chaplain ministry dream

My name is Denise R. Jones, from Maryland, USA. I have a B.S. in Business Administration. Having a Chaplain ministry dream, I found a free education opportunity online at the Christian Leaders Institute.

My Story

I grew up in a Christian home, and my father was a minister. He was adamant about Christian education in the home, and formal schooling for his seven children. We learned early to participate in church and school programs by reciting Bible verses, singing, and sharing what we learned through Bible stories. Growing up, I have always served a role in the church including teaching youth and adult Bible study classes, assisting in youth programs, and serving as church secretary/clerk.

My parents separated and then divorced when I was 12 years old. I was the oldest of seven children. The family split and moved to my father’s hometown in Louisiana for a year, and then we moved to Texas. It was not easy. I did not have a pleasant childhood because I had to help raise four younger sisters. I returned to Maryland in my early twenties. My purpose was to reconnect with my mother with whom I had no contact for eight years. That also was a major challenge.

Marriage and Divorce

I married and had a son by the age of twenty-six. My husband was a Christian. However, we were both naïve about how to make the relationship work. We did not know how to get productive, practical marriage counseling, nor did we have any good role models to rely on. So, our marriage ended in divorce ten years later.

After the divorce, I prayed and leaned on God for support. Devastated, I felt like a failure because I could not succeed where my parents failed in keeping a family together. I also needed support to raise my son and move on with life.

Learning the True Character of God

In my early church experience, I learned about a God of discipline and judgment, not a God of love. However, I attended a Christian University in Texas where I studied in a class that taught the Gospels. The professor was so passionate about Jesus Christ – His wisdom, teachings, and empathy for the oppressed. I hung onto every text in my lessons and found myself drawn to Jesus. It was through the study of Jesus that I learned the true character of God.

Therefore, in my challenges with relationships, employment, financial difficulties, and depression, I called on the Lord. I learned that He was dependable and could give me peace in a way that no human could. He revealed in the Bible that He was with other people like me and provided me with resources and confirmations that He was indeed with me. My personal time with the Lord was amazing. I felt the Holy Spirit letting me know that it would be all right.

I desire to share my story and passion for the Word of God. The Bible is exciting to me. It can be a true means of freedom for the confused and downtrodden. People need to learn about Jesus and ask Him for wisdom and understanding.

Chaplain Ministry Dream

I have a Chaplain ministry dream. My desire is to use my training in organizations that need positive, ethical resources for employees. I have worked in institutions that seemed clueless about working out personal and cultural difficulties. God is calling me for such a purpose. My environment among personal and church peers encourages spiritual growth and personal development. They applaud my ambition to train for Chaplain ministry leadership according to God’s calling.

Paying for my college tuition was an uphill battle. Therefore, I left it in God’s hands. He rewarded my faith by forgiving the debt. Even while waiting for God’s answer, I boldly asked for a free education opportunity. John 16:24 says, “Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” The blessing was granted to find the Christian Leaders Institute because the free ministry training will be used to glorify God!

Register a Study Account

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