Courses for ministry and ordination

I am “Rick,” Richard D. Price, and I live in Purcell, Oklahoma, United States of America. My story covers many states and countries. Because of that, I will shorten it to fit what is going on now. There isn’t anything special about me, except that I am a disciple of Christ and love my Lord and Savior. I have a great desire to serve Him and others for His glory. Therefore, I am at the Christian Leaders Institute studying courses for ministry and ordination.

 My History

I am sixty-four years old. Born in Reedley, California, I moved to Texas at the age of five or six months. I also lived in New Mexico and Australia while growing up. Then, I moved back to California a month before turning seventeen. I lived with my father for about a year before joining the US Army. I dropped out of high school to enlist in the service. After seven years and three months, I ended active duty. A year later, I joined the Army National Guard and then retired after sixteen years.

As I think more about this, I was baptized in the Catholic Church when I was seven years of age to pass first grade in a Catholic school. Then, I had to undergo their catechism curriculum to proceed to the next grade. I believe that Jesus died for my sins then and still do. I became a believer in Christ Jesus around the age of fourteen. Sadly, I did not walk the walk, nor did I try to make others believe in Christ during the following years. When I was eighteen, I wanted to experience all the world had to offer.

While growing up, I went to church on my own. That started when I was about eleven. I went to different churches and denominations. The non-denominational and Pentecostal churches resonated with me the most. Therefore, I am more apostolic in the way I minister.

My Marriage and Surrender

I met the girl I later married when I was fifteen. She was my best friend’s younger sister. I visited her on leave while on active duty and then married her. We were married for thirty-seven years before she passed away in our home. I remarried shortly afterward to a wonderful and smart woman. It has been over seven years and going strong in Christ Jesus. If it was not for our faith and Jesus, I would not be here.

My story is long and covers many years and states and countries. In March of 1995, I told the Lord in a prayer that if He would remove the addiction of tobacco from me, I would serve Him for the rest of my years. In March of 1996, I fully surrendered my life to the Lord. It is an awesome thing when the Lord delivers a person from anything. I have been serving Him since.

Courses for Ministry and Ordination

My dream is to grow deeper in God and share and lead others to Christ. I want to lead them to a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. It is through the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance that I have the programs and courses for ministry and ordination. Being able to take these free courses is a blessing as I am on a fixed income.

I am fully retired and on a fixed income. I never received any true college courses or a degree. However, the degree of hard knocks I have mastered in. I have taken some courses with CLI, and now I am taking courses for ministry, licensing, and ordination to continue with the burning in my heart to serve and minister overseas. I looked at other resources but the cost was out of my reach. CLI put things in reach for me! The free courses are not easy. I must pay attention and do a lot of good reading. However, I am thankful for this study opportunity!

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