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In our society it seems everybody is clamoring for the attention of our youth. The media puts out commercials targeted toward youth.  Christian speech is discouraged with increasing force and frequency. In our modern humanist society, we need called leaders to help the youth find discernment and most importantly to find God.

Dandre Major is Called to Help the Youth

I currently live on Fort Hood TX United States of America. Currently to give ministry I have to deal help the youthwith a lot of adversity because I’m in the army it’s hard to discuss religion due to regulation and restriction. I can’t offend someone who doesn’t believe so I’m careful not to do that. It’s great to talk to kids and it’s amazing what activities can be done with ministry. Many lessons can be learned without actually suggesting or forcing a certain idea on children/teens.

The lord spoke to me in both troubling times as well as times of triumph. When I was younger I experienced much pain, I dealt with both physical and sexual abuse as well as emotional. It wasn’t till I got in high school that I found Jesus. He led me to overcome all my triumph. I then joined the army and with prayer and reading was able to overcome a huge obstacle in my life. My dream is to be able to reach out to both people in despair and people at their best. The lord has come to me both at my worst and my best. My trouble times as well as good times I would like to help youth achieve that same enlightenment. I would consider myself a youth leader. I Feel I can help the youth more because youth are more open to things than adults who maybe stubborn and not open to change. Children or teens can be influenced by positive things.

My troubled childhood led me to ministry to help the youth grow. The only challenge I see in my area is lack of religious teaching in the home. Because teaching starts in the home it’s hard to let the village raises the child if the child is taught to not listen to anything positive from anyone besides parents who are not religious. My local church and my local Chaplain have supported me from day one and counsel me on monthly changes and readings to help me better myself as a mentor, leader and minister to help the youth in my area.

My family is very supportive. My husband helps me study. We do readings together as well as bible study and reading bible stories to the kids at night. I believe CLI will help me gain the necessary knowledge and leadership to obtain my goal although I cannot know everything possible. It will still be a learning process but I would like CLI to be a big part of my journey to help the youth find and grow in Jesus Christ.

Dandre’s desire to help troubled youth led her to pursue ministry. Her pursuit of ministry led her to Christian Leaders Institute, where she can get the training she needs to pursue her calling without the usual cost associated with it. Thousands of students like Dandre are joining Christian Leaders Institute every year, and all of them like what they find there. CLI is blessed to have the opportunity to provide this training to Dandre and others who, like her, will reclaim troubled lives for God throughout His world.

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