Online Ministry Institute: Linda Cooke of USA

Online Ministry Institute: The internet has allowed Linda to get ministry training through an Online Ministry Institute. Since the inception of Christianity, the training of quality Christian Leaders had to be done by physically sitting in the same room as the one doing teaching. Thanks to an Online Ministry Institute, that has changed. Linda, (a student at Christian Leaders Institute) begins her testimony by talking about her journey.

“Hi, my name is Linda Cooke and I live in Alberta, Canada. My walk with God has been filled with good times and bad times, as well as slips and backsliding. God is so good, gracious and loving. His mercies endure forever. The poem footprints comes to mind as He has carried me many times throughout my life. I am now in a place of humility, grace and mercy.”

An Online Ministry Institute equips Linda

“The Holy Spirit working in and through me to help others and to share the gospel, is what me life consists of today. I work in a recovery center for addictions and see the broken people who do not live for God or know Jesus personally. My goal is to open a shelter for these people to come to after their recovery program, and learn life skills based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would like to learn to be more effective in reaching and teaching those lost people and share the love of Jesus with them.”

Linda can see that an Online Ministry Institute like CLI is perfect for training her for a life of ministry.

“I believe a scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute will allow me to learn what is necessary to teach more effectively and creatively. Please pray for and ask God if donating to my scholarship would be something you could do, so that I may continue my studies with this awesome online ministry Institute.

Thank You very much

God Bless You

Your sister in Christ


Linda has received her Christian Basics Certificate through her dedicated efforts. Help others like Linda benefit from this Online Ministry Institute.

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