“As I was searching for bible study schools, I came across the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). On reviewing its mission and bible study courses, I found it to be very relevant for what I am looking for. I believe with my bible study at CLI, I will be empowered to be able to reach the unsaved with the Word of God as well as to nurture and mentor those converted to mature as Christians and for discipleship.”    – Barbara Banana Mudanga, student of CLI’s bible study course

My name is Barbara Banana Mudanga born in Botswana at Francistown in 1957. I am currently living in Gaborone which is the capital city of Botswana. Both my parents are alive. I am a single parent with two sons aged 31 and 24 yrs. I was born and raised up in a Christian family and attended my 5 yrs secondary education in a mission school. Growing both in a Christian family and in a mission school influenced my beliefs and morale values which are based on Christian principles.

I am a nurse with diploma in General nursing, diploma in Midwifery, and bachelor degree in nursing education and Masters of Science in Nursing. I worked for 32 yrs at various levels of the Botswana health system, including working as clinical nurse, clinical nursing manager and national Community Care and Home based care program coordinator at policy level. I also have experience working with communities and civil society organizations on HIV /AIDS and other health issues including on palliative care for people living with HIV. My experience both from my nursing practice in palliative care programs and as a Christian revealed to me that many people need spiritual care and that many die before they receive Jesus. This poses a question to me on how can I help people to save before they day?

I was baptized in my youth age and I have always loved Jesus. However, for the first 17 yrs of my professional life I gave more attention to my professional work than to my Christian life. This was because of the nature of my work whereby I would either be on night duty or working during Sundays which eventually discouraged me even when I was off on Sundays. I again became more committed to my church services from 1998 when I moved from clinical health to public health care programs which I was no longer working on weekends. Since then I have been actively involved in church services. I was also encouraged by my family to take Christian life who often challenged me to be more serious about my relationship with GOD.

In the early 2000’s I was blessed by GOD, my sons became more committed to their Christian lives. They left my church and went to fellowship with different churches from mine. My eldest son would share the scripture with us when coming back from his church and during evenings. He also introduced our family to various TV Gospel channels such as TBN, Love World and others. Watching these Christian channels and sharing scripture from the bible became part of my family‘s life style and we gradually grew spiritual. I eventually realized that although I had been going to the church for so many years, I did not understand much on the meaning of Christian life. This challenged me to learn more about the gospel and Christian life.

My hobby has since grown to be listening to the gospel teachings, gospel music, reading the bible and reading books written by Christian authors. All these contributed a lot towards my understanding of the meaning of Christian life and that I also have the responsibility to witness Jesus’ love to other people. These observations have created a strong urge within me to preach the word to my church mates, relatives and to my colleagues at my work place. I have also realized that there are many people in my church who were regular church goers but still practiced some religious traditions that sustain them in the bondage of idolatry to the extent of backsliding because they lacked the understanding of being religious and being Christians and what God expects from them.

My ministry goal is to preach the word to the unsaved and mentor the newly converted to grow to be mature Christians. Therefore positions which fit me well are Pastor and Evangelist. At my previous church I was not a pastor but one of the elders of the church. I contributed to the church by serving in various church committees including the management committee. At that church people attended church services on Sundays only and for most of them that is the only time when they received the message from the word of God during pastors’ sermons. The church does not do bible lessons/bible study. As such many members of the church are regular church attendants and are very committed to conform to church traditions and programs with little understanding of the bible scripture, of Christianity and what God expects from them. As such many people are not growing spiritually and many new coverts backslide. Our church was not retaining many new converts therefore grew very slowly.

For the past three years I have tried to incorporate bible study in our church and that has not been easy. I have experienced some resistance from the leadership and to an extent that sometimes I was being accused of bringing confusion into the church. Despite the resistance and challenges, the pressure within me for preaching the gospel and mentoring new converts has been increasing. Therefore I have decided to respond to my call for preaching and mentoring new Christians by leaving my church and establish a new church called The Grace of God Church. Its Motto is “reaching people with the gospel to save their souls to glorify God”. The church is three months old. I intend to target people in urban areas because there are many social events and activities in urban areas that are sometimes obstacles for people particularly youth and middle age groups for going to churches.

The other reason for the concern about youth is that they are vulnerable to risky behaviors commonly found in urban area such as alcohol and other substance abuse, crime, early sexual debut including teenage pregnancy which expose them to many social ills. They therefore need to be targeted early with good moral values that will to help them build strong characters in order to overcome some temptations of engaging in some of these risky behaviors. The target populations will reached preaching the word of God in the church and throughout reach services. Since many people particularly youth may not have resources to go for formal bible schools to advance their understanding of the gospel I would also want the Grace of God Church to provide Bible study training as one of its services. These target groups will be reached through outreach services and through preaching in the church.

In order for me to fulfill my calling for the work of God, I am planning to retire from my current professional work so that I can have more time to preach the Word of God, pray with other people and mentor new Christians for Christian living including discipleship. To be able to do all these I need deeper understanding and knowledge of God, preaching skills, pastoral care skills and other relevant tools. To this regards, I need to take a courses in a bible study college.

In Botswana all people have the constitutional right and freedom to worship according their preferences. Therefore once I have the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and resources it will be easy to reach my target populations because the environment is conducive.
My prayer is to be empowered for preaching the gospel both adults and youth to be saved and for God guidance in my mentoring of new Christians for his Glory.

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A Miracle Of Healing Only By Jesus

CLI student, Hamilton Felix Chiutare:

I was born in Zimbabwe in 1970. I attended early church at Roman Catholic, mainly because our mother insisted that we attend. As I grew older I stopped attending completely. Due to economic problems in Zimbabwe, I moved to Botswana in 2003. My residence is in Botswana where my family currently lives but I’m currently employed in Zambia. This is the story that changed my life, how I was saved, and the ministry I am pursuing.

I went to work in Mozambique for 3 years from 2011 to 2013. While in Mozambique, I applied for work in Zambia and was successful. I went back home to Botswana in preparation to move to Zambia for my new assignment. I completed all the formalities with my new employer and I was given the air ticket and travel dates. With a week to go to Zambia for my new assignment, on 21st November, 2013 at around 3 a.m, I woke up with a strong headache. I couldn’t sleep and started vomiting, pain killers could not help. My wife took me to the local private surgery but all the treatments could not stop the headache. They gave me bed rest thinking it was a migraine but nothing helped. In the afternoon I requested that they transfer me to the public medical facility in our village. On arrival, I was immediately transferred to the district hospital and a variety of medical tests were done.

Due to the fact that I had been to Mozambique, they thought that it was malaria but the tests came back negative. By now, my left eye was beginning to see double vision and I could not walk without support. The doctors booked me into the ward for observation as all tests done were negative. I was injected with a powerful pain killer but it worked only for 3 hours. By 2130 hours, I was awake and the headache persisted. The doctors could not do anything to help me. The next day my left eye had shut down but still the doctors could not say what was wrong with me. We made a decision as a family to transfer me to a private hospital in the capital city in the afternoon since the doctors could not tell us the cause of the headache. A quick head scan was done but the doctor on duty could not see anything. He advised us to return the next day to see the resident neurologist. The next day, a detailed head scan was done and it showed a tumor of the pituitary gland which was over 3cm large. The headache had probably been due to bleeding of the tumor. The doctor advised that I needed surgery as soon as possible and he referred me to his colleagues in Zimbabwe since the cost of surgery was not affordable at this private hospital( I had no medical aid). I went to Zimbabwe and tried everything to have the surgery done, but nothing worked as we faced barriers every time. My brother’s pastor and various members of his church came to pray for me. During this period, I gave my life to Christ and became saved. My health started improving and I stopped taking pain killers. I went back to Botswana, joined a local church where they prayed for me, and Jesus Christ healed me. My eye started opening up and the sight started returning to my eye.

On New Year’s day, I went for an all night prayer and the guest pastor who had come to our church for the first time called me to the front and told me that God had chosen me and I was going to be a pastor. She asked the church pastor and leadership to lay hands on me and they did. After 2 weeks I was on the plane to Zambia to start work. Many people could not believe what God had done in about 50 days. I’m now well and at work in Zambia with no more pain or sickness. I joined a local church in Zambia who continue to support and guide me in my walk with God. The pastor I met in Zambia is my mentor and I shared my story with him. The local church in Botswana is helping through encouragement. In Zambia the local church is helping through cell group meetings where everyone is given a chance to lead on a topic of their choice. In the main service, I am given a chance to present exaltation in giving once in a while. I have also joined the intercession team which supports my prayer life. With CLI’s free Christian ministry training, it will help me develop a strong foundation as a pastor and will enable me to bring God’s Word to people back home.

My goal is to bring the Word of God to many others in my local area through my testimony of what God did for me after 43 years in the wilderness and darkness. I want to tell others how their walk with Jesus Christ can bring change into their lives from a personal experience.

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Thato Ookeditse –

“My name is Mr Thato Ookeditse. I am 28 years of age. I was born in Mmadinare, Botswana. I currently live in Gaborone city in Botswana where I pastor a church branch which I planted 5 weeks back for a church called Joyous Christian Centre. I am an ordained minister of the gospel and an international Administrator of the named church.

“I got saved in 2002 while I was at senior high school in scripture union. I decided to accept the Lord as my personal savior after the preaching I heard in an outreach that was organized by the scripture union of the same school.

“God called me in 2009 to be a minister of the gospel in the apostolic anointing to plant churches, nurture churches, and establish their administration. Doing ministry in Botswana is quite challenging but at the same time interesting. I had an opportunity to plant and nurture six churches in Botswana and one church in UK. The main challenge in Botswana is financial problem towards supporting the ministry but i spend most time doing house to house which help the church to grow and reach many unsaved souls.”Thato Ookeditse

Thato Ookeditse Receives a Scholarship

“Having CLI sponsorship helped me to be enriched on  the word of God like i have never imagined. it helped me to have depth on my teachings and it have made my teachings to be much easier. I believe it will help me to have qualification since in some countries that I want to reach in the future, for a person to have a permit they need a qualification.

“My prayer is that God may help me to be bold when I preach the gospel. I want to reach as many souls as I can.”

Thato Ookeditse ministers in a church in Botswana, where poverty makes it challenging for ministers to find the financial support they need to survive while focusing wholly on preaching the word. As he seeks the growth of the kingdom of God, Thato Ookeditse goes door to door, but still isn’t able to earn enough to go to traditional seminary classes. Still Thato Ookeditse feels the prodding of the Spirit to preach the word not only in his own country of Botswana, but in other countries as well. Thato Ookeditse has come to Christian Leaders Institute because he knows that he can be equipped to carry the message of the gospel to all nations.

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Samson Manyathelo –

“My name is Samson Manyathelo. I am from Botswana in the southern part of Africa. Botswana is a land locked country that has economic and social cross board problems. Because Botswana is a developing country, the work of the gospel is constrained somehow. Nevertheless we appreciate what God is doing in our country many places have received the gospel of Christ. The bush men residing in the Kgalagadi region have not yet received much of the gospel due poor infrastructures and language barriers.

“Growing up as an orphan led me to receive the Lord at a tender age of 15 years. Since that time the lord has been faithful to me. I came to know the Lord through a friend. This friend invited me to church so I could play a keyboard, but when I got there I experienced the love, freedom, joy, peace, and happiness of Christ. I never looked back. I started playing keyboard after 4 years, which was the right time because by then I had grown in the faith.

“I really thank God for His Grace. Being called to the ministry of the gospel, I desire that God uses me to touch this nation for Christ. I want to reach the areas which are not yet reached. My dream is to have a 3 to 5 hectare place where we will build the church auditorium, an orphanage center, a bible school, and a farm.” Samson Manyathelo

Samson Manyathelo Gets a Scholarship

“The CLI scholarship will be of great importance to me. It will equip me for the work of the ministry so that I am lacking nothing when challenges of ministry come. It will also help me to reach to the lost with the gospel of Christ. This scholarship will assist me since I have financial constraints in the ministry due to the economic state of my country. Pray that God gives me the grace to finish my study. Also pray for financial breakthrough to see my dream of building the church auditorium, orphanage center, bible school, and farm for the need to come to pass if the LORD tarry. ”

Samson Manyathelo has a God-given ministry dream: he wants to bring the gospel to one of those increasingly rare areas of the world where it’s never been heard before. Samson Manyathelo also wants to help the poverty stricken populace of his own city. With a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute, Samson Manyathelo will be better equipped to fulfill his God-given dream.

You can help Samson Manyathelo do God’s work in Botswana. All it takes is a small donation!