Biblical Counseling: Laurence Rector of United States


Biblical Counseling: The need for Biblical Counseling has hit an all time high. CBS news reports that the United States has the highest amount of illegal drug use in the entire world.

Laurence starts out by telling us about himself and his mission.

“My name is Laurence Rector, and I am a Christian living in the northeast section of The United States of America. It is my mission to help the people here through the grace of God by means of biblical counseling. Many people in this area are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, broken homes, anxiety and depression; and I believe that the answers to these problems can be found in the scripture. It is the spirit of our current age to turn to secular humanists answers to life’s challenges, but these answers only serve to complicate matters and add to the problem. I will address such issues in my upcoming book: “Madness: Inherent in the system.” “

Laurence continues about how he is involved in Biblical Counseling.

“Currently, I am a recovery coach and in training to become an assistant pastor for Calvary Chapel. I am pursuing a degree from CLI so that I may become better equipped to function as a church leader. My ministry dream is to become a board certified counselor, author and church elder who offers counseling to those who seek to turn to God for their answers. My mission statement is Ephesians 4:12.”

Laurence struggled with addiction before he studied Biblical Counseling.

“I wish to help others find the answers that made such a huge difference in my own life. I too struggled from alcohol addiction and depression. I turned to the world for answers and the problem only got worst. It wasn’t until I humbled myself before the LORD and gave my life to Him that I found true freedom and the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit. It is my life’s goal to share with others the grace that was so freely given me, and to help to prepare the Saints for there works of service, that the body of Christ may be built up.”

Laurence closes by talking about the benefits of the importance of his training for Biblical Counseling.

“A scholarship at CLI will offer me the opportunity to receive training that will help to establish and build my own knowledge and deepen my personal walk. Please pray for the success of my ministry in reaching out to those who are suffering and under the strong delusion of this age; those who do not know, or do not yet believe that God has the answers for them.

God bless you and thank you for your time-

Laurence Rector”

Laurence has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to expand his education thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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