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Many students come to Christian Leaders Institute to help them become pastors, youth leaders, or other leaders in the church. Others, like Tammy Wilson, join because they want to learn more about the gospel and how to become a better believer. Here is Tammy’s story.

Growing up I lived according to my family’s culture, we just lived for the each day no structure. Our mother spent a lot of time searching for love from men and trying to take care of her household. She better believernever married any of our fathers.

We left with our grandfather in a one bedroom cottage that had an outside toilet no shower; we had to heat water to take a bath in a tub. We move when it was time for me to go to high school the place was much bigger and we had our own room (me, my sister and brother). My older sister went to leave with my grandmother at that time.

We moved again into another two bedroom house until my mother just picked up and took my sister and brother to New Jersey to leave for about a year or so. I got my own apartment at the age of 19 year the landlord turned on my lights as I was under age at the time. I was working full time at the Bank, so I was able to take care of myself.

I used to have to take care of my sister and brother all the time as my mother worked late hours. I had to cook dinner and make sure the homework was done and make sure that where ready for bed before she got home. My father and I were never that close only because he drank and I wasn’t happy to see him most of the time. I loved him though; just wish that he lived to see my daughter. But know I know that he has seen her and has given her the name Starr. As this is what he called me when I was young.

I lived according to the way I was raised. I worked two jobs and was able to purchase my own car by the time I was 21. I partied with my girlfriends and enjoyed the worldly life. I got a boyfriend and lived to please him and after several years, I found myself pregnant with my daughter and things got hard for me then. He was seeing other women and they told him that my child was from someone else. He has treated me very bad, but I found that God gave me this child and I loved her some much. At this time I started to go to church and started to build a relationship with God.

I found that once I got home with her I had to move in order for me to be free from the problems that I caused for my life. I moved in with my uncle for a while until I got my own place where we could be comfortable. At that time I put my focus on caring for her and myself. I was still looking for love and feel in to a lot of hurt ship along the way. But I always got up and keep moving. I was able to purchase my own home and I feel good that I have been through these trials and tribulations that have allowed me to grow.

But one day I woke up. I was driving the car with some of my daughter’s friends when I cursed, and one of the girls said, ‘your mother is always cursing.’ At that point that I knew it was time to change my life. We were inviting to New Genesis by a co-worker of mine. The first time I went God spoke to me and I have never stopped going to church and believing that God loves us.

Know my daughter is on the praise team and I’m and usher and we are enjoying our time with God.

The reason I took this training was to enhance my knowledge of God word and be a better believer and leader.

Christian Leaders Institute is ready to help you become a better believer for life change. Check out stories of others who are growing in their faiths. To become a better believer you must have a commitment to humble yourself before the Lord and to become discipled like Tammy. Check out more stories at our Facebook page. Please like our page and share it with your friends.

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