Lynn Stocks –

“Hello. My name is Lynn Stocks, and I live in the United States of America in the state of Alabama. Ministry in the USA is not as hard as it is in other countries, but it still has its trials. People are more open to listen to the Word but many want to change it to fit their needs.

“I came from a christian home, attended christian schools, and attended church on a regular basis. My father had his own church  in our garage for a while, so people in the neighborhood could hear the Word of God without feeling ashamed because they didn’t have the best clothes or drive the newest cars. He thought that everyone should be able to hear the Word no matter how they were dressed or arrived at church. To me knowing the Lord has just always been there.

“My ministry dream is to be able to bring the Word of God to those who feel they are unworthy of the gospel due to financial issues or living situations. Many churches look at their members’ checkbooks instead of their hearts. I want to be able to preach to the multitudes like Jesus did. I want to help all who are asking for the knowledge of the word and the peace that comes with it.”Lynn Stocks

Lynn Stocks Gets a Scholarship

“I am disabled and have no income. I depend on my son, who works to supports us and makes sure we are safe with a roof over our heads. I want to learn as much about the Bible as I can. I want to make my ministry dream a reality, but I can not pay for formal college. With a scholarship for CLI, I can make my dreams come true and spread God’s Word to those who are in a similar situation to me.

“I would ask that you pray for my strength and my health so that i am able to help others that are worse off than me.”

God calls His servants from everywhere in the world, regardless of status, wealth, or perceived ability to be effective. Lynn Stocks realizes this truth, and she wants to do something about it. Despite her own condition and needs, Lynn Stocks wants to devote her time to bringing people who are in poverty the gospel of Christ.

Lynn Stocks truly understands what it means to share the gospel of Christ “without regard to persons.” She also understands what it means to sacrifice your own personal comfort to serve God in places where others are not willing to go. You can help Lynn Stocks minister to the poor in the United States with a donation to Christian Leaders Institute. Every donation helps ensure that people like Lynn are equipped for their service and calling!