Youth Leader Call

Youth Leader Call

Peace and Blessings! My name is Tina Taylor and I have a youth leader call to serve in God’s kingdom. I’m living in the United States. Ministry here is common and there are many schools teaching theology and ministry training. However, there seems to be a movement of a new age era where people have stopped relying on God and started believing the power is in, through and by themselves.

I came to know the Lord as a little girl through my grandmother who was a prayer warrior. She taught me how to exercise my faith and build my prayer walk. As a young child, I was always inquisitive of the wisdom and knowledge that God shares with his people. This eagerness led me to continue to strengthen my relationship. In my teenage years when I lost track and was caught up in the world, the early experience that I had at a younger age is what convicted me and brought me back.

The classes at Christian Leaders Institute have strengthened and renewed me even more. They hold me accountable for what I’ve learned and they keep me reaching toward spiritual goals as an ambassador of Christ. One of my missions and goals is to be a youth minister. As a youth leader, my hope is to work with the youth building “revival leaders” and helping guide them in a walk that is “real and reproducible”. I have always had a love and passion for children. I understand their needs and I can reach them right where they are, creating trust and giving guidance.

A unique challenge in my area is that a lot of people shun the internal call and would rather you simply be called by an existing pastor. Sometimes, this approach lacks the educational background and knowledge that formal ministry education can bring. My local church has supported me by allowing me to supervise the youth program. My desire is to be led by God and be able to identify with God’s voice, his calling, and his people. This will allow me to truly be an Ambassador for Christ. A scholarship at CLI is important to my ministry dream because it will give me the knowledge and guidance I feel I need without having to worry about the financial portion.

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