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From Confusion to Faith and Hope

Hi. My name is Ramon Everd. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute for free ministry and biblical study online. I live in the north of the Netherlands, in a small village called, De Rijp, with my wife and our three-year-old daughter. The village is well known for its beauty and authenticity with the small streets, monument houses, and little tourist shops. Especially in wintertime, it is truly a delight to the eye.

My Wrestlings

When I was little, my sister and I grew up with the Christian faith for some time. But after a while, the religion changed to a kind of Hinduïsm. And there were also occult happenings going on in the house. It was confusing, but as a child, I did not know any better than to follow along. Our mother died at a very young age. I was only nine years old then. Later my step-dad placed me out of the house. After that, it was not long until I lost my faith. Until my twenty-fourth year, I searched for meaning and wrestled with questions about life.

Life Changed

Then, I came to such a deep point in life that I really didn’t know what to do anymore. Then, I remembered the Christian faith of my youth after someone handed a little tract to me. That is when I asked Christ to help me, and He really turned my life around. From then on, I wanted to serve Him and please Him. Therefore, I sought to make a real difference in the lives of the people around me. I wanted to leave a holy spiritual fingerprint behind that would last forever.

However, my journey was not without obstacles. I had to learn to face some control issues that I had. Also, becoming a husband and a dad made me realize that there is more to life than just me. It made me come to the understanding that my journey of faith is not only for me. The things that I learn along the way are to be passed on to others, such as our little daughter.

My Hope Now: Ministry and Biblical Study at CLI

By learning as a student at the Christian Leaders Institute with its ministry training, I hope to fulfill my true purpose in Christian leadership by reaching many souls and teaching them to serve the Lord Jesus.

Christian Leaders Institute is a great blessing for me. Our income is not great. Therefore, being able to study at CLI for free is what I need. It is a great opportunity for me to get into some serious ministry and biblical study. It is really a blessing for me to have found such a ministry online as CLI. Thank you!

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