My name is Godwin Friday Olaposi. I live in Nigeria. There are three major religions (Christianity, Islam and Paganism). You are allowed freedom of nigerian evangelismreligion and  freedom of worship here.  Nigerian evangelism is not obstructed by the government or the public. One of our big obstacles is finances which makes Nigerian evangelism challenging. Institutions like Christian Leaders Institute that provide Free Online Ministry Training really help spread Nigerian evangelism to reach people for Christ. Paganism is also on the high side in my area where people claim to be Christians but yet get involved in fetish things.  (The BBC reported the killing of 11 women in Nigeria in December of 2013).

I was born into a Christian family. My parents raised me pentecostal. We were brought up in living strictly by the Word of God. We did not drink, smoke or womanize. We also did not socialize with unbelievers in order to reach them. When I grew up I came to realize that Nigerian evangelism was my responsibility. I realized that a walk with God includes more than family and  church. I attended a Holy Ghost night vigil in my local church where I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues and since then I have never looked back in serving the Lord. My ministerial dream is to save as many souls to God as I can before I die. Included in that Nigerian evangelism goal is to be used by the Holy Spirit to perform apostolic exploits in deliverance and signs and wonders.

I see myself as an evangelist as a result of my calling as a deliverance minister. I am called to minister freedom to the children of God to those troubled by unclean spirits and to those afflicted with sickness and diseases that medical treatment fail to cure.

Nigerian Evangelism At Practical Levels

I decided to go into ministry to meet the needs of Christians who have spiritual problems, poverty, sickness, spiritual affliction and oppression. This was what I went through as a child.  I went through financial stress without a clue as to what was expected in my hard work. I was introduced to a man of God, an evangelist/prophet who helped me understand what I needed to do to break generational pacts and to bring real changes to my life.

The unique challenges to Nigerian evangelism in my geographical area are real! Being a born again practicing Christian is very challenging because I live in an animist area of Nigeria where fetish activities are common. Many professed Christians join the pagans in the race for quick riches and wealth, thereby involving themselves in fetish rituals to acquire wealth. These things affect the faith of true believers in my area.

My local church, especially my pastor, made me realize and follow the call of God upon my life. They supported me both morally and financially in ministry and pursuit of Biblical knowledge. I thank God for my good wife supporting me in my ministry preparation. She ensures that she support me in prayers, in finance and organizing church activities with the church elders as well.

I need Christian Leaders Institute to acquire this priceless Biblical knowledge in order to learn and be proficient in the walk with God and effective in Christian ministry.

In conclusion, I also need the prayers of the Christian community to keep me focused on Nigerian evangelism that I work hard to win souls for Christ. I need prayers also that all resources needed to succeed in my ministry would be provided for me.

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