Change Your Life Through Ministry - Cashmere's Story

Student Cashmere Hill needed a change in life, she was very unahppy with her previous education and felt a calling toward ministry. She enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute to fulfill God’s plan for her life. Change Your Life Through Ministry at Christian Leader’s Institute like Cashmere did! Here is her story…

Change Your Life Through Ministry – Cashmere’s Story


My name is Cashmere Hill.
I’m from the united states and i was raised by a single mother in a small town Quincy, Il who raised me in church. I can remember when i was in 3rd grade we did a time capsule, in mine I wrote about how if I was rich I would own an airplane and travel all around the world and drop food to all the poor people (as if it were raining food). What inspired me at the age of eight years old was that i use to watch all the commercials showing poor kids that was so skinny with know food or water and here i was as healthy as can be. I’ve known since then i wanted to make a difference in the world. While i was growing up i loved hearing about God and watching all the left behind movies helped me realize that i would hate to be those who were left on this world. As being raised by a single mother growing up, I always wonder why i didn’t have a father who loved me, why was my father doing for his other kids and not me. Once i reached about 16 i started hating life wondering why i wasn’t wanted and why it felt like a part of me was missing, I was at my lowest and I didn’t want to be like that for the rest of my life. The only thing left for me to do was an open a bible. I read and read, next thing you know I was meeting my brother (my dads son) then a few years later I met my father. Long story short It took for me to be content with God AND GOD HIMSELF for everything else to fall in place. (my father lived in kansas city while I and my family lived in illinois so thats how I knew there was a God to bring us together). I’ve been always loved kids and always helped out with everyone in my towns kids, so I feel like my call is to reach out to kids to let them know you are loved by the highest and that with him anything is possible. I feel that I am being called to do the world race, my mother is not to happy about that and she doesn’t want me to leave so she is not helping in anyway whats so ever, I’m doing this on my own. I know that if this his Gods will he will make a way for me to tell my life story and to bring people to God. Im asking for prayer for me to seek Gods will and only Gods will not my own. A scholarship at CLI is so important to me because as I was going through my hardships I dropped out of 3 colleges because I was just so unhappy with life. I know now that God has a plan, and my plan for my life is to be a fisherman to his people. God had me come across this website like this was the next step in pursuing ministry is here, learning how to be the best leader that I can be.

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