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My name is Ash’Lee White, and I live in the United States, in Michigan, to be exact. I love my home state. However, I could do without so much snow. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to learn more about God and be equipped for His calling.

My Journey

My journey started with Christ when I was baptized at nine years old. So, I knew how important it was to walk with Christ at a young age. My parents were both absent from the home. Therefore, my four siblings and I lived with our aunt. That is where I was introduced to the church. My aunt didn’t go, but we kids did. They used it as a daycare for us on Sundays. Little did I know it would change my life.

Fast forward to my teen years, I bounced in and out of foster homes until I was adopted at 16 years of age. I still believed in God but never got into or followed His Word. However, I still prayed to Him every night. Sadly, I never submitted to Him in obedience. Therefore, I struggled through many ups and downs but was always taken care of.

My Calling

Fast forward to 2020, when my calling started when I was 38. One night in January 2020, I went to bed as usual. However, I had a vision from the Lord. He told me to gather my people together. I remember waking up and saying, “I don’t know what you mean.” I continued life, studied the Bible, and grew very close to Him. One day in February, I was on my bed in prayer. I was praying for the safety of my children; it was the time of COVID-19. All of a sudden, my body started bursting with love. That is the only way I can explain it. I was in tears. Then, God said, “I created you before you were in your mother’s womb; I know every hair on your head and everything will be okay.” I was so amazed and wanted to feel God’s LOVE all the time.

Fast forward to 2023, so many things have happened, with the Lord leading them all. I was invited to the September Send in Grand Rapids, MI. I enjoyed Francis Chen, a speaker there. Two months later, he would play a role in my life. Then, while at work in October, I saw the number 777. I thought nothing of it until it happened five times close together. With no clue what God was planning for me, I was looking for a study Bible and couldn’t find one. One day, my dad called and said the Lord placed on his heart to give me his study Bible. I was so excited!!!

Study at CLI to Learn About God

The Holy Spirit was leading me, and signs kept appearing. My dad said, “You’re going to teach one day. Have you looked into schooling?” I hadn’t since I didn’t have the money. Furthermore, I didn’t want to take a math class to learn about God. I just wanted to know about God.

So, one day, I started looking into online schools and came across the Christian Leaders Institute. I took a leap of faith and signed up for classes. When I started my first class, I saw Francis Chen! God is so amazing! Then, after an assignment, I scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw the address for CLI; it was 17771! There were the three 7s! At that moment, I knew I had a purpose, and God was guiding me this whole time! It all started three years ago, in 2020. That is when God instructed me to gather my people all together. Here I am! It is what God called me to do. Thank you, Lord!

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