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Bible Training offered at seminaries and Bible colleges is usually costly. Christian Leaders Institute offers Bible training using the internet. Christian Leaders Institute provides high quality Bible training classes which includes courses like Old Testament and New Testament Survey. CLI brings over 22 advanced ministry training classes to those called into ministry around the world.

Bible Training Christian Leaders Basic Graduate Story

I am Marlon Tuazon, an overseas Filipino working here in Rimini, Italy. I was born on September 21, 1963. My permanent residence is Orani, Bataan, Philippines. I am the third eldest in a family of seven. I have been married to Yolanda Tuazon for almost eighteen years. Unfortunately, we don’t have any children.

I came to know the Lord Jesus on March 20, 1984, when someone invited me to Bible training in a neighboring dormitory.  I was a second year college student at the time studying Civil Engineering at Feati University, in Manila.  After six months, I decided to follow Jesus and serve Him in the ministry.  I started attending more Bible training often. I went to leadership training, seminars, and a school of evangelism in our church.   After I graduated from college, I returned to my hometown and continued my unofficial Bible training there.  Due to an economic crisis and low salary however, I was convinced by my brother to work here in Italy.  Unfortunately, I have no chance to practice my profession in Italy because of the language barrier.  Also, they do not recognize degrees that are not from their schools.   So instead, I have been working as a domestic helper since April of 2007.  I petitioned my wife and she followed me here after three years.  Although I am working, I still serve the Lord by helping our senior pastor in the teaching and preaching area of ministry .

To do ministry here in Italy is quite difficult and challenging because of the language problem. Most Italians prefer to listen and speak in their own language.  Moreover, most of them are Catholics and are more interested in going to coffee bars, amusement centers, and parks,  rather than church services.  That is why our ministry here is limited to people who can understand English and also to our fellow Filipinos.

I identify myself as a pastor, because it has always been in my heart to bring people to Christ and help them grow spiritually.  It is also my desire to give Bible training to workers and leaders for the Lord.

As I look back on my life, it has been God’s faithfulness, goodness, mercy and love, during my ups and downs, trials and difficulties, that has prompted me to pursue Bible training and ministry.

My dreams and goals are to bring more people to Christ and to become a full time pastor.  Our local church is supporting us in this calling through prayer and encouragement.  My wife plays a big role in the ministry as well, especially teaching children in Sunday School.

The desire to have formal Bible training at a Bible Institute like CLI  has always been on my heart, especially when some pastors have questioned my eligibility because I didn’t have a diploma from a Bible School.  At present I cannot afford to enroll though, because my salary is only enough to sustain our expenses here and the remittances we send to our parents in the Philippines.

Getting a scholarship from CLI will solve this problem and help me to accomplish my vision and dreams for the glory of GOD.  Thank you CLI for this free high quality Bible training that you give the world!

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