Mentor Ministry training

My name is Reginold Treadway, but my friends call me Reggie. Called to mentor others, I am getting mentor ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about Bible courses and ministry training online, Click Here).

My Spiritual Journey

I am from the city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I have a twin sister, a younger sister, and two elder brothers who all live in Cape Town South Africa. We grew up in a very modest home. My father worked while my mother was a home executive. Both my parents abused alcohol so there was always arguing and fighting in the home. My mother would also stay away from home for periods. Then, it was up to the older siblings to manage the house in her absence.

I completed matric in 1978. I grew up in a very staunch Catholic home. My dream was to become a Catholic priest. So, immediately after finishing school, I went to study at a Catholic Seminary. Although I studied to become a priest, I never had a personal relationship with Jesus. I realized that something was missing. There had to be more to life.

In February 2014, I lost my job. Soon after, I was living on the streets of Port Elizabeth. For seven months, I lived in my car. In September 2014, I met three of my best friends, who led me to Christ. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and was baptized shortly afterward. It was the best decision I ever made. In Jesus, I discovered a real sense of purpose in my life. I have a passion for serving and teaching.

My Ministry Service

In 2019, I founded The WISE Group (NPC), a mercy ministry. We serve God through serving the poor, the homeless, the sick at home and in hospital, and those in prison. The acronym WISE stands for worship, intercede, serve, and encourage. We worship Jesus Christ, first and foremost, as our Lord and Savior. We encourage all to enter into a personal relationship with Him and to be baptized. Also, we intercede for all and encourage all to intercede. Furthermore, we serve those we are commanded to in accordance with Matthew 25: 31-44.

Teen pregnancy is a huge problem in South Africa, especially in very small towns and rural areas. Currently, we have 24 students in one High School who are pregnant. A 13-year-old girl gave birth to a baby in October 2021. We encourage these students to finish school. If one has a baby before completing school, we encourage her to go back to school as soon as possible after the birth. Dropping out of school adds to the already staggering unemployment in South Africa.

We also encourage those entering high school to consider looking at other job alternatives after completing school. Not all students can become doctors and lawyers. Therefore, we give them some career guidance. We encourage them to start very early in their high school years to consider becoming plumbers, builders, electricians, etc. Then, we try to get them into technical schools and institutions so that by the time they finish matric school they can start small businesses or do apprenticeships.

More Ministry and Mentor Ministry Training at CLI

Further, I realized that many churches and family members do not support or visit those in prison. We visit and encourage those in prison to do Bible studies. We are particularly connecting with those who serve long prison sentences.

Currently, I am the House Father at a ministry for men who come from prison, drug rehabilitation centers, living on the streets, and other institutions like mental facilities. Some of these men are not welcome in their own homes and families. We are running a program in which we restore dignity, help them find meaningful employment, become independent, and ultimately return to family or integrate back into society.

Wanting more training for my ministry, I enrolled at the Christian Leaders Institute for free online Bible courses and ministry training. I am using the material from CLI to do devotions and Bible studies at the shelter. I am also hoping to use the CLI training in my mentor ministry to young men and women. Also, I still seek to reduce teenage pregnancy and alcohol and drug abuse in our society. God bless!

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