my conscience. I felt humbled and ashamed as God gave me insight. I started to have standards for my life. Although it took years, I realized the pain I caused to not only a person but sometimes whole families. I did not want to hurt others anymore.

I asked God to make me new. Then, I picked up the Bible and started reading until His peace came into my room. I knew that He could help me and that His Word would be my guide. I have a dream to help youths who grow up without parents, as I did.

Further Biblical Training at CLI

I knew that I needed further biblical training for my ministry dream. So I looked online for Bible classes and ministry training. I found the Christian Leaders Institute. There were still some heart issues that I discovered as I took classes at CLI. One thing I realized is that I hate to be ignored. So, with God’s help, I am dealing with it. Discovering why I feel this way and why it is so important to me and impacts me. Further, I seek to show respect and genuine interest in others. It is not all about me. These discoveries bring me to wholeness.

I am part of a small Evangelical church where I live. It has been a source of support and encouragement to me. Another source of encouragement has been the testimonies of CLI students. I am thankful for the further biblical training at CLI!