Bible College Classes

My name is David Kohen and I am taking free Bible college classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am originally from Israel, but I currently live in Ghana. I was adopted by a Christian family who raised me. Therefore, I grew up in a Christian home. I was surrounded by God and the church from the very beginning. Even though I was raised in a Christian home, I just followed through the motions of doing “Christian things” that I thought I was supposed to do. I didn’t know Him, I just knew about Him.

I found myself searching for purpose and meaning in people and also in myself. Whether that was through my friends or relationships, I poured my whole heart into them. I also became very fixated on myself and my image. I became very consumed with what people thought of me and was living for the acceptance of the world.

At my lowest point when I was alone and afraid, God drew me to Himself. From growing up in a Christian home, I knew what to do. I knew that He could save me if I just let Him. I confessed that I am a sinner and that I was trying to find life in other people and myself. I acknowledged that He sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I can be saved from my sin and have eternal life. I committed to living for God instead of others.

Since knowing Him, God showed me that being a “Christian” isn’t about just doing good works. He made it clear that I do not have to earn my salvation or His love (Eph. 2:8-9). He has given me fulfillment and purpose and joy. I am not perfect and I still mess up, but God loves me despite my flaws and imperfections. And where the things I was pursuing before continually let me down, God has never once left me or let me down. He has shown Himself to me in His Word, the Bible. God loved me even at my lowest point and He rescued me from myself and eternal separation from Him. I am thankful that God has led me to Christian Leaders Institute for free Bible college classes to learn more about Him and so I can better serve Him in His kingdom.

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Ghana Christian Leader Training

Hi, my name is Keith Essel Arthur and I am receiving Ghana Christian leader training with CLI. I’m from Ghana and I love my country very much. Being a leader in God’s house has been amazing, it has served as a place to know God very well and attend to His people. My parents introduced me to God right from birth and I praise God for giving me the opportunity. Even though I have been going to church all my life, and knew that Jesus should come into my heart, I openly gave my life to Christ in Senior High School. I was used to church but I wasn’t too sure if I had the right relationship with God. That was a life-changer. After that incident, I called home to thank my parents for taking me to church and showing me the things of God.

My spiritual dream is to be like Christ and be in His Kingdom when He returns. I was made in His image and likeness and so there’s no other place for me but to be with Him. As a believer and a leader in God’s house, I had to face diverse separations. It was a platform God used and is still using to raise me and build me for His Kingdom. Every child of the King requires training, therefore, I must go through the things He has set for me.

The Bible says in John 15 that apart from Me (Jesus Christ) you can do nothing. In other words, anything done without Christ is nothing. This is important for everyone on this planet, especially believers. Our walk with God has nothing to do with what we can do but with what His Spirit leads and provides. My dream is that people will walk with God as He wants and desires.

Christian Leaders Institute is a great opportunity that cannot be mishandled. I believe strongly that it is inspired by God to teach many. Jesus Christ, when leaving the earth said we should go out and baptize people in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, making disciples of all nations. CLI is a platform designed to teach and raise disciples for God. I am thankful for the Ghana Christian leader training I am receiving at CLI.

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Ghana Music Ministry

CLI Student, Isaac Agyemang Badu, wants to bring liberty and raise up leaders through music he has a dream of Ghana Music Ministry that will win souls everywhere.

Read about his Ghana Music Ministry below:

Akwaaba! (Welcome), to West Africa, precisely Ghana where I live, my name is Isaac Agyemang Badu. After my basic education, I pursued Music Education and Theology and Community Development at Vineyard School of Music and Ghana Christian University College respectively.

Currently, in my country, most of the citizenry are Christians, but most rural communities have been abandoned, because missionaries (evangelists) are drawn to the urban folks, leaving the former in abject poverty, ancestral worship, witchcraft, diseases and the like. In addition, seeking for local assistance (financial) and partnership most often does not yield much, because most Christian groups and organizations focus on themselves.

Born into a Christian family, my love for God and the things of God grew steadily, at age 6, I was skillful at playing the instruments and singing, fast forward to age 12 when I confessed publicly Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Savior, and over the years I am owning my faith daily, (I bless God for the gift of salvation).

My ministry dream is to spread the gospel and win souls for Christ through music, draw people closer to God through music, raise true worshippers, bring liberty and hope to the oppressed, support the needy and the less privileged in my country and the world at large.

Though I love studying the word of God, however, I knew there was the need to devote much time to study so I was very happy when I came in contact with CLI and the getting started class has made me a very devoted student of the Bible.

I see myself as a music pastor and missionary (evangelist) because I love getting to know people and to meet them at the point of their needs, mentoring and training people in the things of God, propagating the gospel wherever I find myself and always taking steps to reach out to the unreached. It really gives me joy.

After God revealed the concept of true worship and its significance in the church (body of Christ), I realized the need to teach and help Christians understand true worship, this led me to Missions Door and Young Africa as a music missionary and pastor in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Senegal and many churches in my home country. Whiles away serving in this capacity, I had the opportunity to enroll for some missionary and ministry courses, about that same time, Mission Praise Music Ministry was birthed to project my dream, and to the glory of God we have two branches; here in Ghana and Liberia.

In my country, some of the unique challenges have to do with the springing up of churches without sound doctrine speedily, the congregation are mostly illiterates and are unable to read the Bible for themselves, as such tend to capitalize on the words and directions of their leaders, thus introducing the unadulterated word (Bible) and sound doctrine to them is somewhat difficult because they would not want to be disloyal to their leaders. Because of the infiltration of these churches, propagation of the Gospel has become more challenging and most people would rather attend such meetings for “quick blessings”. Psalm 119:130 “For the entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple” (NKJV). I have more understanding to mysteries in the Bible that I practice and share with people, and I just can’t get enough of the word! My local church has affectionately accepted my ministry calling, supported me with prayers, counseling and I am the Pastor the music pastor/director to my church and many churches; my family has also been a strong pillar in this vein too.

My scholarship in CLI will afford me the opportunity to increase my knowledge “Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth” 2 Timothy 2:15(AMP).

My heart desire in ministry is always to establish contacts with individuals and organizations with shared interest, Ephesians 4:11 “And His gifts were [varied; He Himself appointed and gave men to us] some to be apostles (special messengers), some prophets (inspired preachers and expounders), some evangelists (preachers of the Gospel, traveling missionaries), some pastors (shepherds of His flock) and teachers.

In conclusion, please bear my ministry up in prayer with 2 Corinthians 9:8, “And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation].

God bless you!!!

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Online Ministry Training Program

I am Antwi Ofori Amanfo, and I was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. I am married, and by the grace of God, I have had a two years old daughter with my lovely and beautiful wife. I studied BSc. Electrical and Electronic Technology Education at the University of Education, Kumasi campus and I am currently working with the Ghana Education Service in the Afigya Kwabre District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

I was born into a Christian home. I remember going to Church with Grandmom and the rest of the family every week at a very young age, so I grew up going to church. I was a very active member of the Youth Ministry when I was growing up. I was once elected as the Assistant Youth Secretary of my local church and a council member of the Kumasi South Baptist Youth Association but all this time I never knew Jesus Christ as my saviour. My journey with Jesus Christ began on 12th August 1998 when I accepted HIM into my life as my LORD and PERSONAL SAVIOUR, and since then my life has never been the same again.

My passion for studying and sharing the Word of God kept on increasing from the day I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. I was the Sunday school coordinator for the Baptist Students Union ( Sunyani Polytechnic Chapter) from 2002 – 2004 and it was during this period that I felt my calling into the ministry. Through the mercies of God, my calling was confirmed by people around me and my local Pastor. As part of my preparation for ministry, I teach at the young adult Sunday school class, and sometimes also I am giving the opportunity to preach the word of God during the Sunday morning church service at my local church.

Enrolling at a regular Bible Seminary for training into ministry has always been my dream, but due to financial constraint and work schedule, I have not been able to achieve this dream. However, with the Christian Leaders Institute online ministry training program and scholarship package, I will accomplish my dream and God’s purpose for my life. Thanks to you, CLI.


My name is Daniel Nyarko, a 32-year-old caring Husband. I am married to Deborah Nyarko, a nurse by profession in Ghana in the Eastern region, who has been very instrumental in my ministry. I am currently the Coordinator of the English Assembly of the Christ Apostolic Church International, Akim Oda – New Town Assembly.

Doing ministry in Ghana is awesome and fulfilling despite the economic challenge one may encounter. I was born into the Church of Pentecost, dedicated and brought up in the ministry. Having duly gone through the Bible outline ascribed to the children’s ministry, I was baptized and ushered into the Adult service. I acquainted myself with the Bible and personally believed in the inspirational word, prayer, fasting and the oneness of God.

I have always desired of serving the Lord in His divine vineyard as a Pastor. I have always felt the calling of God upon my life until one faithful day; I felt sick to the point of death; I clearly heard the voice of God trumpeting into my ears that I will not die unless I have fulfilled His calling upon my life. I surrendered all and answered to the calling. God blessed me a book that I wrote, entitled: Discovering your Purpose in life. The book was launched at the Christ Apostolic Church, Akim Oda – New Town. After a while, I had a revelation that I had joined the Christ Apostolic Church. I sought the Lord in prayers, and after I had received a confirmation, I joined the church.

Because of the economic downturn in Ghana, standard of living is very high in our geographical area; rendering the local church financially unsound. Again, members attend to their work early and return late, which affect attendance at church in the evening services. Just to mention a few.

Given the challenges stated, the Christian Leaders Institute Scholarship will be of help to me to be able to fulfill my dream calling.

My church had been of tremendous assistance to me regarding advice, motivation, prayers among others when I told them of my enrollment in the Christian Leaders Institute.

Your prayers for long life, dream calling guidance, understanding the Holy Spirit more and perseverance to finish the race will be of much assistance. God bless you for this opportunity to share my story.

Christian Leaders Institute’s student Benjamin Gyamerah enrolled at CLI because he could not afford a traditional seminary, and has the vision to open a charity to help the poor in Ghana through ministry. Ghana Free Ministry Training helped change Benjamin’s life, here is his story…

Ghana Free Ministry Training – Benjamin’s Story


I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Benjamin Osei Gyamerah. I was born on the 20th September 1980 to Ghanaian parents. Currently I live in Scotland with my wife and child but I will like to go to Ghana in a not too distant future to continue what God has placed on my heart. After I was born my father travelled to Germany for greener pastures leaving myself and my mother alone. After not hearing from my father for a very long time, my parents had to settle for divorce.

This situation led to a very difficult moment in the life of my mother bringing me up all alone without any source of livelihood. My grandmother then later took up the responsibility of my upbringing and she inculcated in me many Christian values and qualities that helped to influence and shaped my Christian life growing up as a believer. She will wake me up very early in the morning for devotion and encourage me to go to children service on Sunday. She became my source of inspiration and role model but she later died at the age of 67.

At some point in my life my father came into the scene and took up the responsibility of my schooling from senior secondary school to the University of Ghana where I studied Political Science with study of Religions. After my first degree, I secured a scholarship to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom where I studied MSc in African Studies. Throughout my life, I never dreamt of becoming a minister of God but my greatest ambition was to become a university lecturer. However, after my master’s degree I felt a strong sense of Gods call upon my life and really wanted to abandon everything and go into ministry. I was highly motivated by the scripture in 1Timothy 3:1 that says that “if anyone decides to do the work of an overseer, he or she has chosen a good job”.

Initially, my father did not agree with my decision to go into ministry but I was greatly and profoundly encouraged by one great man of God (Reverend Lawrence Owusu Ansah), the general overseer and founder of Hour of Prayer ministry in Accra, Ghana whom I also got the opportunity to work with. He prophesied into my life that there is a call upon my life. I did not doubt the prophesy but rather I felt it was a confirmation from God of what I was sensing in my spirit.

Pastor Lawrence became my spiritual father and he taught me many things in ministry and gave me the opportunity to become a youth leader in the church. His tutelage and divine guidance was second to none and it greatly gave me confidence in the Lord. He gave me opportunities to lead prayer meetings and bible studies in the church and travelled with me on many occasions to perform religious assignments.

Currently, I am in a local church in Edinburgh, Scotland (Destiny Church) serving as a member of the welcome and the prayer team. Since I joined the church, I have learnt many things and the experience has been very fulfilling. The church has been very supportive to me and my family both physically and spiritually and I really thank Pastor Peter (Head pastor, Destiny church Edinburgh) for allowing God to use him to impact many lives.

My greatest motivation and desire for going into ministry is first and foremost to avail myself for any kind of work God wants me to do to expand his kingdom and secondly to bring revival among the youth in my country as a minister of God. As a former tutor in a high school in Ghana and a youth pastor in my previous local church, I noticed with discontent the rate at which moral standards in the youth especially those in our schools and colleges are deeply dwindling bringing about low level of optimism among many of the youth to serve the Lord. There are widespread negative and unapproved practices such as homosexual, lesbianism, stealing, gambling etc. in many schools in Ghana.

My aim in ministry is for God to use me to reach many people especially the youth in secondary schools and universities to know the Lord Jesus and demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm in working for God in many aspects of their lives. By the grace of God I intend as part of my ministerial calling set up an outreach team and program that will go into schools and engage with students to share and discuss with them pure teachings of the bible with the intention of empowering them for greater service in the Lord. As part of this vision, a comprehensive plan and strategy will be drawn to get many schools come together once a year to share what the Lord is doing in their lives. The purpose is to create the platform for other youth to be encouraged and also give their lives to God and serve him better.

Moreover, part of my greater vision is to set up a charity organisation which priority will be to assist the poor and the needy in most deprived communities in Ghana where church activities are not very common. I have observed that for most of these deprived areas, there is a strong correlation between livelihood and people’s desire to serve the Lord. The charity organisation when established with the help of God will have a dual responsibility of assisting the needy with anything that promote their physical wellbeing (clothes, food, trade, entrepreneurship etc.) whiles at the same time taking the gospel to them to help redefine their relationship with God.

The online Christian leaders’ basic certificate course from CLI has been very positive and has contributed to the broadening of my scope of knowledge in basic concepts in the Christian faith. I thank the management of Christian Leaders Institute for their clear vision in the Lord that is helping to shape the lives of many individuals in the Christendom. This vision can only be made possible through the unfailing support and guidance of the Holy Spirit and I beseech you all by the mercies of God to support me with your prayers to make this dream a reality.
At present, things have been quite difficult for me financially. I do not work full time and my wife is also not working at the moment so I will gladly welcome any opportunity from CLI to make my call in the Lord a reality. Scholarship from Christian leaders Institute to go further in this course will be a positive tool and an enabling platform to prepare me adequately for ministry and to make this dream a reality. Thank you for your support. Shalom


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I am Bekoe Richard from Ghana, born on April 1997, I met the Lord when I heard the word of God in my church one Sunday. After church another evangelist also met me and began to preach to me. I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior and began to carry the gospel around. Ministry in my country is not very difficult because Christianity is very dominant in my country. It’s my dream to carry on as a pastor and I thank God for the CLI sponsorship, without them I don’t think I would have been able to pursue this course. May God richly bless them.

My name is Nana Kweku Bennie, born in the year 1981 and I live in Ghana; the country of my birth, and currently residing in a town called Asankrangwa in the Western Region. Fortunately for me, I was born into a Christian home. My parents were very devoted Christians so it was a matter of course that my siblings and I had to attend church every Sunday morning. Thankfully, that upbringing stayed with us and when I graduated from the children’s ministry into my teens, I gave my life to Christ. This took place on 16th November, 1996. On the day, I stood before the entire congregation and prayerfully said the sinners’ prayer. On the 24th of December of the same year, I received the Holy Spirit baptism. Hallelujah!!!

Well it is a well-known fact that Ghanaians are very religious and Christianity is the dominant religion here. Since Christianity is the dominant religion, there is minimal religious or political opposition to church activities. There are lots of cooperation between the various Christian denominations here which actually creates a conducive environment for ministry. We have a very high illiteracy rate and this affects peoples understanding of issues. With low or no education, it becomes difficult to incorporate modern ideas which usually is a break-away from the status quo.

My dream for ministry is to stay on the course that the Holy Spirit has been leading me on ever since I sensed a calling upon my life. I have graciously been gifted with a wonderful teaching ability and understanding that in the coming years, my desire is to write books, journals and write ups explaining key biblical truths to the Christian community both locally and internationally. My prayer also that during my teaching services, the Holy Spirit will manifest His power to deliver, heal and encounter people in exceptional ways.

I tend to identify myself as youth leader because I love to work with the youth. Most of my activities in my ministry has been centred on the development of the youth. I hope to continue in that line even if I progress into other offices in ministry.
The bible makes me understand that out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, a thing is established. There have been more than three prophecies concerning my work as a minister of the gospel during prayer meetings. Before these prophecies, I have had dreams where I see myself ministering to people in diverse ways.
In Africa, one key challenge to effective ministry is witchcraft and black magic. These present strong battle grounds in the spiritual realm. If one is able to engage an effective spiritual warfare to defeat these spiritual hood hogs, you will have a successful ministry. The other challenge is ministry training. If you ever wanted to upgrade your knowledge in ministry, you have to leave your post and enroll in a bible school and stay on campus. This serves as a big barrier for further studies.
I have the backing of my Senior Pastor who has been a constant source of encouragement to me. Also since I will not need to travel before undertaking this course, my team of executive and stud group are excited about the course and after completion, others have expressed interest in enrolling at CLI.

By the grace of God, I have been married to a woman who has been my prayer partner for many years. She is really interested in my ministry and this phase presents a new opportunity for ministry.

Enrolling at CLI has really actualized the adage “killing two birds with one stone.” Once I secured a scholarship at CLI, I have been relieved from the burden of having to make a savings of a specific amount for at least five years in order to enrol in a bible college. In this way, my family’s finances have not been affected much. However, if I need to stay on campus to undertake my course at the bible college, it means I have to stop working altogether. In short, a scholarship from CLI has helped me realize my dream of ministry training and at the same time working along the way to support my family.

I will need prayer support to stay strong and focused in accomplishing whatever the Lord has commissioned me to do.


Ministry in Ghana

Ministry in Ghana – I am Leslie Armah a Ghanaian, and I do ministry in Ghana, West Africa and a holder of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

I always have the desire to worship and most of all work for our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, but yet I always desired the flesh (i.e. the sinful nature). As a matter of fact in those days before I go to sleep I always pray to Jesus Christ to have mercy on me and change me before I die, and should not be when I am aged as my father but rather in my youthful age as I am.

On the 6th June, 2010, I went for a youth program in my local church at about 7pm and on that day we listen to a revelation about Heaven and Hell by an Ecuadorian girl named Angelica Zambrano.

At dawn on the 7th June, 2010 at about 2am the Holy Spirit woke me up and He was reminding me of all that I heard from the lady’s revelation and I was asked do I know that if I should have died my place would have been in hell.

I cried all dawn to 5am asking for forgiveness of my sins and disobedience. On the following Sunday, I confessed Jesus Christ before the church, and I was prayed for. Since then I have been working for the Lord.

Since I was not working for Jesus Christ, I was working for Satan, so till the day I was visited by the Holy Spirit and was forgiven I promised Him that I would work ten times for Him.

Ministry in Ghana is difficult. People in my locality are hard ears to the truth, and Muslims and traditionalist are also invoking and deceiving others these are the challenges that I face.

I am recognized as the head of the evangelism team in my local church, and now I am known as an Evangelist and I like it because that is the work that I do most. In some few years to come, I will be made the youth pastor in my local church. I am also a Sunday school teacher for some adults and the youth in my church.

My family including my sweet wife helps me in prayers and encourages me in my calling. My dedication to Jesus Christ has empowered one out of three of my siblings to be zealous for Christ.

Since my graduation from my University in 2012, I decided not to work for any organization which will take most of my time from working for Jesus Christ but rather do my own business so I can have time for the work of Jesus Christ. As at now I am helping in a family business and I do have some time to work as will for Jesus Christ, I hope the Lord will open way for me to own my own business some few time to come.

The fact is that I do not have enough money now which I would use to pay for a Bible school in my country. CLI has helped me to receive a Christian Basic Certificate in studying the Bible free of charge that I never dreamt of. I am so excited about ministry in Ghana now. CLI has also increased my knowledge about the word of God and given me understanding of the Holy Scripture which I use for teaching in church and on the field when I go out with my team to proclaim the Gospel.

I will plead with CLI to help me by praying to God over my lost neighbors in my locality to open their eyes, that they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance in the Kingdom of God.

I am grateful for being a student in CLI. The Godhead richly bless you in all that you are doing for us all, not forgetting those who are giving donations to the Institute for such a wonderful and beneficial program to be kept running for the growth of the living church.

My name is Evans. I was born 1982 in Ghana to my Ghanaian born parents. I completed my senior secondary education (now senior high) in Business Studies in the year 2001 and went further to complete a bachelor of science in Business administration in the year 2008. I got married to my lovely wife in the August 2011 and we have been blessed with two wonderful kids, Camilla and Emmanuel.

I am currently the Director of Operations for a Capacity Building Institution here in Ghana. I have not been fortunate of having the luxury of living with both parents from my childhood. My parent separated soon after my birth. I spent all of my growing stages with my mum till I completed my secondary education. I started going to church with my mum from my early stages at the Assemblies of God church and got baptized in my late teens at the Original Church of Christ. I am currently with The Jesus Faith and Teachings Ministry where I have been appointed at the youth Pastor by the head Pastor and the Church Board.

My walk with God has been progressive. During my teenage era, I did not understand many things in my walk with God. For instance I did not quite grasp the Grace of God and the providential power of God until it was at after my University Education.

My ministry goal is to (as a Bi – Vocational Minister) capitalized on every opportunity to project Christ and God’s glory to all I come into contact with. Thus Colleagues at the work place, fellow business executives, friends and family, students under my leadership. As the youth Pastor and Leader, I see my ministry work as an opportunity to guide the youth from engagements in activities and social vices that do not glorify God. Through personal experience, I have come to realize the need not to deliberately sin against God. There are things I did in the past (especially fornication or womanizing) which brought unto me difficulties. The life I was living was not the life that is described and desired by Jesus Christ. During my walk with God, I have realized and have come to the acceptance of the fact that sinning or deliberately sinning against God will never go unpunished. When I came to this realization, I did not run from the truth or God after sinning, but rather I confessed, asked God for forgiveness, repented from my sinful ways and also prayed to God for strength to endure to the end the punishment. I have gone through a lot of trail moments and difficulties as a result of deliberate sinning. Most of the youth today are walking a similar path and it is my aim for reaching Ghana youth not to deliberately sin against God. Even those who have done so will be coached and guided not to run to the world, but assure them of God’s love if they should remain under His watch.

Also, I seek to develop my personal relationship with God. During my Studies of the Word, I have come to know more about God and His Devine Providence. Also I have to know much more about myself. I wish to continue to know more and more and will stop at nothing. Getting closer to God has revealed to me the magnitude of His amazing love and power. All He wants for me is to be glorious. I have also come to the realization that God will achieve whatever purpose within His providential act with or without man’s effort to establish His Glory. I seek in life is to live for Him and also play a God Pleasing role in His providential act.

I want to surrender my all and give up everything to God just as Christ Jesus did and to inspire others to do the same. I want to be dead to sin, and dead to worldly ambition. I yearn for knowledge and revelations in God’s word. I have also come to realized that studying the Word all by myself will not help me achieve the impact I seek to have in propagating God’s Word and His glory. Getting a scholarship with CLI would help tremendously and will be a great building block for further studies.

My name is Saviour Brain Tetteh. I was born in Ghana, in 1975, to Mr. Joseph Tetteh and Edith Norngor, both of blessed memory. I have five other siblings, two brothers and three sisters, two of which are younger than me.

I completed my basic education in 1991, and then proceeded to pursue my secondary education, which I completed in 1995. I had a difficult childhood. While in school at the primary level, I had to live with extended family members at various times. During those years I also worked to raise money for my school fees and to support my mother in her business. Looking back, I believe God was preparing me for a greater work in the future. After my secondary education I pursued a career in teaching at one of the national colleges. In my quest for knowledge, I also pursued a program in public relations, legal studies, educational psychology and operations management. Since then, I have served in various capacities including headmaster, supervisor, counselor, school chaplain, scripture union president and many others.

How I came to know the Lord was a divine arrangement. After my basic education in the village, my mother sent me to the city to live with my late uncle’s wife. During those years I had a lot a of difficulties, which affected my academic work. Then in 1993, my elder brother returned from Zambia, and he took a keen interest in my personal development. He was a strong Christian and led me to the Lord that same year. It was a wonderful experience and a great moment in my life.

The Lord started using me for His purposes and I began to affect other young people. I became the Bible study leader for the scripture union and eventually became the president, as well as the senior prefect, in my school. The Lord opened doors for me to preach His word in many secondary schools with great power and manifestations of His presence. Looking back, I am grateful to God for using my older brother as a channel to save me. Since then I have also received the gift of the Holy Spirit and often the Lord manifests Himself to me in various ways.

My dream is to pursue missions work around the world, starting with my own country, and to serve God’s Kingdom however He sees fit. This is a challenge because most churches here do not commit resources to missionary work and sometimes they even suppress one’s initiatives. I have, however, received ministry training from my church over the years, which has greatly contributed to my growth in ministry, and I am thankful to my senior pastor for his support. In the meantime, I have also started a ministry for young couples in Ghana called, “Young Couples Net World,” and have began a prayer initiative for international missionaries.

A scholarship at this time would greatly impact my missionary work in this nation and around the world. I would appreciate prayer that the Lord would enable me to finish the work He has given me to do. I am also praying for the entire Christian Leaders Institute staff, may God richly bless you.

Free Ministry Training in Ghana

Christian Leaders Institute offers free ministry training in Ghana online. This free ministry training in Ghana begins when someone enrolls in the getting started class at Christian Leaders Institute. Once finished with this class students graduate with their first certificate, a Christian Leaders Basic Certificate, which they can print out. This free ministry training in Ghana includes certificates and diplomas up to 90 credit hours of high quality ministry education.

Thousands have signed up in Ghana. Here is the testimony of one such student.

My name is Evans Kwaku Owusu-Sakyi and Ghana is my country where I live. There are Christians, Muslims, and some who practice idol worship here. In all, the Christian religion dominates and the people of Ghana are God fearing. I gave my life to Christ Jesus after hearing His words and believing in Him, I realized that I was lost and needed a savior. I confessed my sins and accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and personal savior.

I started going to church and was baptized by immersion into Christ Jesus. I attended church on Sundays but wasn’t involved in any church activities. At a certain point I stopped going to church and started enjoying life, which resulted in a sinful life, but I didn’t care if God minded. Life wasn’t easy because I lived however I wanted with no objectives in mind. I smoked, drank, and was immoral because it made me enjoy life and I was proud of it. I didn’t know that before God formed me in my mothers’ womb He knew me and had a purpose for my life. He had a vision and a mission for me to accomplish on earth.

I have come to realize that no matter how stubborn one may be on earth, God can turn their life around in the twinkle of an eye, if He wishes.

With me it began with dreams and revelations. I saw myself preaching, casting out demons and healing the sick. I consulted a Christian woman in my area who interpreted my dreams and told me that God had a purpose for me and would use me if I gave myself to Him.

She introduced me to their pastor and as they prayed for me God spoke to me and them about my future. He gave me powerful visions regarding His plans for  me and then anointed me with His power for this calling. Since that day of deliverance the Holy Spirit has been my constant companion and I have purposed to walk in His truth and be obedient to God in all that I do.

I have studied and the Holy Spirit has taught me a lot about God’s ways. I have written books about God and believe He is calling me to plant churches and establish people in the faith.

This free ministry training in Ghana has enabled me to be equipped to fulfill my ministerial calling and help me to meet my ministry goals. My goals are:  to help people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, to help build His church, to see people healed and set free to live for Christ , and waiting for His appearing.

I would appreciate prayer for grace to fulfill the task that God has given me to do, to fulfill my God given mission.

Sign up now for free ministry training in Ghana by clicking this link. If you want to want to check out the donation website click here. 

Christian family values carried Emmanuel Ainu of Ghana through his life. Sometimes things happened to strengthen his faith which drove him to learn more about Jesus. God’s plans are already in place for us. This Christian Leaders Institute student is pressing forward to strengthen his calling.


My name is Emmanuel Ainu, a 28 year old Ghanaian. I was born in Ghana and currently live in Essikadu, Ghana with my wife. We are expecting our first child by the end of the year. We are a Christian family living in Essikadu, a town within the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly of the Western Region in Ghana.

Wiki: Essikado is a town in the Western region of Ghana. It is 20 kilometres from the centre Takoradi[1] the Western regional capital. The town is within Sekondi. It is used mainly as a dormitory town for various workers who work in the regional capital and its environs. The town is in the Essikado-Ketan constituency of Ghana.

I was born into a Christian family. My dad and eldest brother are both serving as Ministers of the gospel with the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Ghana. I was brought up and baptized under the Christian faith. I developed a deeper love and understanding of the faith ten years ago. I was listening to a preaching message on tape and I had a strange feeling in my mind and body. After this feeling, my desire to read the word of God, fast, pray and teach the word became insatiable. I later came to understand that the strange feeling, as I described it, was not a mere feeling but rather a filling of the Holy Spirit of God within me…

I had a nearly fatal car accident in 2012 that made the reality of Heaven and hell even more real to me. I survived but have always wondered where those who died went. Even as a Christian family we hadn’t really established the belief in me of what Heaven was; up to this point. This singular incident really fired in me the passion to spread the good news about Jesus.

Like the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:21(KJV) “21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.” I want to be a vessel of honour sanctified and made ready for the use of God. I desire for God to use me to touch many people across the globe. People need a Christian family life. I look at life in Essikadu and there are many churches but lifestyle and behavior patterns show this land needs serious revival. I desire for God to use me to stir up this revival even beyond the borders of my country.

Ghana is a largely Christian country and I believe a majority of the population really love the Lord. I am a youth leader and deacon of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church at Essikadu. There are many Orthodox and Charismatic denominations in Essikadu. Sadly the town needs revival of the Holy Spirit now more than ever. Christian family values and examples are fading here.

Essikadu as a town needs the revival of God. Most of our churches are virtually empty during Church services. A lot of the youth are vagabonds without parental supervision. Deviant behaviors are rampant. Teenage pregnancy is a common sight. Most parents are more interested in work and making money than seeking God, leading their children to seek God or building a solid Christian family. Oddly, Easter and Christmas are periods when deviant behaviors reach unimaginable proportions in this area.

My local church has been of immense support to my ministry efforts. The Pastors and elders are reliable sources of inspiration and advice at all times. Most of our church members also hold me in high esteem and give me necessary respect even though many are older. My family is an unceasing flow of love and support. As a Christian family they do everything they can to move my ministry forward. The calling on my life is to be a Pastor (Shepherd); to teach, preach, pray and strengthen others. This reflects my passions and now has become more obvious after going through the Getting Started Class with Christian Leaders Institute.

A scholarship at CLI will give me the much needed opportunity to receive adequate training, sharpen my skills and strengthen my mental resolve to succeed in ministry. CLI will also place me in a larger Christian family who share in the same focus and direction. Christian Leaders Institute has already been a blessing. The scholarship will help my ministerial calling succeed.

Pray for my ministry at Essikadu. There are many souls to be won and many hearts to be turned to God. Essikadu for God, Ghana for God and the World for God.

Thanks to a faithful Christian family Emmanuel Ainu has learned to follow his calling. If you feel inspired to follow a calling with Jesus CLICK HERE to join our Christian family.

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Free Online Bible College -Christian Leaders Institute is an free online Bible college that offers over 20 free classes covering a variety of topics. Of course, many traditional Bible colleges now offer distance learning as part of their curriculum. With the growth of technology, it’s imperative that more is done online even by institutions of education. Christian Leaders Institute isn’t just another seminary with an online piece to it. It is an free online Bible college – a Bible college with resources, classes, and assignment submission processes that exist entirely online.

The impact of CLI is often best seen in the reflections of students who have gone through the classes. Sam Arthur’s experience with Sermon Construction and Presentation can best be summed up by the following statement from his reflection paper:Free Online Bible College

My knowledge of the ‘positives’ and the ‘negatives’ of each type of sermon will also guide me to avoid some mistakes that preachers make, especially those who have not been exposed to the knowledge about variety of sermon types. Since I know of the advantages of the various approaches to preaching, I will preach better and have a better impact on the congregation, to the glory of God.

Sam Arthur has already completed several classes at Christian Leaders Institute, and is enrolled in still more for the coming semester. Because Sam lives in Ghana, this training would be difficult for him to obtain without the availability of an online Bible college like CLI. The internet presence of Christian Leaders Institute allows access to people like Sam in any country in the world where internet is available.

Free Online Bible College Keeps Classes Free

Christian Leaders Institute is not just an free online Bible college, it is also free to all students. This is important to many students, since often they come from poor countries, or poor areas of a country, and don’t have the financial means or the time to attend a traditional seminary. The distance learning programs can provide an alternative, but to those overseas where books would not be delivered quickly could experience problems in that regard. Also, it still carries with it the costs of the seminary, which many students cannot afford. This is why Christian Leaders Institute keeps all their classes free. In the introductory class, a 14 session class intended to both offer a basic understanding of Christianity and introduce the user to CLI, Sam Arthur gives some of his reasons for choosing CLI.

Currently I am self-employed and my finances are not in the best of shape. If I could have, I would have paid for and attended the Assemblies of God Bible College in Ghana. I still believe God will help me sort out my finances so I can meet my obligations and continue with the support I used to give when I was in active employment.

Hundreds of other students – leaders who God has called as workers in His harvest – have come to CLI for similar reasons. Many of them are already leading churches. Many are already teaching. Yet they all have one thing in common. They all feel the Spirit of God calling them into the ministry. Without the availability of an free online Bible college and the freedom to give as little or as much as you can afford to the organization, many of these called leaders would continue to preach the word of God without being equipped with the ministry training tools CLI provides.

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Chris Domfeh –

“I’m Chris Domfeh, born on the 11th December, 1992 in Accra-Ghana, but staying at Kumasi. I only married to Jesus, all I know is Jesus. I am the second male born of four children of my mum. When I was about five years, my mother got blinded by this eye disease called ‘Glaucoma’. By then, my elder sister was leaving with her father somewhere that my mum didn’t know. So I became her walking stick, held her hands from age five till now. She gave birth to my younger two siblings in her blindness because of many reasons. When I became born again later, something happened and I had a Diploma Certificate in a computer high school and this, was a miracle to me. There’s so much to talk about, how it affected my educational life but I can’t say them for now.

“Doing ministry here in Ghana is easy but not all that easy. Just like many other people in the world, some Ghanaians are easy to deal with, very understanding, others are difficult, not giving you the chance to even talk to them. Some want to see the kind of certificate you are holding as a minister whether or not you qualify enough to speak to them before they will hear you, else they will look down on you and will not hear you. This is very challenging!! Another problem is that those who by God’s grace has attained these higher certificates as Dr, PhD etc don’t want to go to the remote parts of the country in spreading of the gospel. And those who are willing to go lack supports. Because there are some places that critically needs help; the water that some even drink is something unspeakable, some, their health status are so poor and many many more. This also is very challenging!!

“This is how I came to know the Lord! I was very good academically, I have never be in the second position in my entire academical life, always on top of the class. So in J.H.S.2, there was this so-called christian in the school. This guy said to me that he had a vision concerning me and he wants to tell but he never got the chance. Finally, I became the school prefect in J.H.S.2(2004) third term while he also became the school chaplain. He then came to me and told me the vision which was about my being of the school prefect. Getting the advantage, he preach the gospel to me and I accepted it, confess the Lordship of Jesus over my life, begun to preach to others also with him and got baptize when I was in J.H.S.3(2005). Since then, I’ve been preaching in the buses, schools, in market places, doing dawn-broadcasting, one to one evangelism, youth programs and also in my church.

“Whatever I do in the church gives me the vigor to face the unbelievers. Aside this, is the teachings, advice, encouragement etc given to me by my senior pastor and my fellow ministers. Though I’m into all church activities, Pastor ( one of the gifts in Ephesians 4:11) is what I take very serious, simply because is my divine calling. I go for evangelism etc, Pastoring is what I’m called to do. I don’t have any key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry, is the calling God.

“My goal is to help everybody especially those in the low estate- those in the remote part of the country, fill these and so much others into the Kingdom of God, teaching them also to be fruitful in our God’s Kingdom. And also to help my family. My dream is to take with me these huge souls to heaven, so I will not just be in heaven but receive crowns. Not I alone but they that I will take with me to heaven also.”Chris Domfeh

Chris Domfeh Receives a Scholarship

“I know for sure, that having scholarship in Christian Leaders Institute, will tremendously assist me. Here in this country that I live, I can’t possibly afford to attain good training and also to have the right doctrine for this mission. With CLI and its scholarship, I believe I will be well trained, fully equipped and well prepared for the ministry that I’m called to and also to face my dreams and goals. CLI will help me how to deal with the poor and the rich, those in the cities and those in the villages and cottages- those living in the remote areas of the country etc. A scholarship from CLI, together with the help of God, I will be able to confront and overcome any challenges that may arise in my ministry and gladly fulfill my dreams, my goals, purposes and my ministry, achieving and accomplishing them.

“I have a long way to go!! It will be my pleasure if you would help me in prayers that God will grant me the grace to carry out this ministry. That, the Spirit of God will increase in my life so I will be able to meet some of the above challenges and also that His words will be on my lips wherever I find myself. That God will enable me so I will be able to face any challenges that may arise in my ministry. Lastly, that CLI will help me with the scholarship to accomplish my ministry.”

Chris Domfeh is called by the Lord to preach the gospel in Ghana. He recognizes that there are various difficulties associated with this, but Chris Domfeh believes that God will provide opportunity. Chris Domfeh seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that he can become fully equipped in the knowledge of God and of His word.

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