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Hi, my name is Ntawan Gideon from Saboba in the northern region of Ghana. I’m a young man of 36 years, married, and have three children. Currently, the online ministry studies at the Christian Leaders Institute are preparing me for further ministry service (Learn more about free online ministry studies and Bible training, Click Here).

My Spiritual Journey and Call from God

From a broken home and a school dropout, I gave my life to Christ at 18 in 2004. I got saved when the Evangelical Church of Ghana sent leaders to preach the gospel of Christ in my community for a year. I never knew what it meant to give your life to Christ even though I was part of those who were Christians. As the teaching of the gospel continued, I came to understand what it means to have Christ in your life. At the end of 2005, I joined the church choir.

Then, I started having some dreams I didn’t understand. There were dreams about sharing the Word of God with people, commanding miracles, fighting idols in the community, healing people, etc. In the same year, l met a man of God who asked me if I knew that I have a call from God to preach the gospel.

Two weeks later, my cousin, who is also a prophet, came to visit a family. He also asked me if I was aware of the call to preach the gospel. Then, he asked my father to let me go with him so that I can help him with the things of God. My cousin, the prophet, was into prophecies, miracles, signs, and wonders. I stayed with him for three good years.

My Ministry Service

Later, in January of 2009, I went to Saboba my home town to visit a friend. Three women were seriously sick there, and I prayed for them. They were healed instantly. Praise God! When the three women were healed, the good news spread all over the town including neighboring communities. Since then, people from places far and near came to me for prayer. That was how my ministry began.

At first, I mainly concentrated on healing. However, the salvation message was not shared much. One day, I met a mentor, Justice Akotia. He took me through deeper salvation teachings. He taught me how to introduce Christ to sick people before praying for healing for them. I was beaten by the chief of a town, taken to traditional leaders, accused of sleeping with their women, and spoiling the youth that attended my church. I also suffered hunger, nakedness, homelessness, etc.

At one time, I wanted to quit the work of God. However, God prevented me from leaving that work. In my dreams, God urged me not to leave the community. The people and my mentor also encouraged me not to leave the work in the community. These all confirmed the dreams I had where God told me not to leave the community.

Online Ministry Studies at CLI

After that, people started coming from various places, and the church grew from tens to hundreds. Today by the grace of God, the members are around 500 in my town. We also have 15 branches including in Togo the neighboring country.

I also had weaknesses that I fought in the field such as fornication, love for money, fame, etc. Thank God, today I don’t have any of these. Now, I am firm in the Lord. Brothers and sisters, the ministry work needs love for it, patience for it, faith for it, and hope for it. I, therefore, encourage everyone to keep the good course.

My online ministry studies at the Christian Leaders Institute will ground me even more as I serve in God’s kingdom. The free ministry courses online are a blessing for me.

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