Mission Haiti: Guy-Francois Norcilus

Mission Haiti: Guy-Francois Norcilus is drawn to Mission Haiti. Haiti is still recovering from the devastating natural disaster that claimed more then 100,000 lives. Guy opens about his faith and life.

“I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ who is die for Our Sins. My name is Guy-Francois Norcilus. I am  from Haiti I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters our Parents still living by the Grace of God. Now I am a permanent resident here in US. I growing up in a Christian family. My day has 3 churches,1 clinic 1 elementary school and 1 High School in Haiti. We use to have a family devotional twice a day as family.”

Guy continues about his dream to work on Mission Haiti.

“In December 1995 we have a service in my day church after the message I realize born ina christian family or becasue my day is a pastor not mean i am save for that. That day i realize that I give my life to christ as my saviour. Since that day I have been serve the Lord. My dream for My ministry as my day already started is to go back to work wirh people where Im come from to serve the Lord because we have  a wonderful ministry over there. every year i go to Haiti to help my day with the work he is doing there.”

He has a Passion for Mission Haiti

“A scholarship at CLI so important to my ministry will help me to help more people who are in need in Haiti. Because i want that small community I was born have more evolution. I want you guys to pray for us so God can give us strength to do His work. pray for my parents as they work there sometime it is very stressfull and hard when poeple come to you tell you they dont have food to eat or they can paid they tuition for they childs. As a Pastor you have to do something.

May God Bless you all for the work you guys doing thank you a lot.

Guy-Francois Norcilus”

Guy-Francois has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to expand his education for Mission Haiti thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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