Learning to Preach the Gospel

Learning To Preach the Gospel at CLI

My name is Jean Daniel Pierre, and I'm learning to preach the gospel at the Christian Leaders Institute. I was born 06-08-1988 in Haiti. I am from a six-member family: my mom and my dad, and four brothers. With an associate degree in theology,…
Free Haitian Ministry Training

Free Haitian Ministry Training - Leveque's Story

Student Leveque Ambroise was looking through many different online ministries. Because he could not afford their fees associated with their ministries, he enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute for Free Haitian Ministry Training! Here is his…
Free Haitian Ministry Training

Mission Haiti: Guy-Francois Norcilus

Mission Haiti: Guy-Francois Norcilus is drawn to Mission Haiti. Haiti is still recovering from the devastating natural disaster that claimed more then 100,000 lives. Guy opens about his faith and life. "I greet you all in the name of…