Learning to Preach the Gospel

My name is Jean Daniel Pierre, and I’m learning to preach the gospel at the Christian Leaders Institute. I was born 06-08-1988 in Haiti. I am from a six-member family: my mom and my dad, and four brothers. With an associate degree in theology, I am the only Christian in my family. One of my goals is to bring my parents and brothers to the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m a member of the “Primitive Mission Christian Church of Duvivier” (Mission Eglise Primitive de Duvivier) at Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Recently I moved to the south part of the country with two friends. We started a kid’s and youth ministry where we teach them the word of God. After two years of studying the gospel, I want to know more and revive myself to share the Word of God effectively. I believe the Christian Leaders Institute can help me reach that goal (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I’m learning to preach the gospel because I like helping people understand and enjoy the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Spiritual Journey

It all started seven years ago when I gave my life to Jesus. I grew up at Cité Soleil, in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Haiti. I was exposed to things that a kid shouldn’t be, like R-rated movies, pornography, gang conflicts, poverty, and so on. Thankfully, most of my friends were Christians, and they really had an impact on me. Growing up with my friends, I saw how Jesus brought joy in their hearts, even in such a terrible neighborhood.

When I decided to get baptized, my mom was shocked. She wished that she had never allowed me to go to church. However, God and I are grateful I did not stop going to church. One year after I got baptized, my mom told me that she saw how I changed and liked the man I became. That day was one of the best days of my life. I joined the young adult group of my church, and I became a volunteer at church. Later on, I helped with the youth and led some meetings in the young adult group. I also helped with cleaning up in the neighborhood. My pastor taught me how to lead a group and also some basics about preaching.

Studying at CLI

I decided to study at Christian Leaders Institute to learn how to teach and preach the gospel. I really like the way the teachers teach and the passion they have at CLI. They show me it’s not only about knowledge but also about discipleship, living the Word, and being like Christ. I want to help people enjoy being a disciple of Christ. My dream is to develop the spiritual life of youth, young adults, and adults. Then, they can grow as good citizens and also inherit the kingdom of God.