Read Andrew Elliot’s testimony of how studying at Christian Leaders Institute is helping him achieve his spiritual dream of spreading the gospel through teaching and counseling with God’s Kingdom Vision guiding him:

Kingdom Vision

My name is Andrew Elliott and I have God’s Kingdom vision guiding my life. I currently live in Canada and am serving God’s Kingdom in whatever way He leads me to. I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to gain a greater knowledge of the Bible and receive free ministry training online. I am doing this with the hope and plan to spread the gospel through teaching, proclaiming, and counseling.

My coming across Christian Leaders Institute has been a blessing for me in many ways. First, I am thankful for the pioneering work of Henry Reyenga in founding this free ministry training Bible school. It is very inspiring for me and it is the kind of work that I wish to do for the glory of God’s Kingdom. I can see God’s Kingdom vision in everything that Christian Leaders Institute does.

Second, the Christian Leaders Institute allows me the opportunity to study the Bible at a very high level and at my own pace. I also can study any time and anywhere at an extremely affordable price (free).

Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for this very wonderful opportunity to receive a college education and ministry training for free.

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Revival Leader Training

Hi, my name is Bill Fleischamel and I am receiving revival leader training at CLI. I live in a small town called Arab in Alabama in the United States of America. Revival awakening is about to happen in this country. We are expecting a great wave of unbelievers to need our churches in Alabama as well as across America. All Christians will want to be ready to witness and minister to the people as they come to our local churches. My goal is to be ready.

I believe the Lord has had His hand in my life from childhood. I was saved at the age of eight. I was in Sunday School one morning and the teacher asked if anyone wanted to know Jesus as their personal Savior. I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior that Sunday morning. Although I didn’t fully realize God’s presence in my life until I was a teenager, I know that He kept me under His protection. However, I did not follow Him actively until I was at the age of thirty-two years old.

My spiritual dream is to be a strong witness for Christ and to be a help to people in any way possible. The biggest obstacle I have faced in my life is that I am legally blind. Macular degeneration of the optic nerve struck me hard at the age of twenty-eight. It was a life changer for me.

Now that I am older and wiser, I know I need the Lord to be with me daily and show me what I should do. I believe that joining the Christian Leaders Institute for free online Bible education and revival leader training has been a huge step for me to meet my goal. I am eager to learn more about God’s word and His plans for me.

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Faithful God

My name is Lancelot Okocha and I serve a faithful God. I was born on the 2nd of October 1980 in Nigeria, Lagos Island. I am the ninth child of my parents. I attended Satellite Town Primary School and Navy Town Secondary School. I concluded my education at AA College in Lagos Nigeria.

Due to an intense strike and no payment of lecturers at the time in Nigeria, people were unable to finish an education at the time. So I decided to travel to pursue further education. I spoke to my late father about my plans to further my education. I wanted to eventually work and see how to get my family out of the bad situation we were facing as at that time. My father and my mother took all they had and made it possible for me.

So I embarked on a journey to South Africa to study with a later move to Canada as my final destination. However, things did not work out as I planned. I spent many years in South Africa unable to get the education I desired due to the fact that I met the wrong people who duped me and I got stranded. I had no place to go, no family relatives or friends to call on for help. My dream for school was there but began to fade away.

My faithful God had other plans. In 2012, I met a woman called Decent at church. Both of us served in the choir (She later became my wife and the mother of our two boys). I was a worker at my local church LifeGate Assembly International where I was the Praise and Worship leader. Gospel music was the only thing that consoled me and connected me deeply to God. Though all the challenges, my faithful God provided for my every need. Then I met Decent, broken in her own way, seeking to know the Lord. I remember vividly encouraging her to follow the Path of the Lord, which she did, not knowing she would someday be my wife.

In 2013, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I began to pursue my wife. At the same time, the Lord began to reveal to her through revelation in dreams and the Word that He had put her in the season of marriage. It wasn’t an easy road because of what she went through in her previous relationships.

Eventually, our faithful God spoke through a guest pastor that was ministering at our church during an anointing service. She heard that “your husband is standing next to you.” On that day, I was standing next to her singing. And the Lord opened her heart. We began to prepare for the wedding not knowing where the money would come from. We held on to God, and the Lord, our faithful God, began to provide for us in the best way. My wife’s wedding clothes, the venue, my clothes and all we needed were provided. We got married in 2014.

Then, not only did the Lord do that for us, but our faithful God provided the things we needed for our house. We have still not opened all the wedding gifts. The Lord has provided for our children as well. They lack nothing. God has never failed us ever since. My family and I give God the glory and praise for what He has done, is doing, and is going to do. Praise the Lord!

I also thank our faithful God for the opportunity to study with Christian Leaders Institute. What I have learned so far has given me hope again. Now I am receiving the education I always desired. Free online ministry training at CLI is the answer to my prayers for further education.

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Free Bible Courses

My name is John Randale Rovero of Manila, Philippines and I am taking free Bible courses at CLI. I grew up in a Catholic family. I have one younger brother and we’re currently living with our parents. I am presently working as a call center agent and a part-time Life insurance agent.

What I see here in the Philippines, although known as the only Christian country in southeast Asia, is that being a Christian is just a religious lifestyle. But, after being introduced to Christ, I’ve learned that Christianity is different. It is not about following do’s and don’ts or having perfect attendance on Sundays at church. It was my brother who became a Christian first in our family after someone shared the gospel with him. Then through his life, I’ve been introduced to Christianity. But before I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, my younger brother experienced persecution because of me.

In May of 2014, I accepted Christ when my brother invited me to attend one of their Sunday services and one of his friends shared the gospel with me. Then I noticed that I got more into attending Sunday services but I was still stubborn headed on those days. Finally, after three months I opened a Bible for the first time on my own at home. It was really awkward at first, but by God’s grace, I got used to it. Now it’s clear to me that it was the Father who prompted my heart to feed on His word. And the Holy Spirit enables me to comprehend Christ’s teachings. After three more months, I’ve been part of a ministry and joined a discipleship group.

Now, why did I join Christian Leaders Institute? Honestly, one of the reasons is that I actually never had finished any degree. Although I’ve had opportunities to enroll in schools, I moved from one school to another. I took Fine arts and Automotive vocational courses here in Manila, but I never finished anything because of my pride. Last year in 2017, I started facilitating a Bible study at our office where I currently work as a call center agent. After a month or two, I could tell that it’s not easy without God’s guidance and proper training. I’ve noticed that we’ve had Bible study sessions that to me are lacking and what I actually fear the most is to deliver God’s word outside its context. I then started praying that I needed help when it comes to presenting His words to the lost. This year I prayed about it, and God once again has been gracious to me and through a friend, the Lord introduced me to free Bible courses at Christian Leaders Institute.

At this moment, I just finished the “Getting Started Class” but I still need more prayers to continue studying for His glory and apply what I learn from the Lord through CLI as I reach out to the people and minister as God had called me to do.

All glory to king Jesus! Thank you, CLI, and thank you to our beloved faculty members!

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Read how Annabelle has been gracefully broken by betrayal, confusion, and ill-health into a Spirit-driven dream to become a Christian counselor, motivational speaker, outreach server, and author.

Gracefully Broken

Blessings, my name is Annabelle Ortiz, and I have been gracefully broken. I reside in New Hampshire where I am seeking to follow the call of God. I moved from Rhode Island a year ago, after being relocated due to domestic violence.

I came to the Lord in 2007 but did not fully understand what I was really seeking until 2009. Since childhood, I always felt drawn to seek God’s presence. I read the Bible and it would come to life in my mind. Every event and story became real. I was always praying and letting others know that I believed deeply in Jesus. I was not walking at all in the Spirit but felt this dependency and faith in Him. Even though I was in the world, God would always bring me to Himself.

I have endured many hardships and allowed the enemy to succeed in his attacks, but God’s grace and mercy always rescued and sustained me. I began going to church in Rhode Island where I was able to understand I have a calling and a purpose. I asked for a mentor and began serving in my calling as an outreach leader and server to our community. My purpose was presenting Jesus to those who are forgotten, such as the homeless, abused, and those from broken homes. I started “Alcance 911 “(Outreach Evangelist Ministry) through my church. It impacted many lives and God gave me this place where He wanted me to serve.

I then had a downfall health-wise and emotionally. I found myself in a spiritual warfare. I married an elder from the church that became my abuser. You can imagine the betrayal and confusion I felt. However, God has used this experience to equip me, strengthen me, and teach me discernment. He taught me that I must really seek His truth and choose to want to walk in righteousness and address the issues that separate us from His light. I then decided to educate myself spiritually and heal before I could be a leader within my calling.

I came to Christian Leaders Institute while asking God to show me how to grow in my walk. I started searching the internet and found CLI. I read it’s mission and purpose and understood that this was of God. Seeing that I could not afford to pay for school and still have complications from my tumor removal and being homeless, I embraced the challenge and promised myself to get started. Christian Leaders Institute has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually and have a better understanding of how to reach my spiritual dream to become a Christian counselor, motivational speaker, author, and outreach server.

My goal is to write books on how to be “gracefully broken” in the struggles and the conflict. I want to write and publish books about God’s grace and mercy. I also want to open a safe haven building for broken souls; a place where one can inject hope and restoration. A place to receive a breakthrough in order to have an opportunity to become who they were created to be!

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Professional bull rider Josiah Carpenter’s dream is to minister on the rodeo circuit as a bull riding Chaplain.

Bull Riding Chaplain

Hello everyone! My name is Josiah Carpenter from New Ulm, Minnesota and I feel called to be a bull riding Chaplain. I am 28 years old and was adopted from Belize Central America when I was a newborn. I grew up on a small farm all my life with 4 sisters and 2 other brothers and mom and dad. I was raised in a Christian home and was homeschooled most of my life because my family had a traveling music group called the “Carpenter Family.” We traveled all over the U.S. performing at churches, RV resorts and much more. I grew up on the road with my family in a big bus. By the time I was 13 we had stopped doing music on the road and all my older siblings moved on and got married.  My two younger brothers, my sister and I stayed home with mom and dad on the farm.

As I was growing up, I took on a different journey and became a bull rider in rodeos and started traveling all over the U.S., going from rodeo to rodeo. I am now a professional bull rider and spend a lot of time on the road with guys who do the same thing as I do but they have different backgrounds. As I have gotten older, I have seen my faith grow in my relationship with Christ. I have the desire to encourage and help other cowboys see there is a God who loves them and wants a relationship with them as well. I have always felt a calling to minister to people and share how awesome a God I have. But with bull riding it’s a hit or miss kind of lifestyle if you’re going to make any money to pay the bill’s, so you must always try to ride your bulls if you are going to make any money. I love the sport so much I have had a hard time getting myself to take any schooling because of cost or time as I am always on the road. But when I searched the internet and found Christian Leaders Institute, I knew it was meant to be! I want to be a Chaplain and work with athletes and I feel as though my prayers have been answered to get the training I need! I am super thankful to God for putting you guys in my life and I am excited to start my journey with CLI. Thank you and God bless.

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Preacher Calling

My name is Nathan Erich and I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to answer the preacher calling from God. I was born to Christian parents with eight sisters and one brother. I am a middle child, fourth in line. I grew up on a farm, Every morning I was responsible to get up and help milk the cows and feed the chickens. I also enjoyed hunting, fishing, and hiking. From my earliest memories, our family went to church and I was taught biblical principles.

As a 12-year-old boy, I had a desire to make a difference in the world by sharing the Gospel, but one particular event still stands out to me today. It was February 18, 2001, and my family was attending a revival meeting and the time I first considered the preacher calling from God. After the service, I got an opportunity to talk with the speaker, and he told me, “Young man, God has a calling on your life and desires to use you to lead thousands of souls to Christ.” Later on that year, on September 29th, I witnessed an older friend of mine have a heart attack and pass away. It woke me up to the reality that death is real and I wanted to know for sure that when I died I would go to heaven. I talked to my dad and asked him how to know I would go to heaven when I died. He then proceeded to share John 3:16 and the Romans road with me. It was at that point that I committed my life to follow Jesus.

I was homeschooled and graduated in 2007. The same year I joined the local fire department as a volunteer firefighter and received my Firefighter and EMT license. In 2009, I enrolled in Miracle Mountain Ranch’s Ministry Apprenticeship Program. I spent two years at Miracle Mountain developing a love for studying the Word of God and sharing the Gospel with others. I received certifications in Christian leadership and ministry. After my training there, I enrolled in a two-year community college, receiving my Associates in Applied Science with a major in Agricultural Equipment Technician. Following graduation, I worked at a shop as a mechanic. At the same time, I began volunteering as a youth leader and later the youth pastor at a local church. I served on staff for a year, then after handling a bad accident that my little brother was killed in, I stepped down. In 2015, I spent three months in Colorado at Ellerslie in their discipleship program. I earned a certificate of honor from the Ellerslie Leadership Training program. In 2016, I became a youth pastor and earned my local credentials through the church in which I served.

In 2014, after my little brother’s accident, I took a job at a Christian camp as an Outdoor Education Teacher and Health Officer. I worked there for three years, and while working there I met the woman of my dreams. Later on, I asked her to be my wife. We are now married and have a beautiful daughter. I left the camp ministry in 2017 and took a job in sales. My family moved to northern Ohio in 2017. We started attending a local church called Foundation Church. I serve as a volunteer youth leader and am currently being mentored by Pastor Bob. I have been praying about going back to school and getting my bachelor’s degree in ministry, but I could not afford it. That is when I found the Christian Leaders Institute. I am so thankful for those who have supported CLI and for the leadership of CLI. I look forward to earning my bachelor’s in ministry and seeing where God takes us.

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Pastoring Dream

Read how God brought this woman through horrific trauma and gave her a pastoring dream:

I was born in early June of 1989 to a woman who had multiple drug problems; mental problems; and no ability to raise children. Her problems were so severe that although I was born normal: my sister was born with debilitating mental problems and a heart murmur, and my brother was born with physical disabilities that didn’t allow him to live past his 20s. My brother and I were abused on a daily basis by her various lovers, in every way you could imagine and more. We were starved, left places, sexually, physically, and emotionally abused, etc. Both of us protected our baby sister. Due to her defects, we knew that she would not survive the abuse, so we took it for her.

This went on for five years. Finally, the state took us and we went through a slew of foster homes. There we saw parents that wanted children, just not us. They tried to separate us until my sister nearly starved herself to death. She suffers from an eating disorder to this day.

Needless to say by the time we were finally adopted, I had lost much of my faith in human beings. I had seen many things that no child my age should have seen. I’ve always believed in God even before He gave me my pastoring dream. I’ve never questioned His existence. The first half of my life didn’t allow for it. I remain firmly convinced that He intervened in my life many times, to allow me to live. When our adopted mother took us in, we finally saw a good life. Then in 2001, she was murdered right in front of me by the man I called my father. This ended with a court case and a traumatizing murder trial.

At that point, I began to question everything. We moved in with my grandparents who were strict disciplinarians, raised in a different time, where children did not speak unless spoken to. I retreated into books and church just to avoid being home too much. I use the word “home” loosely as I doubt very much that any of these places were home. I felt something was missing.

I always made good grades in school, often at a genius level. I excelled in my studies in all subjects. My social graces, however, were lacking. They said that I had discipline problems and didn’t know how to talk to people. I had to see counselors and was constantly barraged by violent nightmares and episodes. I was labeled a “psycho”, and due to this I’m ashamed to say, I fell away from God. I dabbled in drugs, hung out with horrible people, and mostly made a mockery of all the gifts God gave me. Finally, though, I woke up. I came back to God to get my life together and became the mother of two beautiful children, a son and a daughter; as well as two wonderful stepsons, all of whom live with me.

Three months before I found Christian Leaders Institute, I had a vivid pastoring dream. One in which everything was life-like and beautiful. I was a pastor, sharing my story. Some of my family were there. There were only so many things I could remember from my pastoring dream when I woke up. Once I did wake up, I could not get this passion for the Bible and becoming a pastor out of me. So, I started looking around. I had no money. I’m a woman. I have two young children and two school-aged ones. The odds seem stacked against me. I know, however, that this is what God wants of me and He will provide a way. He provided CLI.

My dream is to bring God to people just like me. People who have been abused to the point of giving up. People who have lived through the hard knocks of life. People that need to know that God is there. And to people that know God is there, but need to know that He cares about them personally. So that’s my story. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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Ministering Vision

Read how CLI is helping Aariyana Green fulfill her ministering vision to be a vessel ready to be used by the Lord.

Greetings and Blessings To Everyone!

My name is Aariyana Green and I have a ministering vision of service for my Lord. I am a citizen of the United States. I grew up in a simple home where my parents worked to care for us. Growing up, I was exposed to the Lord at a very young age. Both sides of my family were Christian, so going to church was a given. However, I am grateful for the wisdom and knowledge I received as a child. I committed myself to the Lord, professed my soul salvation and was baptized at the tender age of 8.

From then on I loved going to church and singing my praises unto Him. The church was my comfort…until I stopped going. My parents started working more and none of my siblings were of age to drive, so we often stayed home on Sundays. I remember feeling so lost, sad, and deeply depressed by the age of 14. I felt so much conviction in my spirit because I thought I was neglecting God. I was battling loneliness and it seemed that anything the enemy spoke, I began to believe. I was in a dark place, but I thank God I didn’t get so lost that I couldn’t find my way back to Him.

By age 18, I was in high school and stumbled across an organization known as FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students). I joined and had a deep joy that something like that existed in a public school. We would meet to pray during lunch, have weekly testimonies, and even reserved a day during the month for praise and worship. I became back in tune with the Lord and more intentional in my pursuit of Him, overcoming the darkness that had once overtaken me. I knew what the Lord wanted me to do and through the training at Christian Leaders Institute, I am one step closer to bringing that ministering vision into existence!

Thank you for sharing in my ministering vision journey! Pray that the Lord will equip me with the knowledge, meekness, and faith to fulfill the divine calling He has placed on life.

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Evangelist Herman Peyper

Read about evangelist Herman Peyper’s dream to become an instrument in God’s hands sharing the Word and his testimony.

My name is Herman Peyper and I’m 39 years of age. I currently reside in the south coastal region in the Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa. I came to know the Lord through my own life experiences. I had walked a long and hard road struggling with addiction until the Lord Jesus intervened in my life through prayer and unconditional love. I gave my heart to Jesus and was baptized and have been clean for close on two years now and my Lord has helped me to remain strong in my recovery as an addict.

There are many challenges in South Africa (evil times, political issues). Nowadays it’s a very dangerous place to live and we as citizens are exposed to much crime, hi-jackings, and various other criminal activities on a daily basis.

My ministry dream is to share the word of God and help other people to strengthen their faith and service in the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have a powerful testimony of what God has done in my life that can impact many people’s current struggles.

The online classes at Christian Leaders Institute have given me more knowledge and insight. The information gained through the classes and exercises have definitely helped me to grow in faith and continue to remain strong. The word evangelist is one that I identify with because I believe that God has called me to preach the word.

My local church has been very helpful in my journey so far with the help of my pastor mentoring me. I’ve been involved in outreaches through my church. Having said this, obtaining a scholarship will be important for me to realize my ministry dream. The certificates will prove that I’m competent to do what God has called me for. I’m looking forward to undertaking this new venture at CLI.

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Free Bible College Classes

My name is Jolie Mongane and I am taking free Bible College classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Congo, Kinshasa. I am currently based in South Africa. I am coming from a very strong Christian background where grandparents and parents are pastors. I have known the Lord since I was a child. I was baptized when I turned 12 years old. At the age of 15, I lost my father and the experience was so painful that I started to depart from my Christian beliefs. I wasn’t happy with everything around us. My Christian life became very weak every single day because of the death of my dad.

After high school, my mum decided to send me to South Africa to learn English and go to college. I was so happy about coming to S.A. but when I arrived in S.A. everything was not going the way I thought it would go! I couldn’t get registered in college because I didn’t have enough funds to pay my fees. All was going very bad with my mum, sisters, and brother back home in my country. I was so upset with God and asking so many questions about why God allowed my dad to die! I saw my dad serving God with everything he had, he put God first in all he did and yet God allowed that to happen. It was something that I couldn’t understand.

But through the time of pain, God has always been saying to me through men and women of God that I should consider Him as my father, but I didn’t want to acknowledge that. I wanted a father that I can see. I become very far away from God though I used to go to church and pray, now I didn’t have any strong relationship with God. After 5 years of being away from God, I finally surrendered my life back again to God and started to build a strong relationship with God. All the emptiness, unhappiness, and bitterness that I was having were totally washed away.

Then, I remembered how when I was in high school my dad promised my sisters and me that he would send us out of the country to a Bible college before we were done with our high school. Suddenly after surrendering my life to Christ, the desire of attending a Bible college was more alive in me and it became much stronger. I so desired and still desire to serve God with my all by attending a Bible school and learning the basics of ministry.

So, I started my journey of looking for free Bible college classes, and I have been looking for that for so long. But I couldn’t find any affordable Bible Colleges. After three years, God has answered my prayer by sending me to Christian Leaders Institute through my current church by referral. I am still so happy and grateful to study with Christian Leaders Institute because my dream has come true. And many of my questions have been answered through these free Bible college classes I have taken so far. I am really looking forward to learning more with Christian Leaders Institute!

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Ministry Goals

Hello, my name is Robert Montero and I am receiving free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute to reach my ministry goals. I was born in North Miami Beach, FL in January of 1981.
My mother was a Pentecostal Christian, so as a baby, I was presented to the Lord. Through the years, I had a very legalistic upbringing and when I was a teenager I ran from God.

I had an absent father, and the relationship with my stepfather was not the best at that time. Needless to say, I grew up with a lot of bitterness and anger, which lead me to a violent lifestyle of gangs and drugs. When I was 17, I was invited to a youth revival where a prophetic minister picked me out of a crowd of youth and said God had a word for me. She went on to explain that God wanted to use me to speak to the nation and to His youth. But if I continued down the path I was in, I was going to be arrested and receive all the blame. What she said came to happen. I was facing 25 years in prison; they wanted to charge me as an adult. A Pastor brought me a Bible and read to me Jeremiah 29:11.

I would like to say that from that time on, I served the Lord till today… but that is not what happened. I slowly slipped back into the world where I had died spiritually and masked my pain with drugs and alcohol. I returned to the church and slipped back out several times until the day I met my wife Ana Maria. God put her in my life in 2007 and she brought me to church. I knew she was the one for me. Six months later we were married. I told God I was not going to give up again and I would serve him always, no matter what. I have been serving Him through the years of our marriage and God has been working in both of our lives slowly ironing out all the wrinkles.

Today I am grateful to say that I am free of cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and every other bondage that kept me from hearing from God. I have ministry goals of service in God’s kingdom. I am an active member of Real Life Church in Clermont, FL, where I serve in several ministries. I am ready for God to continue to give me wisdom and understanding as I seek a further education to reach my ministry goals. And so He can fulfill the plan He has for me which brings me to where I am at now with Christian Leaders Institute. We have a daughter who is 7 months old and her name is Anabella Montero. We prayed for her for 7 years and God answered our prayers in His perfect timing! So my receiving ministry training is not only to bring God glory but to be able to raise my daughter to serve and love the Lord as well.

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Bible School Education Opportunity

My name is Caz Livingstone and I am excited to have this Bible School education opportunity with CLI. I am originally from Rhodesia, which is now called Zimbabwe. I currently live in South Africa.


Billy Graham visited our country, Rhodesia, when I was just 8 years old! He held a campaign near our village, and all the villages around for miles attended the event. My entire family was saved that day! Things completely changed at home and our walk with Jesus began in earnest.

I will never forget the Billy Graham event as long as I live. I never heard of Heaven or Hell before, and I knew I definitely did not want to go to Hell. I had never heard of Jesus in quite the way Billy Graham told us about Him. Even more incredulously, we witnessed many miracles which made a huge impression on me as a child. I think I walked about wide-eyed for about a month after that, thinking about them!


Unfortunately, due to the civil war and other family issues, I had to leave school at the age of 14 and start working to support my family. Despite my lack of education, God gave me the ability to learn anything, and at the age of 21 I completed an international correspondence course and graduated with the highest grade available in the course, in the subject of accounting.

I have since done many courses on a wide variety of topics. I also self-taught myself many skills to the point where I am simply not afraid of learning new topics or new skills. I love the challenges and have the confidence I can learn anything.

Learning, the actual process of reading, exploring, finding out new things and figuring out how to do new things, mastering them to the point where there is nothing further to learn about them – is one of the things I just love to do. Completing tests are not that important to me, they are just the little cherry on the top of the mountain of delicious ice-cream!

This learning hunger and ability still amazes me to this day, and I can only agree that it is the Holy Spirit who gives me this love for learning and the ability to learn. Think about it – nobody who leaves school at age 14 and never returns should be able to learn the way I have. It is a gift from God!

I have never really known what God wished me to do in life, so I simply continued living my life as I was led. I met and fell in love with my husband almost 30 years ago, and we are as in love with each other as the day we first met. We are both business people who love God with everything we have.


In the last five years, we have grown in our relationship with Our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in leaps and bounds. It was an accelerated growth that included impossible miracles that astound me every time I think of them. For example, I have been instantly healed of two chronic diseases, one of which I was told was a virus that altered my genetical make-up, and that there was no known cure! The healing was instant, and so quiet, that only the next day did I notice I was fully healed. My husband was also healed of a hernia that needed an operation. The operation never happened!


We have also experienced abundance in many areas from God. For example, we have had people bring food when we had nothing, due to a food seed we planted. And we have had finances poured out on us due to financial seeds and Gods favor when we least expected them. We have had legal charges dropped, and prosecutors become our advocates. These are just a few of God’s gracious provision for us over the years, all due to God our Father’s Love and Favor!


About three years ago, I decided I wanted to study God’s Word more seriously and officially. I started hunting online for a Bible school education opportunity that was Holy Spirit guided. I enrolled in two different online schools, and with each, I was just not satisfied I was going to be able to continue. They both felt cold and distant. I gave up and thought I should just study the Bible on my own and let the Holy Spirit be my only teacher. And then one day out of the blue, our Pastor recommended Christian Leaders Institute. It was like a light went on in my heart, and I knew I had to go check out this Bible school education opportunity!

Once I started the first course and spent time reading about and listening to CLI’s philosophy and beliefs, I knew I had found the right place. I’m extremely excited about CLI, and can’t wait to spend time exploring new concepts and idea’s, learning new things about God’s Word. I’m also very impressed with the scholarship system and trust that God will make a way for me to be a contributing partner very soon.


In the few weeks, I have been with CLI, I have felt welcomed and have noticed their extremely fast responses via their online support page. I have also enjoyed reading comments of other students and mentors on their network site. And the video teachings are just amazing, portraying the people behind CLI.

You won’t be disappointed with CLI if you are seriously seeking God, looking for a structured, progressive, ordered, yet loving institution to learn with. Don’t miss this wonderful Bible school education opportunity! Don’t waste your time on cold online institutions that don’t even seem to have anyone on the other end.

May the peace of God our Father be with you and your family in abundance, and may His Blessings pour out onto you and your family in every area of your life, starting right now. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Free Leader Training

My name is Laural Coleman and I am receiving free leader training for ministry at CLI. I live in a little town called Richburg, South Carolina, in the United States, which I love. I have been married to Joe for 30 years. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. I have attended the same church (Mount Pleasant Baptist) since I was around nine years old.

I sing in the Mass choir and as one of the leaders, birthed a Praise team, teach the children’s message some Sunday’s and teach a Bible study on Wednesday nights. I have had the opportunity to preach the word at several event locations. I attend Women’s Fellowship Bible Study.

As a child, I was sick most of the time with asthma, which caused me to spend most of my time in my home. I learned how to read, and the only reading material I had was the Bible. I read it from Genesis to Revelations. Even though I did not understand any of it, I was always fascinated by the Bible. It was my oldest brother that carried me to church with him on Sunday’s when I was young. Later my entire family started to attend.

As a teenager and in my early twenties, I had a desire to know who God was and why I was attending church. This led me to learn about other beliefs than Christianity. However, “something” would always pull me back to Christianity, a faith that believed in Jesus Christ. I was the first one in my family to accept Christ into my heart in my early twenties.

My calling came in my mid-thirties. However, at that time I was stubborn and decided I did not want to preach. Like Jonah, I ran. In my late forties, God called me to preach the Word again. But this time was different! The calling was strong! The calling came in visions and dreams! God knew I was ready now! I would sit in the church and see myself preaching at the pulpit, I thought I was losing myself. No matter what I did, the Holy Spirit was present in my mind and my heart.

In September 2014, I preached my initial sermon. I began working more in the church as I began to learn. I attended Women’s Bible study fellowships. I studied the Catechism under the leadership of my Pastor. I was ordained in April 2017.

My spiritual dream is to preach the Word everywhere God sends me. I love helping other people’s dreams come true. It is something that makes me happy when I see others achieve their dreams. I have currently teamed up with a non-profit team of females helping cancer patients, abused women and senior citizens. Thanks to free leader training with Christian Leaders Institute, I was inspired to serve and I am loving this.

My biggest challenge has been ME! I have never been able to see who I am. I always see who others are and who they can be. But, serving God is not about me. When I am serving God my ME challenges are nothing. Life itself humbles me to know that without Christ I am nothing, but with him I have everything! I was always afraid to die, afraid of the dark, and afraid of dark places. I knew that I wanted to live forever and I realize with Christ that dream is a reality.

The Baptist Association that my church is affiliated with requires that all ministers attend divinity school before preaching their initial sermon and to become ordained. God knew the plans He had for me so I was exempt from going to their school. But God knew I needed more to accomplish my dreams of becoming a leader. I want to be a confident leader with the free leader training education and the correct tools to be who God has called me to be.

I plan to use my Christian Leaders Institute Training by being a Pastor and a servant of God. I had no idea I would find Christian Leaders Institute (God knew). Then it was free! I had to do research because I could not believe anything this great was FREE! It had to be God, He knew what I needed and He knew it had to be free.

Free leader training was important to me because when I was working I could not afford to attend training or finance training at that time. Now I am unemployed and cannot afford training, (I was waiting for God to send me my job and He sent me to CLI). I know that I needed to learn and I had been seeking, but I never thought I would stumble upon free leader training. However, after completing the getting started courses, I have learned that it is time, effort, encouraging myself and dedication but worth every hour. Nothing that has to do with Jesus is by chance. This is where God has placed me and I am loving it! There are so many others like myself in this area that need this training.

I want to become a Pastor and I needed free leader training. One thing for sure, I am where I need to be and the excitement is overwhelming! One day I will rise from being a bronze vision partner member to a platinum member!

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Ministry Ambassador

Hello, I am Laura Stapleton-Narry. Born-again, faith-filled, married ministry ambassador for God. I thank God for Christian Leaders Institute. CLI truly represents Jesus’ teachings by, freely offering Biblical online training to everyone. As a disciple of Jesus and CLI, I strive to continue to walk in this same manner by offering my Biblical mentoring gifts to others freely. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas in America. I have been able to spend 8 years in missionary work and learning in Europe. A few years ago, I returned to America.

As the founder and CEO of “Laura’s Life Transformers, LLC”, I can continue to walk in the path that God has prepared for me. God’s calling on my life to teach, mentor, and counsel His children as well as to follow the Great Commission are what I do through my business daily. I plan to develop a mentor center in Pennsylvania for CLI with my Ordained Deacon Ministry.

By learning through studies at CLI, I know that God will use this education and experience to give me the tools I need to continue to strive for His goal and to achieve it. God has called me here for a reason, may I never lose sight of His purpose in and for my life. As God’s ministry ambassador and daughter, He has called me to be an apostle, teacher, disciple, and minister. I believe we are all called to be His disciples. I will run my race to the end, for Him.

May we all continue to pray for one another that we always allow God to direct us in words, thoughts, and deeds. Pray that I always stay close to Him and His Word and remain still daily to hear His voice and instructions before I go out to face the world. For I know that I can not face the world without first coming before the Father, listening to Him and being led by Him. May I be fully clothed in the Armor of God before I go out the door every day. Pray that I may see the world through His eyes and feel the people’s needs through His heart as I serve them by His hand. Thank you for your prayers, and I will be praying for you as well.

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