Youth Ministry Call

My name is Anthony David Conner and I have a youth ministry call on my life. I live in the United States of America. I accepted Christ during Vacation Bible School when I was 8 years old. I felt God calling me to full-time college youth ministry while I was working on my BA in religion at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. I wanted to go to seminary when I graduated, but I couldn’t afford it and my fiance and I were about to get married.

For years, I struggled with this desire to serve coupled with the disappointment that I was not able to go to seminary. When I found out about Christian Leaders Institute, I was excited and knew that this was the answer to my prayers. I have already grown closer to God through what I have learned so far, and I know that I will continue to grow as I continue to learn.

When I was in college, I saw the burning desire that so many people have to fill the God-shaped hole in their lives. They don’t even know what it is or how to fill it, but it’s there. I began to feel burdened in my heart to find some way to minister to these students before they get out into the work world and develop a hard heart that is unwilling to accept God. Having the scholarship to study at CLI will allow me to get the training I need to start a ministry for college students. It is something I long to do and I feel called by God to do. I think I identify most with a youth leader. In my youth ministry call, I want to be the one who gently leads them to Jesus, both for salvation and for a closer walk with Him.

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Youth Outreach Ministry

Greetings and Shalom to all who read this. My name is Michelle. I live in the southern corner of Western New York, where I believe Revival will start for America! Becoming an ordained Deacon Minister will greatly assist me in the calling the Lord has placed on me. I have been praying for the revival fire and cleansing power to hit this area, especially with the youth. I have been working as a youth leader along with my husband and another local couple through a youth outreach ministry called “Teens on Fire.” This youth outreach ministry has been in operation for almost 20 years, and just recently my husband and I were called to lead it. This ordination will help me better serve the youth by teaching them how to honor the Lord through communion. And the second way this will assist me is by giving me the knowledge and credentials to start a youth-led outreach ministry. The Lord has given me a vision for youth leading worship, teaching the Word to their peers, and praying for each other. I see this happening through the Teens on Fire youth group. This will be their outreach ministry with us adults mentoring them.

When I reflect on my personal testimony, I would have to say I do not remember a time in my life that I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. My grandfather was a minister and my family attended his church when I was a child. As I became a teenager, I developed my relationship with Jesus on a deeper level. I led a girl’s Bible study and was part of the church dance team. As I grew older, there was a period of time that I rebelled and thought I could do things my way. Through this time my faith in who Jesus is never changed. I would describe this time as if God was an umbrella over me, and I chose to move away from His umbrella. Hardship came and hard lessons had to happen, but through those hard times, I began to realize that His ways are much higher than mine. I began to seek Him again in my later twenties.

My husband and I have raised all four of our children in the Christian faith. We have served as a family in our church and community in many different avenues by helping with kids church, greeting ministry, worship team, sound, and camera, encouraging card ministry, janitorial duties, leading Bible studies and pretty much anything that has been a need within our local church community. My husband and I founded a Nonprofit 501(c)3 community center in our community. Our vision for the center is to offer a safe place for youth and their families; space for County agencies to provide their services to our rural surrounding communities, and the headquarters of Teens on Fire.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the Christian Leaders Institute for this opportunity to grow deeper in my walk with the Lord. I believe the Lord showed me the way to this school and am eternally grateful. You have asked what specific things to pray for in our ministry calling. I would say that number one would be that hearts be prepared to be ministered to and to have the co-laborers gathered to do the work of the Lord. Another critical part is to have the funds to accomplish this youth outreach ministry vision.

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Youth Ministry Leader

Hello, my name is Andrew Woodill. I am receiving youth ministry leader training at Christian Leaders Institute. I grew up in Northern British Columbia, Canada. I grew up in a broken home raised by a single mother. I have, six brothers and one sister, although I was only raised with four of my brothers. My mother was very faithful in bringing us to church almost every Sunday. I did not want to go as a child, but slowly I desired to know more about God.

When I was about ten years old my mother took us to a Bible camp. It was there late at night as I listened to a speaker talking about how Jesus died for my sins, that I heard the call of God. You see, growing up without a father in my life, I had never known the love of a father. But at that moment, I knew that I had a heavenly Father who loved me and still loves me to this day. Later, in my early teen years, I was baptized.

It’s been well over a decade that I have been walking with God and I know that He guides my feet. This last year I started a young men’s Bible study at our church with the help of a close friend and mentor. We strive to teach them how to walk honorably before God. It’s very close to my heart as most of the young men do not have a father figure in their lives, just as I did not. God has allowed me to use many of my experiences to help minister to them.

One last major blessing on my life is my wife, whom I married last year. In the short time we have been married, I have been blessed to have her in my life. She points me back to God on a regular basis. We continue to grow in faith and love not only with each other but with God as well.
My last two points are why I am interested in Christian Leaders Institute for free online training. As both a youth ministry leader and a husband, I want to grow my understanding of God’s word to both serve Him better and to be a more effective leader that God has called me to be.

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Youth Leader Calling

My name is Marc Russell and I have a youth leader calling from God. I come from Pontiac, Michigan and partly Flint, Michigan. Both cities are poverty-stricken and full of everyday obstacles like drugs, crime, gangs, and teenage pregnancies to name a few. I was like many others who grew up without any type of religious background. I had two kids by the age of 18, and two more by the age of 22. I got in trouble with the law – I fought a lot – I did what I thought everyone else around me was doing just to get by. Then one of my older friend’s dad came to me and asked if I would like to ride with them to church one evening. He promised there would be games and other fun things to do so I reluctantly went. There were games and snacks and a bunch of other kids my age, and I ended up having fun too. On the ride home, my friend’s dad asked me if I was saved and went on to explain how important it was. Well, about 5 minutes later I was on my knees in the back seat asking Jesus to come into my life and into my heart and I asked for forgiveness for my sins.

I wish I could say that was the day that I became a GOOD Christian, but it wasn’t. I still struggled in life. It wasn’t until I was older that I felt a calling to read the Bible. I happened to be sitting in a jail cell at the time. As I read, I felt a connection with the Scriptures and a connection with the Holy Spirit. I read and prayed, and as I did I started to see positive things happen in my life.

That’s when I knew that the GOD of the Bible is real. I wanted to share what I’ve learned not only with my kids but with kids who were struggling like I was in a rough environment. That’s when I received my youth leader calling from God. Having very little resources, I went online and did a search on how I could make this happen. I found Christian Leaders Institute and have been enrolled and studying towards ordination ever since. I feel like everything clicked and happened for a reason. Now, I’m so grateful to have CLI to help guide and teach me what I need to know in order to be a strong Christian leader in my community.

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Equipped Youth Leader

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Doubleday and I am called to be an equipped youth leader. I am from the North East Georgia mountains in the beautiful United States of America. Being a spiritual leader in this area is a great opportunity. We have large amounts of active churches and many have youth programs that are always in need of a strong equipped youth leader. My heart lies with children. I have a masters degree in education and love to be with children. I always work with the Vacation Bible Schools and I used to be an AWANA leader.

Recently, my family and I have switched to a Worship center (holiness) church and found this change to be not only interesting but also a great blessing to us as a family. Being in this church, I have been able to see the need for equipped youth leaders first hand. I desire and feel called to fill my church’s need by becoming an equipped youth leader.

My plan is to receive as much knowledge as I can about the ministry, the Bible, God, church history, youth ministry, and overall self-discipline through this free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. My goal is that then I can share all of this with the children in my community and my church. The free classes with Christian Leaders Institute are a need for me right now because of my financial situation. We are a family of six and live on one income. I hope to use the knowledge that I can gain through my educational experience with CLI to help out my community and most of all my own church family as a fully equipped youth leader.

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Youth Ministry Call Journey

My name is Sean Warren, and I have been on a youth ministry call journey. I am married with four children, ages 14 to 22 years. My wife and I have been living in the Denver, Colorado area for the past 9 years. We previously lived in the Chicago area, Los Angeles area and Olympia, WA, which is the region where I grew up.

I came to know Christ when I was 25, shortly after we had moved from Olympia to Los Angeles. We were not married yet and had our first child, age six months at the time we arrived in Los Angeles. Shortly after arriving, we went to my mother-in-law’s church and I received Christ. That moment changed everything for me. I grew up in an irreligious home. I immediately began praying and studying God’s word, and we quickly became involved in our church family.

Through the years, we worked in various levels of lay ministry, and also home-schooled our kids through most of their school years. We grew stronger in our faith and understanding of the scriptures and the ways of God along the way. I have always had a yearning to do more in ministry as has my wife Angela. In 2005, on my youth ministry call journey, we founded a ministry geared toward discipling school-age children in Illinois. We had an amazing time being involved together with our kids and made many great friendships.

On my youth ministry call journey, in 2008, we moved with two other families to Denver, Colorado to expand the ministry we had founded together. Unfortunately, and I believe in accordance with God’s plan for us, the ministry did not last. I had left my full-time job in technology for this move, trusting God was going to somehow make it work. The way He made it work did not include continuing in the ministry we came to Colorado for. However, in his faithfulness, I landed a great job back in technology here in Colorado, where I have now been working for nine years.

In the meantime, my wife has gone on to direct youth programs in a number of areas, and she has always had an eager and willing volunteer to help her in me. A constant for me has been that I love working with young people, both in the church and in my career.

With four kids and working to meet their needs, I seem to always put my ministry dream, which is to work in a larger capacity with young people and the arts, at bay. I’ve seen far too many ministry leaders put their ministry first at the expense of their families, and I have never wanted to do that. Christian Leaders Institute gives me the opportunity to pursue the knowledge and training I’ve always wanted to in a way that is flexible for me. And with little financial cost, I have no excuse but to go and get it done!

The teaching seems very practical, especially on how to apply walking with God and devotional time. I really like the steps and ideas there. Just working through the material is drawing me closer to God and I feel the Holy Spirit in it – the windy places!

We have called four different churches our home in Colorado since moving here and working in various ministries – the most recent being my wife’s ministry work. We’ve been at Colorado Community Church most recently. I look forward to getting more involved in the life of the church and finding a mentor for this program. That is my next major step to take.

I love the apprenticeship model! It seems the most organic and real way to teach and learn. It’s honestly the way I’ve learned most of what I know, so it makes sense and I have confidence in it. I’m glad CLI is here and embraces it!

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Youth Leader Journey

My name is Priscilla Drucilla Ecila Narine and I have been on a youth leader journey. I am 23 years old and I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I live in a village by the name of Fyzabad. I am mixed with African and Indian, both of my parents are mixed. I have two brothers and I am not married. I grew up in a Christian home. When I was a child, I attended Sunday School and I believe that helped to shape my mind.

I am very quiet and have a desire to learn. I always wanted the best education and grew up believing that there is a God. At first, I believed that Jesus was God. But through going to school and encountering differing views and having friends of different religions, I came to believe that all gods were the same and why would God let good people go to hell. Then I came across Allah and thought that Jesus and Allah were the same. For some reason, I was drawn to Jesus on my youth leader journey. I always wanted to read my Bible and pray. I was that child who would find myself in arguments with other children trying to defend my faith. For me, there was something different about Jesus. I grew up with this one scripture in mind, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That was my motto to do my best in my education.

I entered secondary school and was introduced to secular music and it became my addiction. I was obsessed with Chris Brown. He was my god, but I didn’t see it at that point in time. Before I reached puberty, my parents were going through a divorce. It really impacted my brothers and I. I call it the dark age. My dad was in ministry as a pastor. When the devil came in, peace in the house was removed. My dad left and my mom entered another relationship with a man who was the devil’s cousin. We were literally in prison. There was no peace in the home. My mom stopped going to church. The only time we went to church was when we visited our father on his weekends.

I became a slave to masturbation and secular music. My conscience attacked me, yet I ignored it. From the age of 14, I was into conspiracy theories and Illuminati videos. Nobody knew more about it than me. I thought that was knowledge. Even though I knew that the music I listened to was bad for me, I didn’t have the power to stop listening to it. My mom’s boyfriend at the time brought us to an SDA church which didn’t last long. Then my current pastor met my mom and we started attending his church. I remember going to church every Sunday and being convicted of my sins, desiring to worship God. But I couldn’t close my eyes and lift my hands because I was too ashamed. I told myself every Sunday that I would stop my addictions but every week I couldn’t.

I went to the university and I lived alone off campus. I engaged in a life of sex and pornography. My education became my god after Chris Brown. I told God I would seek him after I got my degree when I felt prompted to read my Bible. I used my degree as an excuse not to go to church. I was basically puffed up in my knowledge.

In my second year at the university, my life changed on my youth leader journey. It was April of 2015, my friend and I just came from a class and we were sitting by the chemistry labs. I asked her a question about God and she began asking questions about the big bang and dinosaurs. For the first time, I felt sad inside. It was the first time my heart broke because I couldn’t answer her questions. I remember walking to my apartment crying that I did not know God or His gospel since I was unable to share it or defend it. It hurt me to the core. I prayed to God, crying to Him, telling Him that I believe Jesus is the only way. I told Him that I wanted to share His gospel, I wanted people to know Him.

That same night I opened my Bible on my cell phone and began to read the book of Mark. (Note: I struggled to understand the Bible and I remember asking my mom to explain passages to me. She would say, “Ask the Holy Spirit, He will reveal it to you”, and I did not know what she meant). That night my eyes were opened. Each word I read, I understood. I felt God’s presence enter me. The emptiness I had was filled. I experienced a love, peace, and joy that I couldn’t explain. Chains in my life were broken. My sinful desires left me. That night I encountered the love of God on my youth leader journey. That night the Holy Spirit revealed to me that Jesus is the only true God. I considered my education and every other knowledge that doesn’t have the power to change the human heart rubbish compared to the gospel of Jesus Christ. My desire changed to reading His word, fasting, praying and worshiping Him. My mind was transformed from the corruption of sexual thoughts to heavenly thoughts of being before His presence and shouting, “Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God!”

From the Bible, I came to understand that I was born again and that Jesus made me a new creature. I had thought God was a being that couldn’t be felt or experienced. But Christianity for me became a relationship with the one, true God. I began to evangelize on the streets. I realized I couldn’t go through this spiritual fight alone. So, I asked a friend to bring me to IVCF on campus. It was an amazing place to be among other believers who love God. I began to evangelize in groups on campus, go to Bible studies, fellowship, and learn apologetics on my youth leader journey. I basically spent most of my last years in UWI studying the word of God rather than chemistry books and God allowed me to pass all of my courses.

At my church, my pastor rebooted the youth ministry and I became the secretary on my youth leader journey. I had a desire to bring youth to Christ and teach them to love God and people. After my graduation, my pastor placed me as the youth leader.

My passion is the gospel and my desire is to let the world know that Jesus is God and to defend the faith. I believe that Christian Leaders Institute will equip me to be an effective youth leader and help me to be effective when it comes to sharing the gospel.

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Youth Minister Education

My name is Loretta Evans. I am receiving a free Youth Minister education at Christain Leaders Insitute. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida, in the United States of America. I was born to Bennie and Lois Peterson. My mom passed away on Christmas day in 1978. My dad passed away a month ago on April 22, 2018. I am married to Robert Evans, Jr. and we have four beautiful daughters and one handsome son. Our children have given us eleven grandchildren.
I am currently a retired school teacher. I taught for 20 years.

I have always known the Lord all of my life. Going to church, Bible study and Sunday school were not a choice for us as children, it was a given. We lived in a small town that only had worship services at our church on the 2nd and 4th Sundays because the Pastors had another church they led on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.

My dream is to become a youth minister. My goal is to save as many youths as I can. It is really sad to see so many youths on the streets throwing their lives away by getting caught up in drugs, robbery, and killing each other. I want to spread the word of the Lord and help guide them to a walk with the Lord. I want to show them that there is a better path for them to travel. All they need is faith in the Lord and someone to help lead them in that direction.

Christian Leaders Insitute has helped me to reflect on my youth minister education in ministry. It helps me to renew and grow in my faith in the Lord, and most of all it helps me to stay focused on God and his call as I receive this youth minister education. When I was a school teacher, I used to talk to the students about life, God, and their faith. I realized some of the students had never been to a church or even knew of God at all.

I have always wanted to be a minister. When I was a young child, I used to pretend I was a preacher. I used to gather my friends and have church. I was the pastor and we would sing and shout and have a good old time for the Lord. As I got older, I kind of moved away from that dream because I got married, my husband was in the military, and we traveled a lot. Besides, back then no one really was into listening to women ministers.

CLI ministry training is very important to me because it is going to provide me with a free education. They do this through the passion of generous partners who support these revolutionary free online college-level classes. I won’t have to worry about paying out of my pocket for an expensive education, or getting loans and going into debt trying to pay them back. It will prepare me to be successful in reaching my dream and goals. Most of all, it will bring me closer to the Holy Spirit.

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Youth Leader Call

Peace and Blessings! My name is Tina Taylor and I have a youth leader call to serve in God’s kingdom. I’m living in the United States. Ministry here is common and there are many schools teaching theology and ministry training. However, there seems to be a movement of a new age era where people have stopped relying on God and started believing the power is in, through and by themselves.

I came to know the Lord as a little girl through my grandmother who was a prayer warrior. She taught me how to exercise my faith and build my prayer walk. As a young child, I was always inquisitive of the wisdom and knowledge that God shares with his people. This eagerness led me to continue to strengthen my relationship. In my teenage years when I lost track and was caught up in the world, the early experience that I had at a younger age is what convicted me and brought me back.

The classes at Christian Leaders Institute have strengthened and renewed me even more. They hold me accountable for what I’ve learned and they keep me reaching toward spiritual goals as an ambassador of Christ. One of my missions and goals is to be a youth minister. As a youth leader, my hope is to work with the youth building “revival leaders” and helping guide them in a walk that is “real and reproducible”. I have always had a love and passion for children. I understand their needs and I can reach them right where they are, creating trust and giving guidance.

A unique challenge in my area is that a lot of people shun the internal call and would rather you simply be called by an existing pastor. Sometimes, this approach lacks the educational background and knowledge that formal ministry education can bring. My local church has supported me by allowing me to supervise the youth program. My desire is to be led by God and be able to identify with God’s voice, his calling, and his people. This will allow me to truly be an Ambassador for Christ. A scholarship at CLI is important to my ministry dream because it will give me the knowledge and guidance I feel I need without having to worry about the financial portion.

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In our society it seems everybody is clamoring for the attention of our youth. The media puts out commercials targeted toward youth.  Christian speech is discouraged with increasing force and frequency. In our modern humanist society, we need called leaders to help the youth find discernment and most importantly to find God.

Dandre Major is Called to Help the Youth

I currently live on Fort Hood TX United States of America. Currently to give ministry I have to deal help the youthwith a lot of adversity because I’m in the army it’s hard to discuss religion due to regulation and restriction. I can’t offend someone who doesn’t believe so I’m careful not to do that. It’s great to talk to kids and it’s amazing what activities can be done with ministry. Many lessons can be learned without actually suggesting or forcing a certain idea on children/teens.

The lord spoke to me in both troubling times as well as times of triumph. When I was younger I experienced much pain, I dealt with both physical and sexual abuse as well as emotional. It wasn’t till I got in high school that I found Jesus. He led me to overcome all my triumph. I then joined the army and with prayer and reading was able to overcome a huge obstacle in my life. My dream is to be able to reach out to both people in despair and people at their best. The lord has come to me both at my worst and my best. My trouble times as well as good times I would like to help youth achieve that same enlightenment. I would consider myself a youth leader. I Feel I can help the youth more because youth are more open to things than adults who maybe stubborn and not open to change. Children or teens can be influenced by positive things.

My troubled childhood led me to ministry to help the youth grow. The only challenge I see in my area is lack of religious teaching in the home. Because teaching starts in the home it’s hard to let the village raises the child if the child is taught to not listen to anything positive from anyone besides parents who are not religious. My local church and my local Chaplain have supported me from day one and counsel me on monthly changes and readings to help me better myself as a mentor, leader and minister to help the youth in my area.

My family is very supportive. My husband helps me study. We do readings together as well as bible study and reading bible stories to the kids at night. I believe CLI will help me gain the necessary knowledge and leadership to obtain my goal although I cannot know everything possible. It will still be a learning process but I would like CLI to be a big part of my journey to help the youth find and grow in Jesus Christ.

Dandre’s desire to help troubled youth led her to pursue ministry. Her pursuit of ministry led her to Christian Leaders Institute, where she can get the training she needs to pursue her calling without the usual cost associated with it. Thousands of students like Dandre are joining Christian Leaders Institute every year, and all of them like what they find there. CLI is blessed to have the opportunity to provide this training to Dandre and others who, like her, will reclaim troubled lives for God throughout His world.