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I’m Nathaniel Buah from Ghana. A young man of 26 years with five siblings (three sisters and two brothers). I have been married for two years to my wife, Vida Buah, and we have no children yet. The ministry classes and leadership courses at the Christian Leaders Institute are equipping me to be a minister in good standing.

My Story

I attended Gwiraman Senior High School at Bamiankor in the Western region of Ghana. I was the first student as the school chaplain from 2015 to 2017. The school church service held every Friday for worship was founded by me. Further, I trained five students to become chaplains and prayer tower leaders as well. Now, two of the students I trained are associate pastors in their local church. Pastors Francis Morkeh from Ghana Baptist convention church at Nzema in the Western region of Ghana was one of the students. Nathaniel Buah is a young man also in the ministry of the Gospel in Ghana. He attends the Assemblies of God but is not a minister in the Assemblies of God, Ghana.

I’m very interested and delighted to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I handle two local churches of Assemblies of God in the Western region of Ghana. Through my late father, Isaac Adarkwa Buah, I have been in ministry for eight years as a leader and pastor. I have come this far by God’s grace. Further, I was ordained on September 21, 2021, by Apostle Dr. Annane at Levites Theological Seminary and College.

Challenges and God’s Grace

One time, I was in the church holding a service when my senior pastor came and told the members that I was not a pastor in that church. Therefore, the members should not come to me but they should go to him as the senior pastor. This conflict made ministry a challenge when I went to the church for service. Sadly, it nearly destroyed the church. However, through prayer, the Lord asked me to humbly rely on Him.

Now, by the grace of God, everything is going well and the Lord is building His church up again. Through this experience, I gained knowledge and understanding while serving under someone in ministry. The church is on the journey of sixty days of fasting and prayer led by me. Further, my senior pastor is now happy about the growth of the church and my service.
Therefore, in the Lord, I faced that challenge with God through prayer and now things are moving again to the glory of God.

Ministry Classes and Leadership Courses at CLI

I found the Christian Leaders Institute when my heart longed to study ministry classes and leadership courses to have a good standing in ministry. I’m so happy to learn at the Christian Leaders Institute for the betterment of the call as a minister of the Gospel. I bless the name of the Lord for the Christian Leaders Institute, equipping me to have good standing in the ministry of the Gospel.

God bless!

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