Bible and Theological Knowledge

Redeemed to Be a Witness for Christ

My name is Micurly Barbara Schnaida Joseph, from Haiti. I am gaining Bible and theological knowledge free online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about Bible courses and ministry training online, Click Here).

My Early Years

I am the oldest of a family of four children. My family was Catholic. I attended a congregational school during my childhood, from primary to secondary. In the beginning, my parents considered it optional to go to church on Sunday mornings. My father only stepped across the church threshold for solemn ceremonies like weddings, funerals, and baptisms. As I grew up, I heard vaguely about God. I was not aware of the works He performed in people’s lives and indifferent to His presence. During holidays, my family and I participated in secular events like the carnival that celebrated Haitian culture through folklore and voodoo.

Regarding my academic background, I studied law for four years. I planned to work with my father in his law firm. After school, my father never stopped encouraging me to make a carrier in this field. His dream was to leave me for succession after he retired. After graduation, I suddenly lost my conviction to take the lion’s share in the legal field.

Crisis and God’s Grace

Then, I abandoned my training for the courts because of the earthquake that struck my country in 2010. That was the deadliest event I had ever seen in my life. It caused around 300,000 dead, countless injured, amputated, and thousands of people with psychological disorders. Thank God, He rescued me miraculously. I was on the second floor of a building where I took my last courses before the final exam. When the earthquake occurred, the Holy Spirit mandated a Christian woman to save me. All the buildings had already collapsed, even the presidential palace. God delivered me from death. Since that time, I realized the depth of God’s love towards me.

Some days after, my parents decided to move to the North of Haiti to flee from famine and insecurity. The urgency of that moment pushed us to quickly find refuge. We were sleeping every night in the open air without a tent over our heads. My family and I ended up in a camp called Camp of Grace in my native suburbs. There, we found victims from the capital reunited to receive humanitarian aid. I spent four months there working as a benevolent translator with the American missionaries. They came specially to bring their support to the affected population.

Ministry Service

One day, one of the American pastors came by my side and talked to me about discipleship. After this conversation, I reflected on my mission on earth. As I served my brothers and sisters in the camp, I realized through morning devotions and night services that “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Mathew 9:38). So I confirmed my position in God’s realm.

After those four months, I returned to the capital to reconstruct my life. One day, my mother and sisters discovered a church not far from our house. They invited me to assist in a wake-up service. I was somehow drawn to that ministry. After three years of faithfulness in all activities, the church executive committee summoned me to participate in the youth presidential election. I was afraid and dubious as I felt I didn’t have enough experience to lead the youth association.

After counting the votes, I won the election with a 3-year term as head of the youth. That is when I started to walk with God seriously. I faced many challenges so I stayed constantly in God’s presence to succeed. Happily, it was a victory for me to realize so many great works with the youth while being a mentor and an advisor for them. After my term, the pastor chose me as a member of the Church Coordinating Committee. Its work consisted in dealing with the external group or choirs’ invitations, concerts, 40 days of annual revival meetings, and any other solemn events.

Bible and Theological Knowledge at CLI

Now, I have almost 12 years since I dedicated myself faithfully to God’s work. As days passed, I felt God’s calling in my heart. The Holy Spirit’s presence was so powerful every time I preached for the youth services. That was where the idea to study the Bible was born. I wanted to have good Bible and theological knowledge and proper training for more impact while serving my community, my country, and even other nations. As Christians, we receive an unlimited mandate from Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

There are several theological schools in Haiti. However, I couldn’t afford any of them. My purse was empty. My financial condition prevented me from reaching my goal. One day, by surprise, one of my sisters sent a link through my email to save it for herself. It concerned the Christians Leaders Institute. Curious, I opened it and checked the website thoroughly. Suddenly, I knew it was God’s gift to me. My dream can come true.

The scholarship at CLI will cover all my expenses. Without it, my dream will suffer. My country is in a severe political and economic crisis. It prevents people from jobs and increases gang wars. It also increases the immigration of large numbers of Haitians to other places to avoid death. I am thankful to God for giving me such an opportunity at CLI to further my studies in Bible and theological knowledge.

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