Samson Manyathelo –

“My name is Samson Manyathelo. I am from Botswana in the southern part of Africa. Botswana is a land locked country that has economic and social cross board problems. Because Botswana is a developing country, the work of the gospel is constrained somehow. Nevertheless we appreciate what God is doing in our country many places have received the gospel of Christ. The bush men residing in the Kgalagadi region have not yet received much of the gospel due poor infrastructures and language barriers.

“Growing up as an orphan led me to receive the Lord at a tender age of 15 years. Since that time the lord has been faithful to me. I came to know the Lord through a friend. This friend invited me to church so I could play a keyboard, but when I got there I experienced the love, freedom, joy, peace, and happiness of Christ. I never looked back. I started playing keyboard after 4 years, which was the right time because by then I had grown in the faith.

“I really thank God for His Grace. Being called to the ministry of the gospel, I desire that God uses me to touch this nation for Christ. I want to reach the areas which are not yet reached. My dream is to have a 3 to 5 hectare place where we will build the church auditorium, an orphanage center, a bible school, and a farm.” Samson Manyathelo

Samson Manyathelo Gets a Scholarship

“The CLI scholarship will be of great importance to me. It will equip me for the work of the ministry so that I am lacking nothing when challenges of ministry come. It will also help me to reach to the lost with the gospel of Christ. This scholarship will assist me since I have financial constraints in the ministry due to the economic state of my country. Pray that God gives me the grace to finish my study. Also pray for financial breakthrough to see my dream of building the church auditorium, orphanage center, bible school, and farm for the need to come to pass if the LORD tarry. ”

Samson Manyathelo has a God-given ministry dream: he wants to bring the gospel to one of those increasingly rare areas of the world where it’s never been heard before. Samson Manyathelo also wants to help the poverty stricken populace of his own city. With a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute, Samson Manyathelo will be better equipped to fulfill his God-given dream.

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