Benjamin Adu Amponsah –

“Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ to you.

“I write to seek a scholarship to Christian Leaders Institute. I am a Christian dedicated to following the call of God in my life, so I desire to be trained as a workman who needs not to be ashamed of preaching the Gospel. With your support, this dream will definitely be achieved.

“I live in Ghana. Ministry in Ghana is not very challenging since the laws of the land allow anyone to choose any religion without any interference. The ministry challenges we face in this country include the increase of untrained and uncalled leaders whose actions are driving Christianity into the ground. I hope this age of enlightenment through the Holy Spirit will raise people qualified to lead my people to God and pave way for Christ and His Church.

“I thank God and my family for leading me to Christ in my early childhood. I was born into a church community, and I gave my life to Christ at the age of twelve. I was baptized at the same age, and I have lived as a Christian since then by God’s grace.

“With God’s call on my life, I dream to be a vessel of honor to empower my audience, especially the Christian community, with the unadulterated knowledge of God. Like Paul I desire to see Christians come to full stature of the measure of God. I also desire to make God real to people. I define life as making God real to man.”Benjamin Adu Amponsah

Benjamin Adu Amponsah Gets a Scholarship

“Scholarship from CLI will help me greatly to achieve these dreams. Completing the Getting Started Class has assured me that CLI is the right place for the knowledge and skills I need.

“I ask for prayer for me to be at the right place and time for my Maker.

“I thank you for your usual consideration and help.”

Benjamin Adu Amponsah lives in a country where Christians are free to practice their religion as they will, but he sees a problem. The freedom of religious practice combined with the absence of good Christian education has led to a Christian culture that does not honor God. Benjamin Adu Amponsah has been called of God to be one of a new generation of leaders who can accurately present the word of God and better lead His people.

If you want to make a difference for Christ, this is a great opportunity! A simple donation can help Benjamin Adu Amponsah and others like him impact Ghana for Christ.