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Student Leveque Ambroise was looking through many different online ministries. Because he could not afford their fees associated with their ministries, he enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute for Free Haitian Ministry Training! Here is his story…


Free Haitian Ministry Training – Leveque’s Story

To whom it may concern,
First and foremost, I give praise to my precious God,who by all means has given the strength and knowledge to understand that in everything about his Gospel and my life, in general, it is not about me but him.So that his Holly name can be glorified. I am Haitian, I am married, and I have 3 Kids almost four now.
Despite my callings in the ministry, patrolling .it hasn’t been easy to answer God positively. Until God has directed me to this road.(CLI).A road that Godpatrolling.This is to say, before(CLI). I checked other online institutes that were ready to discuss with me, but the prices were like mind changers. Thank God for (CLI ).Which is a fallen from heaven Institute that allows me to set foot in, and I couldn’t be happier.I don’t know what in reserve for me after passing the Starting Test.And I want to take advantage of this huge opportunity to think all the sponsors that have made it possible for (CLI) to be FREE. May GOD bless you all! And hope to join my hands with your hands, so that (CLI) can remain FREE for Generations to come.

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