Who would have guessed that Simone Eind would end up at a free Bible School in the Netherlands online? Simone knew that God was calling her into ministry, but she wouldn’t be able to afford traditional training. She was compelled to pursue an impossible calling: to obtain training for Christian Ministry without money or proper educational background. But Simone found that when God calls, He provides. Christian Leaders Institute has a growing number of students who study at this Bible School in the Netherlands. What God provided was the training that she required without the cost usually associated with it. This same training is offered to called leaders like Simone throughout the world without any charge to the students. The stories of how God is at work in the lives of students at CLI is amazing.

Here is Simone’s story:

My name is Simone Eind and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am 42 years old, married and I have two children.

Bible School in the NetherlandsWhen I heard about Jesus, at the age of 20, I thought I would give it a try… It was either that or else just quit living! Up until that time I had been a suicidal teenager. I had run away from home at the age of 14 because of the abusive environment there. After running away, I lived in a home for teenage girls for several years. I became a Christian through the preaching of a young man who was allowed to come and share the gospel in my class. Later on I married him!!!

Even as a young girl I knew that there was a God, up in heaven, who created everything. My mother told me that and I just believed it! I saw a Bible at my grandmother’s house and asked my mother what it was. She told about God, that He created everything, about the Ten Commandments and about the “happy news”. As a girl I didn’t understand what could possibly be so happy about it. My mother didn’t know it herself! So, I believed in the God of the two commandments that I could still remember: We have to love our enemies and we are not allowed to lie.

I even did my best to keep these commandments as a little girl. My father was my enemy, yet I tried to love him. However, when he continually only hurt me, I gave up. In the process I became mad at God! Yet still, I kept on searching for Him as a girl.

When I was 10 years old I walked into a church. I left there without anyone telling me about Jesus. (They talked a lot about war!) At the age of 14 I dared to walk into a church again. Once again no one told me who Jesus was. The preacher asked people to come to the front. I didn’t understand what the preacher was talking about, but I felt such an urge to go up! I stood there with some others at the front of the church. They prayed for me and I left, but still not knowing who Jesus is. Yet something had happened!! It felt like I was floating as I walked home. I felt so happy! But when I got home, my parents told me that I couldn’t go there anymore. How is it possible that people can come to church and leave again not knowing about Jesus?

When I met Jesus I was in a deep depression. I didn’t want to live anymore. But Jesus told me about Himself! He told me that He wanted me to live. At first I decided to live only because He wanted me to. But then He told me that He wanted me to want it as well. Step by step He brought me out of the dark pit. We climbed out of it together. Jesus was there right beside me.

Since there was just a lot of hatred in my heart, Jesus taught me to love again. In the past I had hated my father, but Jesus taught me to love my dad and to pray for him. At the age of 25 came a big turning point in my life… I forgave and spoke forgiveness out toward my parents for all the terrible things that had happened, for all the hurt and pain in my life. And I asked them also to forgive me for my mistakes. My father stood there with tears in his eyes… He passed away a few years ago as a consequence of alcoholism. He never wanted to know anything about Jesus. But, although there is a small chance, still I hope I will see him in heaven. After I forgave my parents I said to the Lord: Remember me, Lord! I’ve done your will!

The next day when I woke up and walked through my house I felt that something had changed.

Up until I was 25 years old I had terrible nightmares almost every night. I would run in total panic through my home. This continued even after I was already married. I had an occult seeing ‘gift’. I could see and sense the dark spiritual world, and I was so afraid of it that the fear mastered me. After I forgave my parents, however, Jesus set me free: free from nightmares, from seeing the dark things and from the terrible fears that came along with it. I am so grateful that He did this for me! I’d been an emotional wreck, but the Lord healed me, restored me and set me free from the chains of the enemy!!!

When I was pregnant with my oldest son the Lord came very close and spoke to me. He told me of His desire for me and what I would be allowed to do for Him. At that time I just marveled at it. I didn’t know how He would or could accomplish it. But He did! He gave me the desire to speak: about Him and for revival; to explain what is written in His word; to reach out to the lost and broken; to proclaim freedom to those that are bound; to shine light in people’s darkness; to strengthen the body of Christ; and to make it more effective, watchful and ready!

I am leading the women’s work in the church were we going and I’m also involved in children’s work.

I want to study theology and a lot more. I want to get more insights into biblical subjects so that I can explain it better and tell people what the Lord wants to tell us through His word.

I don’t have the money or educational background to study theology through a traditional seminary. So the Lord is providing, through CLI, a way for me to reach what I’ve been dreaming of! The Lord is putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in my life. I feel that studying at CLI is the right place for me. I would very much appreciate it if you would send a donation to CLI on my behalf so that the Institute can grow further and continue making effective leaders for the Lord’s Kingdom.

Bible School in the Netherlands is Reaching More and More Students

Christian Leaders Institute has 20 students users in the Netherlands right now. Eight of these students have graduated with at least a Christian Leaders Basic Certificate at the time of this publication. Some may wonder whether a Bible School in the Netherlands in needed? While there are many seminaries and Bible Schools in this country, Christian Leaders Institute is totally free of charge and gives high quality ministry training. Since a large portion of the Netherlands understands and speaks English this makes Christian Leaders Institute a Bible School in the Netherlands that is a real option for many with a ministry calling.

“I am born and raised for the most part in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. My parents are originally from the Caribbean, which was part of the Dutch Kingdom for many years (some Islands still are) The Netherlands from origin is a country with Protestant Christian faith and values. Over the last 50 years many immigrants from various countries settled here. Bringing their cultures, traditions and believes with them. Christianity in the Netherlands therefore evolved in to various denominations. It could be compared with the US. Everyone is free to express there own faith and believe as they wish.

“I first gave my life to Jesus when I was 8 years old, after I saw a movie in church at Sunday class. My mother always raised us strict and with biblical values. But it wasn’t until I was 19, I really understood what it was to have a relationship with God.

“I’ve led the Evangelist group at my former church and was a Youth Leader for 4 years. Combining those two ministries, I had the privilege to witness to many young teens. Leading them to salvation.

“I always was convinced that the position you have in life, in your neighborhood, family or occupation is the first place of ministry (unless you are full-time in ministry of course). So for me at the moment being a pilot, I witness to colleagues as much as I can if able. Especially in my occupation with a nice status and income, many don’t believe they need a savior in their life. When digging a little deeper, they all have the same problems and pain as all other humans living on earth. They need Jesus.

“The vision of my local church Dominion Centre, is raising sons for Kingdom impact. It could be compared with the 7 connections, mentioned in the getting started class. Our church supports any member with a calling, talent, heart for ministry and helps them develop it where possible. I am easy with words (writing), so I have been writing for our church paper and now I will be more involved in the whole process of development. As of next school year I will be involved in youth ministry as well.”

Hubert Jansen Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship will greatly improve my getting more understanding and getting more knowledge in Gods Word. Becoming more effective, combining life experiences and a thorough knowledge of how God works and moves to built His Kingdom.

“Prayer is always welcome. More clarity and direction in how my wife’s calling and mine combine. Because of our past and many broken marriages and relationships everywhere, this is a ministry that has come in to my thoughts and heart as of lately.”

Hubert Jansen believes in starting your ministry impact wherever the Lord has placed you. With this goal, Hubert Jansen began his own ministry impact in the community of pilots with which he worked. Since then, Hubert Jansen has increased his ministry impact to include the readers of his church paper and the youth. Yet Hubert Jansen recognizes that his ministry impact for the Lord could be much greater. In pursuit of an increased ministry impact, Hubert Jansen seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where he can receive the training necessary to take his ministry impact to the next level.


Relationship with God: Laura Aarts of Netherlands

Relationship with God: Laura has a Relationship with God. She starts her story by giving some background for her life and how she got aRelationship with God.

“I live in the Netherlands, in a city called Breda. God has called me to be here to serve Him, and the wonderful people of Holland.  Most of the people in Holland will tell you, they simply do not believe in one true God or that they could have Relationship with God. They are to busy in their lives to give Him much attention.”

Laura first got a Relationship with God in USA.

“As a Born again christian from Kansas city Kansas, U.S.A. I would like to share my testimony with you. Having a Relationship with God is very important. God has always had a purpose for each of us. God allowed me to be raised by my maternal grandmother.  She was a God fearing Christian.  While I was raised in the church, it was not until after I got married and had a family that I figured out how much I needed God in my life.”

 A Relationship with God helped her through an abusive husband.

“My husband at the time was extremely abusive. Throughout my marriage to him, there were many a time that I can now look back on and see where only by the grace of God I am still here.  I know that my Relationship with God protected me, saved me, healed me, and he continues to watch over me.  I gave my heart, soul, and life to the Lord many years ago, when my life seemed to be at its darkest point.  I will never turn away from Him, and I will give all I have to help others to get to know and love Him, as I do.”

Her dream is to help others have a Relationship with God.

“The church and foundation where I am a member  and teacher is a very Spirit filled church.  We are small in physical size, but mighty in our love of the Lord.  Our mission is simple, to share Gods love with everyone that will listen, and to help people to develop a Relationship with God.  My personal ministry dream is to open a Christian based shelter in Breda where victims of abuse can find shelter, protection, and God’s love and teachings. We need to show in our lives God’s love for others, if we want people to come to the Lord.”

CLI can equip her to help others have a Relationship with God.

“A scholarship at CLI gives people world wide an opportunity to learn God’s Word, and provides the necessary skills and education for people to develop a Relationship with God. In the short time I have been studying at CLI, I have come to see how this Institute can benefit many churches, their members, and non believers to grow to maturity in their walk with the Lord.”

Laura wants abuse victims to have a Relationship with God.

“CLI can help me to fulfill my dream of a Christian based shelter for abuse victims, and go far beyound that to reach the lives of everyone we come in contact with by teaching its students  how to develop, sustain, and grow in their individual Relationship with God, as well as, within their families, their church, community, town, and the wrold as a whole.”

Prayer is absolutely needed for Laura as she moves forward with her dream of helping others have a Relationship with God.

“I ask that you will pray for CLI to receive the funds they need to continue to give to their students the high quality of education that they provide  freely to their students.  May you pray also that God continues to use me in Holland to reach the broken hearted people here for His glory.  I know that through my education at CLI, I will grow in my Relationship with God as well as learn the valuable and key things I need to help others to come to and grow in the Lord.”

Laura ends by asking you to support CLI as it helps others have a Relationship with God.

“May the Good Lord show you today how and where you may be a vital donor to CLI.  Perhaps it is in the way of finances, and perhaps it is in some other means.  My prayer is that God will show you how you can help CLI and other institutes like it to continue to give freely  to help others to come to and grow in their knowledge and Relationship with God.

May God bless you and keep you; Laura Aarts”

Laura has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. She continues to expand her Relationship with God thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

Make a donation now to help Laura Aarts and thousands more like her get a Relationship with God and high quality Bible school training free. Donate now!