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Hello my name is Yvonne Adams from the United States of America. I am developing my ministry ministry giftsgifts at Christian Leaders Institute.

I am a native of Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of William H. Maxwell Vocational High School. I have made my home in Harrisburg since 2002. I am currently a Clerk Typist 3 for the Center for Community Services in PA’s Department of Community and Economic Development. I have been a commonwealth employee for more than 10 years.

I attend Grace & Mercy Church founded by Pastor Florence Abdullah where I teach Sunday school, serves on the Praise Team and as an Usher.

I grew up in the church and my grandmother would take me with her. Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, Revivals etc. As a young teenager there was something that touched me and I was persuaded to sing on the choir. Then I became the Sunday school teacher and eventually the Choir Director of my church in Brooklyn, NY. Of course like most teenagers I then wanted to experience what the world had to offer. I stayed that way until 2002 when I moved to Pennsylvania.

How I came back to the Lord was in 2005 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in my left breast. At first I was angry and couldn’t understand how I could get such a dreadful disease. I mean here I was in church serving as an Usher and singing on the praise team. When I asked God why me His response was why not you? He took me to the book of Job. In reading Job I realized that God sometimes allows Satan to attack us to see where our faith is at. I really started praying and reading the word and for the first time I really understood that I could count on His promises. I started to quote that by Jesus stripes I am healed. Now in 2014 I am 8 years cancer free. Bless His holy and magnificent name.

I know that I am called to perform a great and awesome work. I am not sure what it is yet but I know that it has something to do with Teaching. I enjoy teaching the word of God so much it really makes my heart smile. God has really been helping me to grow up in the salvation.

I sit up under a wonderful Pastor Florence Abdullah founder of Grace & Mercy church. We get a fresh word from her and it is truly God inspired. Since being under her I have been able to understand that I am not just here for my own selfish benefit it is to raise up other’s in their walk.

This scholarship would really help me to learn more and develop my ministry gifts that God has placed inside me. I am one who is always looking to learn something new. The word of God is like a jewel that I wear around my neck and proudly display. God is continuing to work in mines and my family’s lives.

I am not really all that good with words but what I have shared is from the heart I happy to receive this scholarship for me to develop my ministry gifts to help others. I will be in constant prayer because God had a very wonderful lady who attends my church give me the name of this school so I know that God is up to something.


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