knowing God and the Bible

I am Isaac Quartey, a Ghanaian who resides in Kumasi, Ampatia. With a desire for knowing God and the Bible more thoroughly, I found the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) online. The tuition-free Bible and ministry courses are what I need for my ministry calling from God.

My Growing Up and Faith Development

I grew up in a Christian home, although my parents usually did not observe a family devotion and quiet time with God. However, my parents always ensured that we never missed a Sunday service. Therefore, growing up a young child, I began to dislike Sundays.

Then, at the age of 10, during one of our Bible studies, I learned about the need of prayer and its spiritual impact in life. Sadly for me, a close relative of mine died after two days battling with a strange ailment. This incident took place on the very day that I learned more about prayer. The prayer lesson and the incident took me to my knees in prayer on that Monday night. Behold, two days later, I went to the hospital with the same illness that took my relative.

My grandmother was a praying woman who taught her grandchildren about God. She emphasized the need for us to accept Jesus as Lord. She wanted us to have divine protection and guidance while still young. By God’s grace and my grandmother’s faithfulness, I accepted Jesus as Lord and received baptism when I was 13 years old.

Knowing God and the Bible through Study at CLI

A search for a job relocated me to a new church in a new site. After getting there, I developed a strong interest in knowing God  and the Bible well and serving Him well. However, even though I had this interest, I was unable financially to enroll myself in a seminary. Thank the Lord, I was searching for any avenue that could help me to study the scriptures daily and that led me to the Christian Leaders Institute.

With the opportunity for free training through CLI, those around me see something new in me as I serve God. Now, I know that I have also received through CLI the kind of help that Apollo had from Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18: 26).I grew up in a Christian home.

Register a Study Account

Register for a free study account, automatically enrolling you in the Getting Started Class at the Christian Leaders Learning Platform. The Getting Started class will take you less than an hour to complete.

When you log in to the Learning Platform, you will notice that the Getting Started Class automatically appears on your dashboard.    

The Getting Started Class will orientate you to the Christian Leaders Learning Platform and the Programs offered, including:

  1. Ministry Awards, Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees with the Christian Leaders Institute.
  2. Minister Credentialing (Ordination) with the Christian Leaders Alliance, including local Soul Center registration possibilities. 

Note: You can enroll in tuition-free courses or mini-courses immediately without finishing the getting started class.  

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