Kishanda Graham –

“I am from the United States of America. In this country we are free to share the Gospel of Christ. However, it is very expensive to get the proper training to correctly spread the message from the Lord. Local church leaders equip their congregations with what the bible says at their church services.

“I myself was on a road with no purpose or direction, I met a lady that heard my story of a life of one trial after the next. She said to me, “I don’t know the answer but I know a man who does.” She led me in a prayer of faith right then. I accepted the Lord as my savior and was baptized, and I began going to a bible base church. After I had been cleaving to God for many years, the Lord gave me my current calling and passion.

“I asked God to show me how I could be used to help His kingdom. He told me “first you must be faithful over little. Then you can be used for much.” The Lord used me for His glory and gave me a passion to help others. Food drives, sharing, donating clothes, and speaking His word to those who had never heard.  I was given the chance to talk to people who didn’t attend church services for various reasons.

“After God got their attention, they would come to me asking questions. It was then that I realized I didn’t have a lot of the answers myself, so I began to study more. I got the life application book to help me with understanding and prayed that God would give me further revelation. Then one day God led me to search free online ministry training, and that’s when He showed me CLI link.”Kishanda Graham

Kishanda Graham gets a Scholarship

“My ministry dream is to provide support for those who come to Christ and don’t have anyone to call on or keep them accountable. It is my hope to keep them from giving up when the battles and trials come. With this scholarship I will be able to obtain the wisdom I need to feed the word of God to others with the certainty that I am not changing the word of God or adding to it. This scholarship is very important to me because without it there is no way for me to afford the schooling I need to learn and correctly share the word of God.

“Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for me. Pray that every soul I encounter sees God in me that not one is lost.”

Kishanda Graham once had no path or direction in life. Then somebody came along to help her find the way to Christ. Now Kishanda Graham wants to do the same thing for others who have no direction. Her love for her fellow people and the work of God in her heart have driven her to seek further education in the word of God.

You can help Kishanda Graham realize her dream. A small donation to CLI can help people like Kishanda Graham get scholarships every day. Imagine how happy Kishanda Graham will be to receive her scholarship so that she can go out and better serve others!